I Nearly Died in Hopital-malnourished September Pam’s non-stop Harassment for almost a year

I don’t believe Pam will be content or let up until she pushes me out, ie, drives me away by harrassment, screaming lies and tantrums at house meeting and other times, reporting lies to staff and continual provoking of me to get a response to Pam’s reign of terror to report to Keith and also to her RC while I am he most of the time I am silent, or say one word or walk away although I have been able to keep self-control, these continue provocations have been wearing me down. I have been silent too long and will begin speaking up about the violations of rules and laws and what it is doing to me.

After that, due to the sometimes bullying of Janet, I believe Pam would attempt to push Janet out and any subsequent mentally ill residents with a financial need so that Pam and Kris may have the HUD house at 12902 Valleywood Drive to themselves.

When Pam first started this reign of terror around the first week she moved in, by throwing away my food and other things SOME of which are reported below, I tried fighting back but the nonsensical and irrational nature of her accusations or responses along with the screaming which she did in front of Cameron in several meetings and the one meeting early on with Keith and Nicole makes them not want to deal with her either. She can also be slick and calm, I think Pam enjoys an audience and screaming at her latest scapegoat but there is obviously a bigger agenda of taking over this house completely.

For a long time, I ignored her provocations at first I would tell her I would not get into a screaming match with her but would file a complaint with the Compliance Officer, but the sick feeling of even attempting to write all these attacks and snares made me something of a Stockholm Syndrome victim as well along with her constant more successful attempt to turn Janet against me and I did my best to avoid Pam or just answer in a few calm words to Pam’s gross provocations.

Despite her early vociferous complaints of my having some clothes in the coat closet which are now removed, I have photos of how she took over the linen closet and there are no linens as there are in every Cornerstone house so obviously Pam threw them away. Pam takes up more than her fair share of the living room, her huge exercise ball is in the corner by the couch along with a large painting stored sideways and other things piled up.

The Little Foxes that Spoil the Grapes.

Well known phrase from the Bible, Song of Songs.

I looked it up a while back and actually it is referring to fox-bats who are piebald various shades of light brown, reddish brown and murky white, esp. over the face which brings out the horrible face of this type of bat. Which makes more sense since foxes aren’t known esp. for liking grapes. God expects good grapes from the vineyards He plants and those who spoil the chances, peace of mind of those who are trying to use the talents God gave them for good are really stealing from God.


Kris still appears to be living here despite my complaint to Compliance, Keith does not appear to be making spot checks by dropping in at unexpected hours to make sure Kris is not living here. May 31st, 7:35 pm Kris and Pam sitting on couch laughing after large cooked dinner. Earlier today, 11:30am Kris’ canes by couch, 4:50pm Kris sitting on couch alone playing with cellphone, then filling out forms on dining room table, if Kris is a guest why so much of the time alone, someone who stays here from early morning until past dinnertime is not a guest but is living here. Kris and Pam began filling our forms for HUI presumably for Kris. May 31st 8:10pm Kris is alone at the dining room table still working on paperwork.

I have thought that Pam’s over-the-top harrassment of me was due to trying to push me out in favor of Kris. Hard for me to clean, do household work, or even make a meal for myself, though I have kept the kitchen spotless, Pam makes up absurdities to scream at me about, feeling frozen by all Pam’s snares and harrassment. I think that Janet Listou, other housemate, suffers from a type of Stockholm Syndrome and is terrified of consciously noticing or telling the truth because of Pam’s vindictiveness which Janet has told me she has experienced in the past and has certainly seen the over the top screaming Pam aims at me if I dare to use what Pam considers her kitchen or washing machine.

I will write down some of Pam’s ridiculous 100,000 rules she has for the kitchen which in reading about can be clearly seen to be nonsensical and only for harrassment to get me to react angrily. And which Pam breaks at will herself, such as leaving pans overnight and beyond to soak or leaving pans to dry on usually a cloth towels overnight and beyond while having a hissy fit if I do the same.

