Pam and Chris – resident has a friend squatting at Valleywood

At Cornerstone, Montgomery, formerly St. Luke House and Threshold, there have been many clinicians not just my own therapist and psychiatrist like Leah Cooperman who have objected to the way Keith Ellis, supervisor from Threshold not Bel Pre, treat their clients including no Rehab Counselor meetings for many clients including myself. There seems to be a major purge going on, all the maintenance crew who did much more work than Keith or Ms. Burke, who confessed last housing inspection that she had never been in this house and did not know how to turn on the lights or that the rain gutters were growing trees, were fired and the purge seems to be moving toward clinicians, office managers, etch. some purges have already taken place so the only push back agains Keith Ellis and his boss, Nicole Burke, who is likewise utterly uncaring and uninvolved in consumer welfare will have full reign to exploit and ignore mental health patients in great need. I don’t know if the CEO and Board Members are pushing for privatization as well as their 2 year effort to gain accredidation from the Joint Commission. I will be writing them, HUD and the Washington Post, The New York Times has a TIPS LINE for those who have witnessed abuse and neglect in group homes and several other newspapers have done articles on conditions in group homes.

I hope that the Joint Commission, HUD and the Washington Post will do an investigation before the purge goes any further so that testimony about the Residential Administration ignoring of severe problems including bullying and major untreated health issues of residents.

Elder Abuse in Residential Long-Term Care Settings: What Is …

In addition, many are either unable to report abuse or neglect or fearful that such ..

I am sorry that my writing is so bad, it does reflect the constant run-around from Bel Pre with SERVICES NOT RENDERED, but basic information about abuse and neglect at Cornerstone/St. Lukes over the past number of years can be gleaned from my writing. I have sent most to then Congressman Van Hollen who did his best to help, but management dragged things on, I made a mistake in not going forward to the Board of Licensure, etc. so that the Congresspersons helping me could make sure the real, not bogus in-house investigations were being done fairly and objectively Congressman Murphy helped with the violent things the Art Teacher Eric Gordon had been doing, he was fired after 5 years of abusing clients not in Eric’s in group, but Rep. Murphy did not contact me with a way to send my full complaint to Boston Advocacy, a group the late Sen. Kennedy created and left funding for and one of his staff members a few years ago said that there was no reason why Boston Advocacy could not help me but the problem was resolved but now I need the strongest advocacy I can find since I am about to lose my housing for complaining about Pam Gueron’s over the top bullying, letting her friend live in her room for several months – which showed clearly Keith Ellis mismanagement unconcern of what is going on in the group homes and Pam’s very suspicious expenditures way, way beyond the means of anyone living in this subsidized housing.

The Cornerstone Compliance officer, Marissa Gillum has refused to meet with me after my written email complaint 2 months ago. Keith told me that Pam Gueron’s finances are none of my business even though I wrote that Pam spends over a thousand dollars a month, month after month on clothes shopping sprees and piles of prepared food for herself and friend Kris which is astonishing, no one living at Cornerstone has that much expendable income. Maybe the Dept. of Human Resources will agree that if you see something very suspicious you should say something.

6-25-27 My other housemate, Janet Listou, she is in her late 50s, has been in the hospital again for about 6 days (6-25-17), over the past 2 months she has called the ambulance about 40 times. This is easy to confirm by calling the local, zip code 20906, rescue squad. Before these 2 months Janet called the ambulance many, many times. Montgomery General Hospital would often send her home with no care and insisted about 5 months ago that Cornerstone Montgomery get Janet a physical therapist to help her with her falling.

The physical therapist came for a time and did help with the falling but Janet has extreme abdominal pain from not being able to digest food from an operation she had about 8 months ago there is scar tissue. Janet insists that the ambulance now send her to Suburban where she is kept for about 5 days for about 7 times with a tube in nose to drain the food in her stomach that she is not able to digest. Her Rehab Counselor Nila visits with Janet, is very sweet but Janet says Nila doesn’t know what to do. Keith Ellis the supervisor does not train his workers, there is a very high turnover of RCs and Keith is an expert at the blame game, nothing is his responsibility. This needs to be looked into. Suburban insisted just before Janet went into the hospital this last time that Janet be given medical help from Cornerstone, I asked Janet what had happened to the physical therapist and she said she didn’t know and has often complained that Bel Pre Cornerstone does nothing for her. A serious investigation needs to be made into Keith Ellis severe mismanagement and neglect of clients who are endangered by being very ill. As with Betty Levy, the medical staff that Cornerstone says it has is never around or able to be contacted. Nothing up on the emergency numbers on wall.

About a month ago, Janet Listou, was supposed to have a colonscopysy but received no help from RC staff in preparing and she was not cleaned out enough for the medical staff to complete.

I was supposed to meet with my psychiatrist Dr. Parveen on June 14, 2017 but an emergency meeting had been called and Keith was running up and down the stairs, the office manager apologized and I don’t think she is too fond of Keith, Debbie and Jeannie said their clinicians said they know Keith well, the meeting was obviously about my complaint. Keith and Nicole Briscoe, my purported RC whom I never see, were supposed to have a meeting at noon on the 21st. They were an hour late because Pam did not tell me the meeting had been postponed. Before Nicole arrived late, Keith and Pam were socializing like they were at a party, I went to have a cigarette in the middle of the meeting because Nicole, Keith and Pam were yukking it up, after the meeting Nicole asked to talk to Keith before they left in their separate cars, Pam went out to talk with them and they were socializing with a client who has broken laws and rules and regulations for about 20 minutes. Keith is so unprofessional, I have thought for years to call him unprofessional is a compliment. There are no words.

A few days earlier when Nicole did take me grocery shopping because I was out of cab coupons and as usual in lieu of the required sit down meetings that RCs are supposed to have several times a month with clients which is another service not rendered. One of Pam’s usual mail order purchases were outside, I did not touch it, Nicole brought it in and placed it in Pam’s bedroom threshold. During the meeting Pam told an outrageous lie that I had been in her room and was gearing up for one of her hysterical denunciations of me over lies or nothing at all, beginning with the mail order box just beyond her bedroom threshold when, Nicole admitted she had put it there, the wind went out of Pam’s sails and Pam apologized. But it did not stop her from standing and socializing for a long time by Keith’s and Nicole’s cars.

Keith made an emergency meeting with my therapist Paula for Monday 6/26, he is going to drive me and I am afraid he will want to be at the meeting and do all the talking and Paula and I will not get a chance to talk, Pam today said in a low voice on her cellphone that “after tomorrow, she would know.”

I will continue to try to get one or more fair and impartial investigations from an oversight agency and I hope the Washington Post and/or Beacon.

In Illinois group homes, adults with disabilities suffer in……

Nov 21, 2016 Group homes are supposed to provide freedom and independence for adults with … Illinois hides abuse and neglect of adults with disabilities. Barbara … Illinois officials blacked out those details from their investigative report.

No matter how loud Pam screams and bellows she cannot turn the Truth into lie or a lie into the TRUTH.

Woe unto those who put evil for good and good for evil.”

Dec 10, 2015 Group homes are now overwhelmingly run by private organizations, and ….. it was supposed to immediately report any incident where abuse or ……

Many live in segregated environments, such as group homes, where abuse can … and/or cognitive disabilities may find it difficult to report abuse effectively.

1:45pm June 7, 2017 Kris’ canes propped against dining room table, Pam’s bedroom store partly shut

6:23pm June 7, 2017 Kris still here, Pam ordered several pizzas, on couch eating.

I would estimate that Pam Gureon, housemate, spends $1,000 to $1,500 on luxury items EACH MONTH about 3 times a week, week after week, month after month for about 6 months. There is no way she could qualify for food stamps or subsidized housing. An investigation needs to be made about Pam’s significant financial assets, it is way beyond spend-down. There are so many people who are really in need of housing.

12:02am June 4, 2017 Kris, Pam’s friend who has been illegally living at 12902 Valleywood Drive, 20906, HUD HOUSE managed by Cornerstone for much of each month for about 6 months including overnight, is here again, her canes are propped against dining table.

7:30 pm June 4, 2017 Kris walked across the living room into Pam’s bedroom as I was pulling in 2 bags of groceries after I spent all day at Panera with a very slow wifi connection sending the following complaint to Marissa Gillum, Compliance Officer, and expanded complaint of the one I sent 2 weeks ago with nothing having been done.

