Email Today to Joint Commission and HUD

Had been too ill for a long time to write about the horrible things that Pam Gueron did to me both before and after my hospitalization at Holy Cross because of her unrelenting abuse aided by Keith Ellis, Bel Pre Supervisor and his staff.

HUI, Housing Unlimited has a pdf page of ethical standards it follows, I especially noted the section on not lobbying since Cornerstone has a lobbyist, the expensive dinners in Chicago and the contempt for what was then called St. Luke’s was apparent when I went on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens with someone talking to Matt the driver who was staff.  More applicable to the situation with Pam who stole my home after being allowed to break all the rules even having her friend Chris live illegally in her room for several months, partly because she is a bigger bully than Keith Ellis and is terrifying when she starts screaming, many other housemates would scream at imaginary people but I have never been as afraid of anyone as Pam’s utter and complete giving herself over to rage.

She is also a gourmet cook and Bel Pre staff would often eat her deserts made with her huge supply of oils, spices, liquer-like bottles and started treating Pam Gueron as if she were a team member to the point that they broke the law in their visits and long chats over her gourmet deserts by telling her things that are by law supposed to be private.





the half room I now have and the theft of my oil paints, lamp and other possessions needed for my artwork.

This is a copy of the report I just sent to HUD about Cornerstone Montgomery Residential Program

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