Coldly calling me over as I was going to the bathroom and berating me for putting the spaghetti strainer “in the wrong place” when it is MY spaghetti strainer and Pam has a multitude of catering quality culinary items, forcefully nattering on and on at me that she had been trying to cook dinner and COULD NOT FIND THE SPAGHETTI STRAINER TO COMPLETE HER MEAL in a voice as if I had committed the unpardonable sin, as is her usual tone, is only one of the irrational shock and awe outbursts that I have suffered from Pam. I said that I was surprised that she did not have her own spaghetti strainer since she had so many sophisticated culinary items. She said she did.

It makes me shudder to talk about some of them including early on just before Cameron came, Pam obviously told Janet to come out and scream at me that there was “sh-t” all over the bathroom and I had better clean it up. I ran towards the two bathrooms which are near each other and Janet pointed to a smear of defecation on the toilet seat of the bathroom that she and Pam and presumable Kris use, I use the other bathroom. The timing was very suspicious because Cameron walked in a few seconds later and Pam screamed and screamed for him to look at the smear of defecation and was immediately sure that I had done it.

Cameron walked away from Pam’s hissy fit tantrum when it was still ongoing, went to sit at the table while Pam screamed and screamed and screamed irrational accusations at me, Cameron said it was the type of thing that housemates must work out for themselves. When I could speak, after the shock of ANOTHER of Pam’s blitzkrieg attacks, and Pam leaning over the dining table Cameron’s back to almost in my face I stated several times to be heard over Pam’s hysterical continued screaming accusations aimed at me, that I had not used that bathroom for at least two months, Pam made skeptical sounds and continued screaming at me, rushing over to the table to get close to me, I went and got my Bible, put my hand on it and said “Before God, I have not used or been in THAT bathroom for at least two months.” Pam made skeptical noises but finally calmed a bit and I walked away.

At that time I thought Kris needed to use her two tall canes in the house more than was later apparent. Kris was sitting on the couch, I did not want to embarrass Kris but all the while Pam was screaming at me based on no evidence that it was me, I thought of mentioning that someone with two canes might have trouble standing up from the toilet and might be more obviously responsible for the smear of defecation.

Later Janet came out back and said that Pam made her clean it up. Due to previous and subsequent absurd accusations, beratings the timing of this event just before Cameron was scheduled to come for meds is now suspicious to me.

Kris has not been vetted or approved to live in this house, there are only 3 bedrooms, so what was Kris doing attending early house meetings to offer her cheering section for Pam’s attacks on me??? When I spoke with Keith 2 weeks ago, he emphasized that Kris would not be allowed to attend the house meeting when the RULES FOR GUESTS were discussed so Keith must have been aware that this had gone on. Only later did Kris begin hiding out in Pam’s room during the morning and evening medication monitoring.

Living with an abusive person creates havoc with anyone trying to function much less work on art and doing the selecting, sorting and other things to prepare for my hour weekly meetings with my job coach, we are setting things up so I can sell my paintings, pastels and computer graphics online and this takes my full attention-— never knowing what Pam will pull next so she can have an excuse for a screaming fit accusing me of any nonsensical thing that comes into her head.

Pam refuses to enter the job program when I suggested that with her cooking skills and professional culinary equipment she could work as a caterer as one man in Voc Rehab already does, Pam said she never knows when she will be in pain so can’t make the commitment but Pam does nothing but shop and stay around the house with Chris 14 or more hours a day, including weekends and does not attend any of the Foundational Skills classes or programs. Pam certainly needs to be in and ANGER MANAGEMENT class and she needs to do more with her days than eat and shop and torment me and try to turn my housemate and the medication staff against me.

Cameron does not know how to handle Pam’s irrational accusations and screaming hysteria in house meetings and neither do I or apparently Keith, teamwork in a situation like this must include the authority and investigatory power of the Compliance Officer. It is not fair to leave clients alone to duke it out with an irrational and increasingly abusive bully and troublemaker.


No liar can ever enter the Kingdom of God.

Outside the City of God are murderers and he who maketh and loveth a lie.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

The TRUTH will set you free.”