Janet Listou, other housemate in her late 50s, looked very frail and ill, usually even when she gets home from many hospital stays bounces back, I think from the commotion of having Kris and Pam partying on couch in small house, Janet likes to sit in easy chair in living room and Pam’s heavy duty sales pitches of hate against me. Janet sides with Pam but is basically an honest person and is not a mean person. So in addition to her ongoing severe medical problems she has to put up with Pam working on her alternately bullying and offer food and friendship to get her to say that Kris is not here that often and many other untrue things. Pam is the hardest of hard salespersons.

6:30pm June 5, 2017 Janet called the ambulance again to go back to the hospital. God bless her and heal Janet.

June 2, 2017

Dear Ms. Gillum,

I would like to request a meeting with you as soon as possible. I have suffered retribution from the complaint that I made and I am stuck here without a phone. LEGALLY all the Cornerstone houses are supposed to have WORKING phones. My purported RC Nicole Briscoe whom I spoke with today refused again to take me to the office to make phone calls. Our house phone has been going in and out mostly not working at all for more than a year. A Verizon repairman came a year ago and my then housemate Jeanne said he refused to come into the house because it was handled by another company and he was only allowed to work outside, about two months ago the same thing happened and I heard the repairman standing outside the screen door said he was not allowed to come in to Janet about 6 weeks ago. On both occasions the phone did not improve. About a month ago Keith Ellis, Bel Pre Supervisor, gave us a “temporary” cellphone which used to belong to Nicole Briscoe. Day before yesterday, the cellphone said it had been discontinued and airtime was needed. I told this to both Keith and Nicole today, Nicole said it must need airtime but did not say if or when anything would be done. I am too tired to continually push for the services that I have a right to expect from Cornerstone and Bel Pre.

June 3, 2017

I felt too sick after 10:30pm to continue writing about the terrible events of yesterday and before.

Although Nicole stated on the phone last week that we meet every other Friday, it is not true. Nicole refused to meet with me last Friday because she had met with me the previous Friday when I told her in the house about Kris living here, Janet and Pam were in their rooms and obviously heard, Nicole Briscoe said she was hurt by the things I said to Shane about her and that she had a very good relationship with Shane, also said she was “flabbergasted” at the news that Kris had been living here from early morning to 10pm and beyond for about one half to 2/34rds of the month for several months and said it wasn’t really her business that the house problems were Cameron’s responsibility but that this sounded like a job for Keith.

I knew nothing would come of it due to their previous refusals to get involved in Pam’s harrassment, ie, throwing away my food, and throwing away the household linens so she could use the shared space linen closet for her food so that weekend I finished the report on Pam’s breaking of the rules and the law and emailed it to you, hoping the Compliance Officer could do an honest investigation and give me relief from verbal abuse, harrassment from Pam and being forced to share this very small house which is licensed for 3 with a 4th stowaway friend of Pam’s.

When Jeanne was still here I asked Keith several times to put up the information on HUD esp complaints on the wall but he refused multiple times despite the law it is still not there.

My current job coach, Shane Senior, has expressed great frustration and anger at the way Keith treats him in the Tuesday staff meetings because he and Nicole say everything is his job. My previous job coach Vanessa expressed similar anger and she finally stopped going to the meetings partly because Keith did all the talking. Before I switched to Shane, Vanessa would pressure me to have Nicole do things like take me to get a bank account so that I could sell my prints and paintings online and I refused any longer to be bounced back and for the like a ping pong ball since it has happened often about things like getting a laptop and opening a bank account. If Shane had not been with me 2 weeks ago and I introduced him to the bank manager as my Job Coach I would not have been able to open an account.

We could not do our usual work of uploading paintings and checking out stores, Ebay, etc. I have been told previously by PNC Bank that I could not open an account unless I did automatic deposit of my check, in this case the manager pressed for the same thing and almost refused to open an account because the only ID I have is a picture ID from DMV and the bank requires a second ID, she asked if I did not have a debit card and Shane told her that I did not have another bank account. She almost refused but finally accepted my Medicare card as a second ID though initially refusing it. And was gracious enough to say that once my online art business got underway to come back and discuss a business account, she was very interested once she heard I was an artist and expressed interest in portraiture.

I met with Shane and Paula Weiss, my therapist in April 2017 and Shane expressed great frustration saying he had been told that I have and RC to help with things like that, I guess Voc Rehab has not wanted to make an official complaint, and I told Paula that I have essentially been without an RC since early fall of 2016 though Nicole Briscoe is being paid to be my RC. But Keith has ignored my therapist’s requests in the past which is why I finally had to go outside the agency to have my needs addressed.

This horrible situation with Pam and Kris would never have proceeded to this point if I had an RC who met with me on a regular basis as required and who did not blow me off and refuse to listen when she takes me to medical appointments or when I happen rarely to see her at morning meds or when she delivered Nourish Now. I soon will not have Call and Ride and will be completely stuck her with a phone that rarely works because I need to have my Primary Care doctor sign the new forms by May 31, I told her almost a month ago, Nicole promised to make an appointment with Dr. Polam so that I could also have the results of my colonoscopy and endoscopy read but she made an appt on the same day as my appt with Dr. Parveen, Nicole forgot to cancel as she had promised and Dr. Polam’s office called to ask why I did not show up for appt., $25 fee for missed appts. Nicole said it was my fault really because I should have been the one to call but I pointed out AGAIN that we do not have a working phone. Nicole said June 2 that she had sent a copy of the colonoscopy report to Dr. Polam not to Dr. Parveen as I had requested.

My housemate Janet Listou recently got back from her second stay in the hospital within a very short time, I don’t know how many times she has been in the hospital for the last few months for scar tissue from her major abdominal surgery more than 6 months ago, she is often in pain, and I notice Kris here in the very early morning most often when Janet is in the hospital.

On June 1, 2017 Janet was prepping for a colonscopsy on June 2nd I asked her if they were taking good care of her and she said “The doctors, yes. Cornerstone, no.” Janet was up all night with diarrhea and in the early morning hours there was a very large trail of defecation from her bathroom to the easy chair in the living room. I tried to help her. Later she took a cab and when I said Janet needed someone with her Keith said someone would take her home. Later Janet said they were not able to do it because she was not cleaned out. When I had my recent one done, the modified fast and medication was done slowly over a three day period so there was no problem. Janet is mostly self-sufficient but does need help with some things.

I made 2 very large written complaints almost 2 years ago to then Congressman Van Hollen about Keith Ellis’ mismanagement, VERY unprofessional treatment of me and its effect on me and other clients. Cornerstone should have copies and I believe I have a copy on flash-drive. Two previous housemates of mine Debbie and Jeanne who did not know each other, said their therapists were “frustrated” by Keith and Jeanne’s psychiatrist said they were aware of the situation with Linda but could do nothing. I guess because Keith’s supervisor a different Nicole, always states to Paula and me that it is the province of the Residential staff not the psychiatrists and therapists.

Rep. Van Hollen at least got Cornerstone to move an elderly woman, Linda, with Alzheimer who Jeanne used to room with and was very concerned about her lack of eating and wandering with the police sometimes bringing her back, Keith told Jeanne that there was a grey hair alert about Linda but she was clearly in danger and after I made the complaint, Linda was moved to the house by Southport. I believe Senator Van Hollen would still have the report and if Cornerstone is trying to be approved by the Joint Commission I hope that as much attention will be paid to severe ongoing management issues as to maintenance.

Keith Ellis basically, finally left me alone after my second complaint to Rep. Van Hollen but yesterday, June 2, 2017again began his goofy, junior high school game-playing, sarcastic behavior towards me while acting very buddy-buddy with Pam Gueron.

He woke me up at 9 am and looked around my room and closet, I asked him what he was doing and he said in an off sort of goofy “off” way that he was looking to make sure that I wasn’t hiding any visitors. Keith knows that I never have visitors. He had said in our meeting two weeks ago he would start making more house checks to make sure that Kris was not staying overnight or from early morning to late evening, I guess. A few minutes later I went to the bathroom which is right next to Pam’s bedroom, her door was shut and it did not seem that he had checked her room. There was a maintenance man coming in and out yesterday for more than an hour.

About 20 minutes later, Pam came out of her room. I tried to use the house phone to double-check if Nicole was coming to the only third scheduled sit-down meeting we have had since last autumn. After several tries, Yen answered and I thought he said that Nicole was coming to the phone but got a dial tone. I tried repeatedly to call back, Keith listened and said “It is working, there is a dial tone.” I said that doesn’t mean anything and continued to dial but the call would not go through. After several requests Keith in which he ignored me, he emailed the office and said Yen told him that Nicole was on her way. When I tried to speak with Keith he either ignored me or made a smart-alec answer. He spent sometime in friendly social conversation with Pam. When I asked Keith to repeat something he went into a nasty routine that talking to me was like talking to his grandmother didn’t repeat what he had said and went back to his chummy conversation with Pam Gureon. This is so unprofessional esp. under these circumstances.

