The Isles | One Year Later

Jacob A. Davis

(The Islesis a series of reflections on my 2018 trip to Ireland and England.)

I can’t believe it has been a year since my friend Kyle and I packed our bags and made the transatlantic journey to Ireland and England. In many ways, it feels like just a few days since I was last walking the streets of the cities I so quickly came to love. I can still recall the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. I can see the ancient stonework of the buildings. I can hear my newly-met relatives’ voices. I can smell the saltwater of Dublin Bay. I can taste my first steak pie. I could still find my way back to the places where we stayed. My Oyster Card for the London Underground is still on my nightstand. However, as I look back over the year since the trip, I realize how much has…

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Quebec’s elderly care is sickening

1st Wittness

A daughter  went to court  to seek an emergency injunction to force the curator to treat her father, who is being left “to die,” she maintained, because the curator will not authorize the necessary antibiotics to treat his lungs, or to treat a urinary infection he has also contracted. This is euthanasia. Pneumonia is easily cured with a round of antibiotics.  The Quebec Public Curator stepped in this summer to take over all legal , financial payments and decisions for 80-year-old father. This is how they make money using redundant now hospital beds.The Government has cut 500 beds in long-term facilities in the last 10 years, and now are offering medical aid rather to die for the very sick.


Om Quebec there is not enough existing staff to look after the seniors in the old age homes.. Doctors and Nurses included.. Seniors tend to be more ill, sicker, need more nursing care…

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