Satan was a liar from the first and the father of it.”

Satan is only come to kill and steal and destroy

I am come that you might have life and

have it more abundantly.” The Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 12:36

But I say unto you,

That every idle word that men shall speak,

they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.


Those who love silver

will not be content with silver


May 29th – 7:14pm Kris here came out back with Pam to smoke.

If a troublemaker like Pam who loves an audience and shouting hissy fits ongoing over-the-top dramatics to get her way was forced to write down all her objections to what a housemate is doing in the kitchen even she might be forced to acknowledge the absurdity of her harrassment and would be denied some of the pleasure of a forced audience and wearing them down with her shouting so she gets to continue her 100,000 absurd, nonsensical irrational kitchen rules which Pam violates at will.

I wish that I’d had a cellphone to record the sound of Pam’s screaming and beratings. Her parents must have treated her like that but it is not fair to clients who have their own issues to allow Pam to use them as a scapegoat for their raging anger at their past history.

Pam Gureon basically declared all out war on me as soon as she moved in, for a time she would put out feelers when she was being friendly if I would turn on my other housemate, Janet Listou even before the following, — for a while Janet was falling down, she no longer is after physical therapy and treatment for a urinary infection.

Pam would repeated state that Janet Listou, legal resident, did not belong here, that Pam could not help Janet up – she said this in front of Janet while Janet would be laying on the kitchen floor, and repeatedly stated this to me. Obviously Pam decided to push me out first, but when an “opportunity” presented itself was glad to try to push out Janet so Pam’s friend Kris could move in here.

Janet after Keith said the same thing to her is terrified of losing her housing due to her PREVIOUS problem of falling, when I told her a few days ago briefly that I had filed a complaint about Pam, the first thing Janet asked was whether I had mentioned her falling, Pam is an expert at pushing buttons and is constantly searching for them in her few attempts to be friendly, when Pam found out that despite her successful attempts to turn Janet against me about cleaning since I have felt frozen due to the screaming out-of-control hate in the meeting with Keith and Nicole when Pam had been living here less than two weeks, and in all the house meetings which Cameron stopped having due to her irrational and hate-filled accusations.

It is impossible to answer someone who is accusing you of spilling water when replacing ice cube tray, in the meeting with Keith I said that Pam filled the freezer so full that it was impossible for me to use, heavy chunks of meat, her personal ice trays, and on and on slide over as I attempt to put the ice trays back, I only ever have a package of frozen blueberries and the two ice trays, Pam has a towel on the floor under the refrigerator door but in Pam’s tirades to her RC and to Keith on the phone, Pam fails to mention how she sets me up and the overfilled freezer is one example.

Just before finished writing the complaint to Compliance Officer the most “violent” of Pam’s increasing attacks on my using “her” kitchen screaming in my ear almost stepping on my feet not to get ice on her paper towels – Pam sometimes puts pans washed by hand on a CLOTH when I do she denies my right to do so.

I have only seen Pam use paper towels this once a few days ago, she cleaned out the silverware drawer, the dishwasher was filled with half the silverware and Pam used the very tiny counter space to place the silverware on the evening before so the silverware on the paper towels had been there for over 12 hours blocking use of the tiny counterspace, Kris was here sitting on the couch watching and Janet jumped up and ran over, when I tried to get some ice on the counter near stove.

Pam had removed almost all the silverware from the EVENING BEFORE there were only 3 or 4 pieces and had removed one of the paper towels and I was trying to use this small space in between her paper towels and ran over to me screaming and screaming not to get ice on the paper towels.

I had recently decided that someone who speaks or screams at me with such disrespect over nonsensical rules does not deserve my trying to find an answer to her every day irrational accusations almost always regarding the kitchen that she claims as her own or the washing machine if she thinks that I am using it too much on FREE DAYS or if she thinks the washer is unbalanced, but this washing machine makes a tremendous amount of noise at all times, screamed in a voice as if I had burned down the whole world.