When Nicole showed up, I requested to go to the Bel Pre office and she said we would drive somewhere. She didn’t even drive down the street but said we would meet where she had parked in front of the house. When I got in I requested that we go to the office so that I could make some phone calls, esp. to Dr. Polam, she asked if I had brought the cellphone out “temporary” phone and that we could call with that, I said that when I tried to call, I got the message that service had been discontinued and airtime was needed. Nicole said it sounds like we need to add airtime, but did not say when or if that would EVER be done. She did not offer to use her current phone but said she would call Dr. Polam when she got back to the office and would call me with the date and time, I pointed out that we did not have a working phone or one that for over a year only works very sporadically, she said she forgot and would send a message with one of the medication RCs, she did not make our next appointment to meet together. I was tired of Who’s On First, ring around the rosy routines to get Nicole to minimally do her job, so did not press anything at all. No energy left.

She said that Pam had made a complaint that I was looking at some paperwork that Kris and Pam were doing on the dining room table. I had seen a logo on one of the sheets that looked like a HUD logo, so went over and spent about 10 seconds or less looking at it, Pam began screaming and screaming, and to scatter the pages all over the table that it was none of my business. I had not been speaking to her for a few weeks but this time said that if Kris was filling out HUD papers to take over my room…Pam would not let me finish and Kris as I was walking away pointed to the logo and said this says HUI does that sound like HUD. Pam shushed her, continued screaming at me, I tried to speak and Pam said she didn’t want to talk to me ever again which was a great relief but not to last since I have just started walking away from her nonsensical beratings and ridiculous accusations when I try to use the kitchen or washing machine. I never initiate a “conversation” with Pam and have always stayed far away as I could from Kris and Pam except when they are cooking almost every night, I often turn back but sometimes, squeeze through the open door to the kitchen to make tea or go to the bathroom where it is unavoidable.


I tried to tell Nicole Briscoe some of the other things that Pam had been doing to me, Nicole knew of Pam’s throwing away my food and throwing away the linens and taking over the shared space of the linen closet for months but did nothing and blew me off whenever I would press for a meeting with her. In the meeting on May 19th I told Nicole that if she had done something about the thrown away linens and taking over of that space it would not have encourage Pam that she could do whatever she wanted regardless of rules or laws, esp having a friend move in.

I had called Nicole a day or so after sending my complaint to the Compliance Officer when the cellphone was working to meeting with me and she said we always meet twice a month on Friday, which is NOT true and that since we had met on May 19 she could not meet with me on the 26th. I was going through hell and deserved SOME support finally after all these months without the mandated weekly or biweekly sit down meetings with a Rehabilitation Counselor. Nicole said that she didn’t know anything about the house problems that it was Cameron’s responsibility not hers though she is my REHAB COUNSELOR which she had also said on the 19th, Keith definitely does believe in working as a team but ignoring needs of staff and clients and playing the blame game with those assigned to a task, what are the weekly staff meetings for if no one knows nothing about anything?

I have tried calling my therapist and the Compliance Officer on the cellphone, when it was working, but when I hit 1 to get the operator for the extension, it does not go through, I told Nicole this after I sent the complaint but she point blank refused to take me to the office for a working phone where I could call the Compliance officer and said she would talk to Keith ????? but could definitely not take me to the office to make a phone call to Marissa either that day or any other.

Continuing with the 20 minute meeting on June 2nd, my RC Nicole said that although problems with the house were Cameron’s and Keith’s responsibility, SHE REALLY DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEM, she would try to offer me support and took a little more interest in what I had to say but seemed to be laughing inappropriately at my anger and relating of SOME of the things I had been going through which she would have known about as they were happening instead of the constant blaming of me for not reporting these things earlier.

I have reported them now and in a week and a half things have gotten worse and Kris continues to stay here.

Unlike my first reporting of Kris living here on May 19th Nicole seemed utterly unconcerned, I asked her to take me to Bel Pre so that I could call the Compliance Officer to set up a meeting since Keith’s behavior earlier showed he was not going to do anything to handle the situation appropriately. Nicole gave me a run-around answer to refusing to let me use the office phone or her cellphone and I said, “I guess I am on my own then, and will send another email to the Compliance Officer.” Nicole agreed with this and when I said it was unlikely that Ms. Gillum would be able to get through on our broken house phone if Nicole could relay any message from Ms. Gillum setting up a time to meet, Nicole graciously agreed to do this much.

Yesterday, at 5:14pm I first noticed Kris and Pam sitting on the couch which faces the kitchen, the living room, dining room and kitchen form one rectangular room with the exception of a small L shape where Janet usually sits. They went out for a while and came back with a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken for Janet and piles of wrapped sandwiches on the table, and 3 huge shopping bags, one from Marshall, again the disposable income that Pam has to spend week after week several times a week is impossible to overstate and I have never seen anything close to it in the subsidized housing at Cornerstone. I have never mentioned this to Janet, Pam or Kris, but I think Nicole or Keith has given Pam some information not related to a real investigation of this and other matters.

Pam and Kris were laughing on the couch from about 7:30pm to 10pm. Keith had stated to me in our meeting a few days after my first complaint to Compliance that no way should a guest be here after 10pm, when I asked what to do, Keith asked if I would be comfortable using the house phone to call Chadwick House after hours. In the first friendlier meeting Keith kept going back and forth on when Pam should be allowed to have guests, he said at one point that Kris should be able to stay there from 8am to 9pm which is longer than an 8 hour work day, when I objected and said what if Kris is here at 6am and Keith said that if Kris is there that early people might think she had stayed the night so Kris should not arrive before 10:30am then said it still might seem as if Kris spent the night so he amended it to between 12 noon and 8pm. At first he spoke of it being tentative, when I asked to set up a meeting with the Compliance Officer, he seemed to say it was definite.

Cameron came a few days ago with a typed up RULES FOR GUESTS and told me before I signed it that guests would only be allowed 3 days a week from 12noon to 8pm, I told him that it was a relief to me. He affixed the RULES in a professional looking clear plastic jacket with the signatures of all three of us residents.

Now comes the hard part of trying to describe one of Pam’s worst hysterical fits with physical blocking and intimidation though she has often come close especially when she first moved in when I finally told her repeatedly that I was going to complaint to Compliance.

At 10pm with no sign of Kris leaving I decided to take a photo of Kris’ two canes which she often leaves propped against the couch or dining table AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY OR NIGHT even when she is in Pam’s room. Since Janet is alternately bullied or bribed with food by Pam when she needs Janet to testify against me and the truth of Kris essentially or actually living here. Pam saw the camera and rushed up to me as she was folding the large Marshall Shopping bag to throw away that she WAS NOT GOING TO LET ME TAKE PICTURES OF HER PURCHASES and kept blocking my way standing very, very close to me pushing her face into mine, as I tried to move sideways to get away from her, it was like Pam was a football player and continued blocking my free movement, and continuing to SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM literally in my face that she was not going to allow me to take pictures of her purchases that it was none of my business. When I said I wanted only to take a photo of Kris canes, she finally moved away hiding the other two department store shopping bags with her body.

I wish that I had been taking date/time stamped pictures of Kris’ canes all along when she stows away in Pam’s room to prove the amount of time she stays her. I managed to snap one photo of Kris’ canes, from a distance since Pam would not let me move, I did not take photos of any person or Pam’s extensive purchases. My verbal description below of the amazing amount of money she spends every week, week after week should be more than enough to begin an investigation. Since Pam alternately bullies and bribes Janet with food to lie and say that Kris is not here that much, and since after 2 weeks nothing effectual has been done to set up any rules for Kris’ staying here day after day from early morning to 10pm and I believe beyond since she goes in Pam’s bedroom around 10pm I can’t prove that but even staying in the house 10 to 14 hours a day is not a guest situation.

I told her that the RULES FOR GUESTS that Cameron had posted and told me that the hours for guests were from noon to eight, 3 days a week, Pam again NON-STOP SCREAMING stated that Keith had told her that it wasn’t finalized and that she had also talked to Cameron who said the same thing and despite being signed by all three of us, Cameron, though he definitely told me the 3 days, noon to 8pm was NOT WRITTEN ON THE RULES DESPITE THE NEAT PLASTIC OFFICIAL LOOKING PACKAGING. When I was just about to get into Nicole’s car earlier on June 2nd, she joked with Keith who was getting into his car that she did not want to take the company car because it was too messy. Keith could have told me at that point that he had changed his mind and that Pam could continue to have Kris living here daylight hours into 10pm and beyond until SOMEDAY, the acceptable hours and DAYS for visitors was finalized.

In our earlier and only meeting, I said very little as I am not a loud talker much less screamer and had decided and told Keith I was not going to get in screaming matches with Pam to defend myself but that I was not going to keep silent about what she was doing to me any more, and Keith in the friendlier meeting had told me that I did not have to live this way, that berating me in front of Kris and Janet for putting MY spaghetti strainer in the “wrong place” was ridiculous and that there would be limitations for Pam’s “guest” living in this house, I told Keith that it was VERY unlikely that Pam would honor any rules whatever and that I would have to be calling him twenty times a day since I was no longer going to keep silent about the things Pam was doing to me. Keith repeated 4 or 5 times that I would not be calling him twenty times a day which I took to mean that he would handle the situation effectively.

He said he might meet with Pam privately or with Cameron in house meeting after memorial day, I said that since Pam loves an audience for her screaming tantrums that it would be better to inform her of the Guest Rules privately first, since Keith had seen and heard Pam screaming at the one meeting early on about Pam throwing away my food and Pam’s screaming about my clothes in the coat closet, he knew, I also think Pam calls him incessantly to complain about everything under the sun including me and Pam has bragged that she “didn’t mind getting in Keith’s face.” to get her way.

After I took the picture of Kris’ canes and the GUEST RULES on the wall, meanwhile Pam continuing to scream, I dialed Chadwick House and managed to get through, while I moved the chair to the phone, Pam continued SCREAMING at the top of her lungs that it wouldn’t matter who I called that there were no rules about how long or when Kris could be here, I spoke with a young girl who surely could have heard Pam continue to SCREAM, she said the supervisor would call me back, while I was trying to explain the situation to the Chadwick supervisor it was hard to hear because PAM JUST KEPT ON SCREAMING AT ME. The supervisor asked if I felt if I was in danger and I said I wasn’t sure,Pam is out of control and won’t stop screaming, you can hear her!”

(Pam Gueron has been this wild since she moved in though she can also be charming and calm. Pam has begun to get more physically intimidating, when she was screaming at me not to get ice on the paper towels just BEFORE my complaint, her body was very close to mine and the 3rd or 4th time she screamed/bellowed it, her mouth must have been less than an inch away from my left ear.

I believe that Pam should be removed from this house as soon as possible for safety reasons. I am very vulnerable without a phone that I can depend on to be working. Pam Gueron should be immediately investigated esp. as to whether she has been thrown out of other group homes for doing similar things. She should be banned from EVER doing this to anyone again in subsidized housing of which there is much evidence that she does not qualify for because she obviously has not declared her substantial financial assets to Cornerstone.)

While I was on the phone, Kris apparently called for a cab and opened the door to watch.

After I got off the phone Pam continued screaming and I said God sees the Truth but waits, since she continued OUT OF CONTROL SCREAMING that I was a liar, I said it again and that with what is happening on the news it didn’t seem that God would wait much longer (to establish His Kingdom of Justice when the Lord Jesus returns as the signs of the time are pointing to and for the Last Judgment of the workers of iniquity). I couldn’t complete a sentence because Pam kept screaming at me that I was a liar. I attempted several times to tell it to the Maryland Board of Licensure investigator and that an unauthorized person living here WAS MY BUSINESS.

Pam again called me a liar and was screaming that it didn’t matter who I complained to that there were no rules about Kris being in this house, in between her SCREAMING I told her that I had also charged her with verbal abuse and harrassment and amazingly Pam shut up.

At the same time, Janet was angry and started screaming at me why was I telling lies, I tried to speak but was shouted down and Pam violently gestured with her open hand to Janet as if congratulating her puppet and that the truth would not have a chance with the two of them lying, I walked away with Janet screaming at me not to walk away from her, Janet followed me to my room and continued berating me calling me a liar saying Kris was not here that much, I told her that she was afraid of Pam, Janet said she was not afraid of Pam but calmed down, I told Janet that she would have a chance to give her on-the-record testimony to the investigator and she said I will and walked away.

I had a bad bout of diarrhea last night tho I rarely suffer from it presumably due to Pam’s ratcheting up her war against me before and after I made my complaint, feeling too upset to cook meals for a long time and especially since before and after I made my complaint, and the lack of any support from Bel Pre or Cornerstone which became all too clear yesterday.

Keith had also said in our earlier meeting that Pam could have guests only on Monday, Wed, Friday. When Kris came on Saturday, I called RC Ellen who was very unfriendly and said that she had not received an email from Keith about it. I said I was going to try to get through to the compliance officer, Ellen said I could do whatever I wanted. I tried to reach Ms. Gillum to leave a message but did not know the extension. Though Keith wasn’t working on Saturday he called back told me not to be upset not to notice how late Kris stayed that Pam had a right to have guests and that she might chose a weekend and that Cameron would be having a house meeting after Memorial Day, I said that Cameron did not have the strength of personality to stand up to Pam and set limits and Pam would spend the whole time screaming and I would not have a chance to speak and I asked if Compliance had sent Keith a copy of my complaint, he said no, and that there were several other things that I needed to talk with him about and had a copy of the Complaint on my flash drive. Keith said he would meet with me the Tuesday following Memorial Day at Bel Pre since I couldn’t talk in the house but Keith did not call and there was no meeting.

Keith did meet with Pam alone a few days after our first and only meeting, I came home from buying a few items at the store, they were sitting at the dining table, his conversation with Pam seemed to be very serious. After he left, Pam seemed very sober and upset. I don’t know what later happened to turn Keith into an insulting jokster to me on June 2nd.

May 31st 8:10pm Kris is alone at the dining room table still working on paperwork.

May 31st 9:20pm Kris and Pam sitting on couch watching TV constant laughing by Pam as usual

I feel too sick to try to cook dinner and for the second day and as I often do, only eat dry cereal or cooked cereal or toast or yoghurt when I have it because of discomfort using the kitchen to make a real meal not knowing what Pam will pull next to show off to her friend Kris.

Someone who stays here all day long and well into the evening day after day, week after week, month after month is not a “guest” but is illegally living here.

Last weekend, in response to Pam and Kris here again, I called and left a message for Keith to call, he did so said nothing had been decided about how often Kris could live here, that Pam had a right to have a “guest” “visitor” to try to ignore it and that he would meet with me on Tuesday, Keith said that he had not received a copy of my complaint and I told him that we had not discussed everything in our meeting. Keith did not meet with me on Tuesday and I believe after having given Keith a chance to handle it that nothing will be done. I again request a meeting with you to find some relief from this situation which has been going on for months. And which has gotten MUCH worse since my written/emailed complaint two weeks ago.

HUD entrusted Cornerstone with the management of this house, letting one person like Pam come in and begin outrageously abusing one or more clients so they cannot function with NO RESTRAINT or follow-up is not living up to your contract with HUD or the other funders including those citizens in the community who believe that basic management of protecting clients from bullys who are inadvertently allowed housing.

Dear Ms. Gillum,

I would like to request a meeting with you. Kris is apparently still living here illegally despite my meeting with Keith and his meeting ALONE with Pam. There are STILL no rules whatever for the amount of time that Kris may be here and I would like again to request relief from verbal harrassment by Pam and relief from a 4th person not accepted into Cornerstone Residential Program still living here. Keith asked if I still wanted to meet with you and at that time, I said if it would stop, if Keith would handle it, no, however it continues and I would also like to ask if there are any plans to investigate if Pam Gueron declared all her financial assets, no one who spends the astonishing amount of money she does week after week should have food stamps or other benefits and I question if she is eligible for subsidized housing or if so, if Pam is paying her fair amount. An investigation using the broad privileges of the Patriot Act should be used to investigate at least the financial portion of my complaint.

I don’t believe Pam will be content or let up until she pushes me out, ie, drives me away by harrassment, screaming lies and tantrums at house meeting and other times, reporting lies to staff and continual provoking of me to get a response to Pam’s reign of terror to report to Keith and also to her RC while I am he most of the time I am silent, or say one word or walk away although I have been able to keep self-control, these continue provocations have been wearing me down. I have been silent too long and will begin speaking up about the violations of rules and laws and what it is doing to me.