Pam making me her scapegoat for Pam’s immense rage has been frightening. Or if any speck of ice had (possibly, potentially) gotten on her ordinary paper towels was like my pouring hot chocolate on her gold satin dress. Ridiculous, Absurd, Nonsensical, Irrational – a deliberate technique so that it is near impossible to find anything to say to screamed accusations so utterly, utterly irrational.

5-24 5:30pm noticed when made coffee Kris and Pam on couch close together laughing a few minutes later walked around corner to go to bathroom, Janet asked snarkily to “be sure to write down on my calendar the time that Kris was here”, Rarely is Janet snarky to me we had a good relationship before Pam came and even since except when coached by Pam to insult me or get some information, the kitchen, dining space and most of the living-room is one rectangle, there is a small L shape space to the living room where Janet sits in the easy chair, she could not have seen me look at the clock over the stove.

Sent this complaint as an attachment to Compliance Officer Marisa Gillum with copies to my psychiatrist Dr. Parveen, therapist Paula Weiss. Could not dial 1 to talk to Ms. Gillum she has not called back, called Suzanne Loftjelm of Senator Van Hollen’s office with brief synopsis and request that she call the Compliance Officer to make an appointment to talk about this unbearable situation as soon as possible. Called after I called Nicole Briscoe, my RC and requested that she take me to the Bel Pre office to make calls to my therapist and Ms. Gillum on a real phone, Ms. Briscoe refused and said she would talk to Keith tomorrow, he would call me and they would consult Keith’s boss Nicole Burke who has let situations slide and slide in the past and I wrote about the damage done by this refusal to supervise Keith and sent it to then-Congressman Van Hollen.

Kris was here from early afternoon til now 8pm on May 22nd she was helping bring in Pam’s mountain of groceries no room for my ice trays which is the only thing I have in the freezer. Pam cooked dinner, KRIS AGAIN HID OUT IN PAM’S ROOM OR TOOK A LONG WALK WHILE THE HOUSE PERSON CAMERON DID MEDS, THEN KRIS CAME OUT HIDING and Pam and Kris are now having dinner.

This house is too small for an unofficial illegal 4th resident.

Pam tried to pick fights twice today, about not put ice tray on the paper towels she had laid out, she had thrown one paper towel away and I was getting the ice on the counter not her laid out paper towels.

I asked Cameron in his capacity as house person to look at what was the linen closet before Pam threw away all the linens belonging to the house now stuffed full of Pam’s food and culinary items and reminded him that I had told him months ago that Pam had thrown away every stitch of the household linens that belong in the linen closet, I had asked Nicole Briscoe to have Pam replace the household linens to no avail – Kris had been hiding in Pam’s room while Cameron was here, shortly after he left Pam and Kris would sitting on couch when Pam shouted at me about showing Cameron her stuff in the linen closet as I was coming out of the bathroom but I just walked away. Instead of rushing up to me to insult me stayed on couch with Kris.

I have to pass by the couch with Pam and Kris to use the bathroom and I am tired of her girl gang shouting and accusing me of absurdities.

Jesus had a lot to say about those who steal the homes of the widow and the orphan.

The Old Testament as well.

Throughout the Bible God states that the Truth is very important to Him.

Jesus said that He was THE TRUTH

One of the commandments on loving your neighbor and God is THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS


No LIAR will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Satan was a liar from the first and the father of it.

Satan is known as the father of lies.

Near the end of the Bible in the Book of Revelations, God states that along with murderers,

he who makes and loves a lie will be outside the City of God forever.


home phone only occasionally works

301 942-8185

Cellphone Nicole lent to Valleywood house difficult to work

202 641-5406

Dear Ms. Gillum,

This is a preliminary report/complaint about housemate Pam Gureon’s bullying harrassment and letting her very close friend Kris essentially illegally live here at 12902 Valleywood Drive for at least half the month, month after month. I am asking for some relief from the confusion and over-the-top bullying behaviour.