After that, due to the sometimes bullying of Janet, I believe Pam would attempt to push Janet out and any subsequent mentally ill residents with a financial need so that Pam and Kris may have the HUD house at 12902 Valleywood Drive to themselves.

When Pam first started this reign of terror around the first week she moved in, by throwing away my food and other things SOME of which are reported below, I tried fighting back but the nonsensical and irrational nature of her accusations or responses along with the screaming which she did in front of Cameron in several meetings and the one meeting early on with Keith and Nicole makes them not want to deal with her either. She can also be slick and calm, I think Pam enjoys an audience and screaming at her latest scapegoat but there is obviously a bigger agenda of taking over this house completely.

For a long time, I ignored her provocations at first I would tell her I would not get into a screaming match with her but would file a complaint with the Compliance Officer, but the sick feeling of even attempting to write all these attacks and snares made me something of a Stockholm Syndrome victim as well along with her constant more successful attempt to turn Janet against me and I did my best to avoid Pam or just answer in a few calm words to Pam’s gross provocations.

Despite her early vociferous complaints of my having some clothes in the coat closet which are now removed, I have photos of how she took over the linen closet and there are no linens as there are in every Cornerstone house so obviously Pam threw them away. Pam takes up more than her fair share of the living room, her huge exercise ball is in the corner by the couch along with a large painting stored sideways and other things piled up.

The Little Foxes that Spoil the Grapes.

Well known phrase from the Bible, Song of Songs.

I looked it up a while back and actually it is referring to fox-bats who are piebald various shades of light brown, reddish brown and murky white, esp. over the face which brings out the horrible face of this type of bat. Which makes more sense since foxes aren’t known esp. for liking grapes. God expects good grapes from the vineyards He plants and those who spoil the chances, peace of mind of those who are trying to use the talents God gave them for good are really stealing from God.


Kris still appears to be living here despite my complaint to Compliance, Keith does not appear to be making spot checks by dropping in at unexpected hours to make sure Kris is not living here. May 31st, 7:35 pm Kris and Pam sitting on couch laughing after large cooked dinner. Earlier today, 11:30am Kris’ canes by couch, 4:50pm Kris sitting on couch alone playing with cellphone, then filling out forms on dining room table, if Kris is a guest why so much of the time alone, someone who stays here from early morning until past dinnertime is not a guest but is living here. Kris and Pam began filling our forms for HUI presumably for Kris. May 31st 8:10pm Kris is alone at the dining room table still working on paperwork.

I have thought that Pam’s over-the-top harrassment of me was due to trying to push me out in favor of Kris. Hard for me to clean, do household work, or even make a meal for myself, though I have kept the kitchen spotless, Pam makes up absurdities to scream at me about, feeling frozen by all Pam’s snares and harrassment. I think that Janet Listou, other housemate, suffers from a type of Stockholm Syndrome and is terrified of consciously noticing or telling the truth because of Pam’s vindictiveness which Janet has told me she has experienced in the past and has certainly seen the over the top screaming Pam aims at me if I dare to use what Pam considers her kitchen or washing machine.

I will write down some of Pam’s ridiculous 100,000 rules she has for the kitchen which in reading about can be clearly seen to be nonsensical and only for harrassment to get me to react angrily. And which Pam breaks at will herself, such as leaving pans overnight and beyond to soak or leaving pans to dry on usually a cloth towels overnight and beyond while having a hissy fit if I do the same.

Coldly calling me over as I was going to the bathroom and berating me for putting the spaghetti strainer “in the wrong place” when it is MY spaghetti strainer and Pam has a multitude of catering quality culinary items, forcefully nattering on and on at me that she had been trying to cook dinner and COULD NOT FIND THE SPAGHETTI STRAINER TO COMPLETE HER MEAL in a voice as if I had committed the unpardonable sin, as is her usual tone, is only one of the irrational shock and awe outbursts that I have suffered from Pam. I said that I was surprised that she did not have her own spaghetti strainer since she had so many sophisticated culinary items. She said she did.

It makes me shudder to talk about some of them including early on just before Cameron came, Pam obviously told Janet to come out and scream at me that there was “sh-t” all over the bathroom and I had better clean it up. I ran towards the two bathrooms which are near each other and Janet pointed to a smear of defecation on the toilet seat of the bathroom that she and Pam and presumable Kris use, I use the other bathroom. The timing was very suspicious because Cameron walked in a few seconds later and Pam screamed and screamed for him to look at the smear of defecation and was immediately sure that I had done it.

Cameron walked away from Pam’s hissy fit tantrum when it was still ongoing, went to sit at the table while Pam screamed and screamed and screamed irrational accusations at me, Cameron said it was the type of thing that housemates must work out for themselves. When I could speak, after the shock of ANOTHER of Pam’s blitzkrieg attacks, and Pam leaning over the dining table Cameron’s back to almost in my face I stated several times to be heard over Pam’s hysterical continued screaming accusations aimed at me, that I had not used that bathroom for at least two months, Pam made skeptical sounds and continued screaming at me, rushing over to the table to get close to me, I went and got my Bible, put my hand on it and said “Before God, I have not used or been in THAT bathroom for at least two months.” Pam made skeptical noises but finally calmed a bit and I walked away.

At that time I thought Kris needed to use her two tall canes in the house more than was later apparent. Kris was sitting on the couch, I did not want to embarrass Kris but all the while Pam was screaming at me based on no evidence that it was me, I thought of mentioning that someone with two canes might have trouble standing up from the toilet and might be more obviously responsible for the smear of defecation.

Later Janet came out back and said that Pam made her clean it up. Due to previous and subsequent absurd accusations, beratings the timing of this event just before Cameron was scheduled to come for meds is now suspicious to me.

Kris has not been vetted or approved to live in this house, there are only 3 bedrooms, so what was Kris doing attending early house meetings to offer her cheering section for Pam’s attacks on me??? When I spoke with Keith 2 weeks ago, he emphasized that Kris would not be allowed to attend the house meeting when the RULES FOR GUESTS were discussed so Keith must have been aware that this had gone on. Only later did Kris begin hiding out in Pam’s room during the morning and evening medication monitoring.

Living with an abusive person creates havoc with anyone trying to function much less work on art and doing the selecting, sorting and other things to prepare for my hour weekly meetings with my job coach, we are setting things up so I can sell my paintings, pastels and computer graphics online and this takes my full attention-— never knowing what Pam will pull next so she can have an excuse for a screaming fit accusing me of any nonsensical thing that comes into her head.

Pam refuses to enter the job program when I suggested that with her cooking skills and professional culinary equipment she could work as a caterer as one man in Voc Rehab already does, Pam said she never knows when she will be in pain so can’t make the commitment but Pam does nothing but shop and stay around the house with Chris 14 or more hours a day, including weekends and does not attend any of the Foundational Skills classes or programs. Pam certainly needs to be in and ANGER MANAGEMENT class and she needs to do more with her days than eat and shop and torment me and try to turn my housemate and the medication staff against me.

Cameron does not know how to handle Pam’s irrational accusations and screaming hysteria in house meetings and neither do I or apparently Keith, teamwork in a situation like this must include the authority and investigatory power of the Compliance Officer. It is not fair to leave clients alone to duke it out with an irrational and increasingly abusive bully and troublemaker.


No liar can ever enter the Kingdom of God.

Outside the City of God are murderers and he who maketh and loveth a lie.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

The TRUTH will set you free.”

Satan was a liar from the first and the father of it.”

Satan is only come to kill and steal and destroy

I am come that you might have life and

have it more abundantly.” The Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 12:36

But I say unto you,

That every idle word that men shall speak,

they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.


Those who love silver

will not be content with silver


May 29th – 7:14pm Kris here came out back with Pam to smoke.

If a troublemaker like Pam who loves an audience and shouting hissy fits ongoing over-the-top dramatics to get her way was forced to write down all her objections to what a housemate is doing in the kitchen even she might be forced to acknowledge the absurdity of her harrassment and would be denied some of the pleasure of a forced audience and wearing them down with her shouting so she gets to continue her 100,000 absurd, nonsensical irrational kitchen rules which Pam violates at will.

I wish that I’d had a cellphone to record the sound of Pam’s screaming and beratings. Her parents must have treated her like that but it is not fair to clients who have their own issues to allow Pam to use them as a scapegoat for their raging anger at their past history.

Pam Gureon basically declared all out war on me as soon as she moved in, for a time she would put out feelers when she was being friendly if I would turn on my other housemate, Janet Listou even before the following, — for a while Janet was falling down, she no longer is after physical therapy and treatment for a urinary infection.

Pam would repeated state that Janet Listou, legal resident, did not belong here, that Pam could not help Janet up – she said this in front of Janet while Janet would be laying on the kitchen floor, and repeatedly stated this to me. Obviously Pam decided to push me out first, but when an “opportunity” presented itself was glad to try to push out Janet so Pam’s friend Kris could move in here.

Janet after Keith said the same thing to her is terrified of losing her housing due to her PREVIOUS problem of falling, when I told her a few days ago briefly that I had filed a complaint about Pam, the first thing Janet asked was whether I had mentioned her falling, Pam is an expert at pushing buttons and is constantly searching for them in her few attempts to be friendly, when Pam found out that despite her successful attempts to turn Janet against me about cleaning since I have felt frozen due to the screaming out-of-control hate in the meeting with Keith and Nicole when Pam had been living here less than two weeks, and in all the house meetings which Cameron stopped having due to her irrational and hate-filled accusations.

It is impossible to answer someone who is accusing you of spilling water when replacing ice cube tray, in the meeting with Keith I said that Pam filled the freezer so full that it was impossible for me to use, heavy chunks of meat, her personal ice trays, and on and on slide over as I attempt to put the ice trays back, I only ever have a package of frozen blueberries and the two ice trays, Pam has a towel on the floor under the refrigerator door but in Pam’s tirades to her RC and to Keith on the phone, Pam fails to mention how she sets me up and the overfilled freezer is one example.

Just before finished writing the complaint to Compliance Officer the most “violent” of Pam’s increasing attacks on my using “her” kitchen screaming in my ear almost stepping on my feet not to get ice on her paper towels – Pam sometimes puts pans washed by hand on a CLOTH when I do she denies my right to do so.

I have only seen Pam use paper towels this once a few days ago, she cleaned out the silverware drawer, the dishwasher was filled with half the silverware and Pam used the very tiny counter space to place the silverware on the evening before so the silverware on the paper towels had been there for over 12 hours blocking use of the tiny counterspace, Kris was here sitting on the couch watching and Janet jumped up and ran over, when I tried to get some ice on the counter near stove.

Pam had removed almost all the silverware from the EVENING BEFORE there were only 3 or 4 pieces and had removed one of the paper towels and I was trying to use this small space in between her paper towels and ran over to me screaming and screaming not to get ice on the paper towels.

I had recently decided that someone who speaks or screams at me with such disrespect over nonsensical rules does not deserve my trying to find an answer to her every day irrational accusations almost always regarding the kitchen that she claims as her own or the washing machine if she thinks that I am using it too much on FREE DAYS or if she thinks the washer is unbalanced, but this washing machine makes a tremendous amount of noise at all times, screamed in a voice as if I had burned down the whole world.

Pam making me her scapegoat for Pam’s immense rage has been frightening. Or if any speck of ice had (possibly, potentially) gotten on her ordinary paper towels was like my pouring hot chocolate on her gold satin dress. Ridiculous, Absurd, Nonsensical, Irrational – a deliberate technique so that it is near impossible to find anything to say to screamed accusations so utterly, utterly irrational.

5-24 5:30pm noticed when made coffee Kris and Pam on couch close together laughing a few minutes later walked around corner to go to bathroom, Janet asked snarkily to “be sure to write down on my calendar the time that Kris was here”, Rarely is Janet snarky to me we had a good relationship before Pam came and even since except when coached by Pam to insult me or get some information, the kitchen, dining space and most of the living-room is one rectangle, there is a small L shape space to the living room where Janet sits in the easy chair, she could not have seen me look at the clock over the stove.

Sent this complaint as an attachment to Compliance Officer Marisa Gillum with copies to my psychiatrist Dr. Parveen, therapist Paula Weiss. Could not dial 1 to talk to Ms. Gillum she has not called back, called Suzanne Loftjelm of Senator Van Hollen’s office with brief synopsis and request that she call the Compliance Officer to make an appointment to talk about this unbearable situation as soon as possible. Called after I called Nicole Briscoe, my RC and requested that she take me to the Bel Pre office to make calls to my therapist and Ms. Gillum on a real phone, Ms. Briscoe refused and said she would talk to Keith tomorrow, he would call me and they would consult Keith’s boss Nicole Burke who has let situations slide and slide in the past and I wrote about the damage done by this refusal to supervise Keith and sent it to then-Congressman Van Hollen.

Kris was here from early afternoon til now 8pm on May 22nd she was helping bring in Pam’s mountain of groceries no room for my ice trays which is the only thing I have in the freezer. Pam cooked dinner, KRIS AGAIN HID OUT IN PAM’S ROOM OR TOOK A LONG WALK WHILE THE HOUSE PERSON CAMERON DID MEDS, THEN KRIS CAME OUT HIDING and Pam and Kris are now having dinner.

This house is too small for an unofficial illegal 4th resident.

Pam tried to pick fights twice today, about not put ice tray on the paper towels she had laid out, she had thrown one paper towel away and I was getting the ice on the counter not her laid out paper towels.

I asked Cameron in his capacity as house person to look at what was the linen closet before Pam threw away all the linens belonging to the house now stuffed full of Pam’s food and culinary items and reminded him that I had told him months ago that Pam had thrown away every stitch of the household linens that belong in the linen closet, I had asked Nicole Briscoe to have Pam replace the household linens to no avail – Kris had been hiding in Pam’s room while Cameron was here, shortly after he left Pam and Kris would sitting on couch when Pam shouted at me about showing Cameron her stuff in the linen closet as I was coming out of the bathroom but I just walked away. Instead of rushing up to me to insult me stayed on couch with Kris.

I have to pass by the couch with Pam and Kris to use the bathroom and I am tired of her girl gang shouting and accusing me of absurdities.

Jesus had a lot to say about those who steal the homes of the widow and the orphan.

The Old Testament as well.

Throughout the Bible God states that the Truth is very important to Him.

Jesus said that He was THE TRUTH

One of the commandments on loving your neighbor and God is THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS


No LIAR will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Satan was a liar from the first and the father of it.

Satan is known as the father of lies.

Near the end of the Bible in the Book of Revelations, God states that along with murderers,

he who makes and loves a lie will be outside the City of God forever.


home phone only occasionally works

301 942-8185

Cellphone Nicole lent to Valleywood house difficult to work

202 641-5406

Dear Ms. Gillum,

This is a preliminary report/complaint about housemate Pam Gureon’s bullying harrassment and letting her very close friend Kris essentially illegally live here at 12902 Valleywood Drive for at least half the month, month after month. I am asking for some relief from the confusion and over-the-top bullying behaviour.

I want to concentrate on my art, graphics and selling prints online and spend hours each day on it. Pam does nothing constructive and is constantly aggressive seeing how much she can get away with. I need help in gaining relief from this harassment and Pam needs something worthwhile to do besides spending incredible amounts of money on clothes, household and food items including expensive mail order and loudly partying with her friend Kris who does not pay rent and has not been approved to live on Cornerstone property at this address but stays from early light to 10pm and beyond day after day.

Pam does not participate in any of the Southport or other Cornerstone Rehabilitation programs.

I have a job coach and am trying to do something useful with my life but need help with an aggressive, conscience-free housemate with outrageous arrogancy in breaking all the rules she can both Cornerstone household rules, Residential licensing rules and the rules of human decency. I should not have to CONTINUE to deal with this alone.


I REALLY think someone should look into Pam Gueron’s hidden sources of finances. Her very conspicuous consumption is really over the top. I would estimate Pam spends well over a thousand a month on luxuries. More details below.


For quality assurance, clients should have to sign off on how often they meet with their RCs, sit down meetings. Except for today, May 19, since early last autumn, I have only had 2 sit down meetings with Nicole Briscoe.

The second one very abbreviated.

Even when Pam was here on probation, she was throwing away things that belong to the house like mops and brooms, saying they were too old. Neither Janet or I were consulted as to whether we approved of Pam as a potential housemate after the trial period, per protocols, I would have mentioned the throwing away of things that did not belong to Pam and the arrogance of it and requested that Keith keep a close watch. Shortly after Pam moved in she started throwing away MY FOOD without asking me. She lied and said the food was old and black, and I said in the meeting with Nicole and Keith, that they were not and I could not prove it because Pam had thrown them away.

I lived with Janet for about three months before Pam moved in and Janet would never ever have thought of throwing away my food, she confessed to throwing away my lettuce saying it was black, I said that I had only bought the lettuce the previous week both Pam and Janet kept repeating my food that they had thrown away, never consulting me or showing the RCs, was black.