I want to concentrate on my art, graphics and selling prints online and spend hours each day on it. Pam does nothing constructive and is constantly aggressive seeing how much she can get away with. I need help in gaining relief from this harassment and Pam needs something worthwhile to do besides spending incredible amounts of money on clothes, household and food items including expensive mail order and loudly partying with her friend Kris who does not pay rent and has not been approved to live on Cornerstone property at this address but stays from early light to 10pm and beyond day after day.

Pam does not participate in any of the Southport or other Cornerstone Rehabilitation programs.

I have a job coach and am trying to do something useful with my life but need help with an aggressive, conscience-free housemate with outrageous arrogancy in breaking all the rules she can both Cornerstone household rules, Residential licensing rules and the rules of human decency. I should not have to CONTINUE to deal with this alone.


I REALLY think someone should look into Pam Gueron’s hidden sources of finances. Her very conspicuous consumption is really over the top. I would estimate Pam spends well over a thousand a month on luxuries. More details below.


For quality assurance, clients should have to sign off on how often they meet with their RCs, sit down meetings. Except for today, May 19, since early last autumn, I have only had 2 sit down meetings with Nicole Briscoe.

The second one very abbreviated.

Even when Pam was here on probation, she was throwing away things that belong to the house like mops and brooms, saying they were too old. Neither Janet or I were consulted as to whether we approved of Pam as a potential housemate after the trial period, per protocols, I would have mentioned the throwing away of things that did not belong to Pam and the arrogance of it and requested that Keith keep a close watch. Shortly after Pam moved in she started throwing away MY FOOD without asking me. She lied and said the food was old and black, and I said in the meeting with Nicole and Keith, that they were not and I could not prove it because Pam had thrown them away.

I lived with Janet for about three months before Pam moved in and Janet would never ever have thought of throwing away my food, she confessed to throwing away my lettuce saying it was black, I said that I had only bought the lettuce the previous week both Pam and Janet kept repeating my food that they had thrown away, never consulting me or showing the RCs, was black.

The meeting was contentious and both Nicole and Keith should have kept up with protecting me from further aggression esp. since our house phone does not work most of the time for more than a year and we have only had Nicole’s cellphone for about a month and that too seemed not to be working.

5-18 Nicole Briscoe forgot to cancel appt with Dr. Polam for the results of endoscopsies.

If I had not been without a phone for one year since April 2016 because Nicole refuses to meet with me or makes promises to meet then never follows up, I could have made the appt. myself not in conflict with my 5-18 appt with Dr. Parveen. Last Tuesday, Shane Senior, my job coach was surprised and said doesn’t Nicole keep up with when you have appts with your psychiatrist?


3:45pm Kris is here, sitting on couch with Pam laughing.

Kris seemed, I never know for sure since she often comes out of Pam’s bedroom long after I thought she had left, to have left fairly early today but could have been quietly in Pam’s room and will rush out suddenly startling me, many times I think Kris is gone and hours later she pops out of Pam’s room when on way to bathroom.

1 week ago spaghetti strainer, Pam showing off to Kris in criticizing me over petty things like nasty junior high students or in a dysfunctional office setting.

2 day ago Pam left a very nasty note on pink legal paper on the washer about the laundry – saying she was going out for a bit and EXPECTED when she returned that the washing machine would be free for her to use. This was not Pam’s day for washing.

Later, as soon as I came out of the bathroom Pam with Kris beside her was standing talking to Janet, after her release from the hospital, and Pam in a very bullying voice asked if the washing machine was free with Kris standing glowering at me. Pam has been showing off to Kris who seems to be living here unofficially.

This house is too small for four people to be living here, one unofficially AND NOT PAYING RENT AS I DO AND JANET. Party atmosphere not conducive to my working or feeling secure.

Just the traffic in the very small kitchen, Pam makes noisy full course meals together with Kris at least several time a week and when I work in the spare room on my art very disturbing to my concentration.

Often they bring carry out food from their many shopping trips with many expensive items of clothes or hobby or household items along with fairly expensive prepared food, in addition often make a full course meal later together. When Pam sits together with Kris on the couch, there is no privacy in the kitchen because it is all one room, it seems that Pam is showing Kris her purchases, never vice versa.

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