The meeting was contentious and both Nicole and Keith should have kept up with protecting me from further aggression esp. since our house phone does not work most of the time for more than a year and we have only had Nicole’s cellphone for about a month and that too seemed not to be working.

5-18 Nicole Briscoe forgot to cancel appt with Dr. Polam for the results of endoscopsies.

If I had not been without a phone for one year since April 2016 because Nicole refuses to meet with me or makes promises to meet then never follows up, I could have made the appt. myself not in conflict with my 5-18 appt with Dr. Parveen. Last Tuesday, Shane Senior, my job coach was surprised and said doesn’t Nicole keep up with when you have appts with your psychiatrist?


3:45pm Kris is here, sitting on couch with Pam laughing.

Kris seemed, I never know for sure since she often comes out of Pam’s bedroom long after I thought she had left, to have left fairly early today but could have been quietly in Pam’s room and will rush out suddenly startling me, many times I think Kris is gone and hours later she pops out of Pam’s room when on way to bathroom.

1 week ago spaghetti strainer, Pam showing off to Kris in criticizing me over petty things like nasty junior high students or in a dysfunctional office setting.

2 day ago Pam left a very nasty note on pink legal paper on the washer about the laundry – saying she was going out for a bit and EXPECTED when she returned that the washing machine would be free for her to use. This was not Pam’s day for washing.

Later, as soon as I came out of the bathroom Pam with Kris beside her was standing talking to Janet, after her release from the hospital, and Pam in a very bullying voice asked if the washing machine was free with Kris standing glowering at me. Pam has been showing off to Kris who seems to be living here unofficially.

This house is too small for four people to be living here, one unofficially AND NOT PAYING RENT AS I DO AND JANET. Party atmosphere not conducive to my working or feeling secure.

Just the traffic in the very small kitchen, Pam makes noisy full course meals together with Kris at least several time a week and when I work in the spare room on my art very disturbing to my concentration.

Often they bring carry out food from their many shopping trips with many expensive items of clothes or hobby or household items along with fairly expensive prepared food, in addition often make a full course meal later together. When Pam sits together with Kris on the couch, there is no privacy in the kitchen because it is all one room, it seems that Pam is showing Kris her purchases, never vice versa.

Pam seems to have a great deal of money despite her protestations of poverty. Very expensive and extensive groceries each week. After making me move my clothes from the coat closet, Pam took over the linen closet, threw away all the linens without asking anyone and has her catering quality cooking items and extensive food stored there in what is supposed to be shared space as linen closet, as well as taking up large space in the freezer and large storage box I gave her, filled with more food with many food items on top of box.

I have photos of the food and culinary equipment in the linen closet and after my therapist Paula Weiss helped me to get a cellphone took photos of the SUPPOSED SHARED SPACE LINEN closet which I showed to Nicole in one of the few meetings that I have had with Nicole Briscoe since last fall.

This meeting was about two weeks after the meeting with Keith and Nicole over Pam throwing away MY FOOD, I asked to meet with Nicole privately and she drove her car a half a block away and asked if it was really important to me that Pam had thrown away ALL of the Valleywood household linens and Pam was using the linen closet to store her food and culinary equipment. Thereafter, Nicole did her best to avoid me, and in the one meeting I insisted on about 2 ½ months ago Nicole stayed for less than 5 minutes brushed off my requests to help with a replacement phone that I lost in a cab after spending hours in the library uploading my paintings and computer graphics.

When I spoke of it, Janet told me that ALL the linens in the LINEN CLOSET “were rags.” Apparently she was quoting Pam. The household linens were NOT rags, they were not brand new but were like the linens in the LINEN closets in the townhouses but apparently Nicole and Keith and the house person Cameron who I also told before the linens were thrown out but still in the garbage bag along with other garbage bags of items left behind by previous clients in the coat closet accepted that every stitch of the HOUSEHOLD LINENS were okay for Pam to throw out to make room for her stuff in the LINEN closet just because Pam claimed they were rags. Pam should have to go to thrift stores to replace the Cornerstone PROPERTY she threw away and to vacate the LINEN closet she took over. Pam seems to have way too much money to be living in subsidized housing and a rich person’s outlook to live in housing meant for those trying to struggle out of poverty.

For a while Pam was repeatedly putting sacks of flour and other things on the box I use to store food, I need to go into box several times a day due to a field mouse sometimes coming inside, my bread and cereal is in there which I told Pam, I would place the eggs, boxes of butter and cream cheese, bags of flour and sugar et al belonging to Pam that she repeatedly put on my food box, on the dining room table one foot away from my food box–though I asked her repeatedly to stop.

When she put her large expensive new-looking laptop on my food box, it was charging and the outlet was by the dining table leg and CLOSER that Pam irrationally charging her new laptop on my foodbox, I didn’t want to touch the laptop and possibly be accused of breaking it so I took a photo, Janet saw me and later said, “Pam feels just terrible that she forgot about not putting things on your box.” this after several weeks of requesting that she stop piling things on top of my food box. No previous apology.

Just why would Pam need to put her laptop on my food box when there is a dining room table WITH chairs about a foot away????? even closer to the outlet for charging???

Constant, constant HARASSMENT – more “petty” incidents than I can possibly mention, always testing me to see my response and how much she can get away with.

By allowing Pam not to replace my food which she had thrown away and even more by letting her get away with throwing away ALL the linens that belonged to Valleywood/CORNERSTONE PROPERTY and TAKING OVER THE SHARED SPACE OF THE LINEN CLOSET to store her food and culinary items in what is supposed to be shared space for linens, Nicole gave Pam carte blanc to continue to harass me and do anything that came into her head and Pam is still ratcheting up her harassment to prove she can get away with anything she wants.

Pam is a very intimidating person, very intelligent, very savvy and goes between charming and giving away elaborate cookies and deserts and extreme aggression. Apparently Keith and Nicole have not wanted to deal with her but I am supposed to have sit down meetings with my RC on a regular basis, that is why there is so much backed up stuff, and if Pam was arrogant at first in throwing things away that did not belong to her she is unbearable now that she thinks she can do anything, anything she wants.

Nicole has taken me to the surgeon but has me sit in the back seat and is obviously not interested in discussing anything, even medical and I have been too anxious about the hernia surgery I need to force talk about Pam’s harassment and apparently live-in friend on those occasions plus I am tired of being snubbed or sloughed off and I think my job coach Shane Senior is as well as Vanessa was before him. I have a camera now for my work but my PC is broken and my laptop is struggling.

I could save the money to get another laptop at Phoenix but as with Vanessa, my new job coach is very unhappy about being told that everything is his responsibility not Nicole’s and I am tired of doing without and my job coaches telling me every week it is my RCs responsibility and I am batted back and forth like a ping pong ball and nothing ever gets done. I need only 3 or so things for selling my art, I need paperwork from an RC to do the things needed for my art business and this has gone on far too long.

Marissa, when you came for the pre-inspection I told you that I needed to talk with you about some problems and you gave me your card, I knew that it would be wasted effort to continue to try to meet with Nicole or to get Keith to do anything but I have felt too sick and exhausted to try to write up the constant jibs and other things especially with Pam and Kris constantly here and Pam testing to see how much she can get away with and no phone except for one month and trying to get Nicole to meet with me, I am intimidated by Pam as well and thought I had to get used to having a fourth person living here, did not feel up to writing or fighting for things that should be the responsibility of Bel Pre staff and supervisor TO KEEP UP WITH these problems that were obviously just going to get worse and to help me handle.


Much, much more money and shopping trips and expensive meats and meals for two and large boxes and boxes of canned cola stacked up and boxes always falling over, so hard to pull out chair for meds.

Did Pam give Kris a key to our house?

Fairly often see Kris early in the morning, recently when Janet was in the hospital about two weeks ago, Kris was again playing with her cellphone on our small couch it was very early in the morning, just after light and Pam’s door was half open, and Kris said she guessed she was going to have to wake Pam up, it didn’t look like she was going to get up on her own.

Kris using Valleywood property as her rightful home has become so engrained she forgot to try to be discreet and stay hidden as much as possible during off hours.

I had thought before that Kris was staying overnight because often esp. in evening when thought Kris had left, she would rush out of Pam’s room and often is here very, very early in the morning, having a cigarette in the back yard or sitting on couch and I didn’t let her in so how did Kris get in the house? Kris often stays til 9 or 10 pm at night and sometimes it seems overnight. The bathroom I use is next to Pam’s bedroom door and am shocked that Kris is still there and almost run into her when I leave the bathroom.

When Janet came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago, I asked if she thought that Kris stayed overnight and Janet said no, she just comes very early in the morning but Kris also stays often until dinnertime and beyond.

Kris and Pam again ordered pizza tonight, three large boxes and several boxes of other items from pizza place though Janet was eating some of the pizza, Kris and Pam ordered pizza last week when Janet was in hospital, the money Pam has is incredible.

Several times a week, around dinnertime, a party atmosphere, sometimes earlier, other times on the same day, they retreat to Pam’s room and stay hours and hours, sometimes Kris takes her crutches and bag in Pam’s room, other times leaves them by couch because they realize the med people won’t notice them. Kris apparently needs the very tall canes to get from the car to the house but doesn’t use them in the house, seems to walk comfortably without them, Kris is very tall with a deep voice so it is a shock when I come out of bathroom to almost run into her rushing out of Pam’s bedroom at all hours when I thought Kris had left for the day.

For a long time I have thought that Kris is an unofficial 3rd housemate. Adds to confusion and this house is too small for 4 people and I never know what to expect from the two of them. The house at 12902 Valleywood Drive is certified/licensed for 3 people to be living here, not four.

I will start keeping a record of how many days per week Kris is here and how long she stays.

2 days ago I noticed that Kris went in Pam’s room just before meds I usually notice Kris coming out of Pam’s room after the meds person leaves, don’t see her going in, Kris hiding out in Pam’s room at med time shows they both know what they are doing is wrong.

The medication monitoring staff should be alert to Kris’ presence so very often. They are so comfortably with Kris practically or essentially living here that Kris often forgets to take her canes, jacket and bag into Pam’s bedroom while meds people are here. Medication people need to be alert and aware of the signs of another person living her or staying from morning meds until evening meds day after day.

Rules regarding “guests” need to be upheld.


2pm Kris and Pam watching TV laughing on couch

5:30pm Kris’ canes and bag by couch, Pam’s door is shut.

7:45PM After meds person leaves, Pam and Kris making large dinner in small kitchen.

Pam has been doing laundry all day, though she usually has expensive very large laundry bags in pretty colors and fabric which is why I noticed them and doesn’t throw her laundry on the floor, there have been several huge piles of clothes on the floor in front of the washer, one very big pile at a time but the all day the clothes are constantly changing, does she do Kris’ laundry here as well?

Is Kris living here unofficially?

Been noticing for more than a week when I turn corner to go into the bathroom, many, many clothes hanging on Pam’s closet door and knobs and draped over dresser in Pam’s bedroom, now piles of clothes on the floor by the washer.

8:43pm Pam and Kris laughing and talking on couch which faces the tiny kitchen, I feel uncomfortable trying to make my dinner and hard to concentrate in the constant party-type atmosphere. And not knowing what “unpleasant, critical” remark Pam will come up to me to make to show off to her friend while I am trying to concentrate on cooking MY dinner.

When Kris finally left after 10 pm while waiting for her cab or ride, there was a huge black square shaped cloth suitcase, and another large bag that made Kris’s knapsack look very small, Pam ran the washer/dryer all day with varying huge piles of clothes. I had only noticed Kris leaving once before, a few months ago, and I believe the same suitcase was there while Kris was calling for her taxi.

Pam had been complaining about my using the washer too much in a very insulting overbearing fashion.

Is it because Pam has reached the point of arrogancy that she denies a legal resident adequate use of the washer/dryer on free days that is LEGALLY mine to use for MY clothes????

I don’t think the Compliance Officer can be bribed by Pam giving her homemade elaborate cookies or other deserts.

I got very upset when Pam was passing a HUGE cookie sheet with desert to Ellen, medication monitoring person, over my head, there is enough room at the dining table for Pam to have placed the tray on Ellen’s right instead of passing it over MY HEAD, when I was sitting at the table and after Ellen spending a quite a bit of time talking to Pam, she continued talking to Ellen about the recipe and exotic items she puts in the cookies, it was my turn for Ellen’s undivided attention while I was supposed to be doing medication monitoring. Not the only time that Pam would continue to try to charm and talk to med person when they should have been concentrating on MY medication.

The Compliance Officer answers to the County Council and other funders who have specified this house if for THREE residents not FOUR.

And Kris should not be bagging Nourish Now food when Nicole Briscoe is telling me not to take so much food. I had only put two items in my bag and Kris and Pam, together again, were filling their bags to the top. It seems when Kris finally went home 2 or 3 days later, Pam packed up the two huge boxes of strawberries and other items for Kris to take home. If Kris is in the program at Cornerstone she still does not live in this house officially or legally.

My other housemate Janet is alternately intimidated, influenced (arm-twisted) and bribed with food and attention when Pam wants something otherwise Kris and Pam ignore her and have seen Janet sitting woebegone at her living room chair staring into space instead of watching the TV as she always does as Kris and Pam party on the couch and eat and eat and eat.

Janet has mentioned being very angry at Pam over some of the things she has done to her but Janet always asks me not to mention it to anyone, obviously because she doesn’t want the full force of the “TREATMENT” that Pam directs at me.

If Janet is interviewed to verify what I have written, it should not be with Pam in the house, even then I don’t know if Janet will feel free to speak but she has some bitter feelings to Pam. However, since both Janet and Pam heard what I said to Nicole about these things when I met with her on 5-19, just afterward Pam has been cozening up to Janet, watching TV with her and acting like her best friend which I haven’t seen in a while.

I REALLY think someone should look into Pam Gueron’s hidden sources of finances. Her very conspicuous consumption is really over the top. I estimate Pam spends well over $1,000 a month on luxury items. Each week in addition to very expensive large amounts of groceries, large packages of meat, all kinds of baking goods, and more and more she makes huge meals and the garbage bags are much heavier than used to be, I think she wastes a tremendous amount of this food, this is in addition to the Nourish Now which Pam has just started receiving, the meat from Food Pantries are packaged much differently from Giant Foods and the large packages of supermarket meats Pam cooks almost every day, more than even 2 people could eat.

I can barely afford to eat without buying meat, or buy batteries for camera, NO ONE I have seen at Cornerstone has anywhere near this kind of money, they might buy some luxury items like make up from an Avon-type lady, Gerda or Melissa Willard worked and would buy expensive clothes but not extremely luxurious items several times a week, every single week, week after week and MONTH AFTER MONTH.

Pam and Kris go shopping for clothes and more clothes, household items, pillows etc, quilting frames other crafts in new bags and several times a week they sit on couch and it seems to be Pam showing Kris her purchases and sometimes Pam shows the RCs. I used to think Pam was getting all this money from Kris but it is so much it seems that Pam has an extremely large source of money.

In addition to their continual shopping sprees for luxury items at least twice a week, often three times a week bringing home prepared food from restaurants and so on as well as expensive groceries that I have never seen another client buy anything like it, just talking about the food costs.

Pam receives mail order packages of expensive clothes about once a week, week after week month after month. With the Patriot Act and other banking information Acts it should be easy to find out Pam’s hidden financial sources which seem to be substantial and to see if she is paying enough for rent and other services. There are so many people who really NEED subsidized housing.

Or if she qualifies for subsidized housing, I thought Cornerstone was for low income, Pam does not work, it seems some of the money that she spends every week on luxury items could go to rent an apartment for Pam and Kris so they could live together legally and privately BOTH paying rent instead of trying to push out current residents who really need the Cornerstone Residential Program so Pam and Kris can live together in privacy at the taxpayers’ expense. Pam just got a 2nd batch of her expensive items she owned previous to her stay at the homeless shelter from storage. Some people enter homeless shelters briefly to get social workers to obtain housing when they have more than enough money to pay rent.

I have often wondered why Pam never stays overnight or has dinner at or comes back from shopping to Kris’ house but I think that other people living with Kris might object to another person not paying rent staying from early light to 10pm and beyond even occasionally much less the constant, constant presence of Kris in this Cornerstone property.

Possibly Kris lives in a homeless shelter, Pam said she herself moved here from a shelter. When she first told me that after she had been here a few weeks I thought it was amazing that Pam would be so arrogant just after receiving the gift of housing –throwing away the Valleywood property of 2 mops and a broom on HER FIRST DAY HERE and going on to throw away my food a short time later with the lame and lying excuse that it was black, not showing it to the RCs and I couldn’t because my food was gone and suborning Janet to throw away my week old lettuce and to back Pam up by saying the thrown away food was black, lettuce goes brown not black and the cauliflower was not black or that old nor could I prove it because it was GONE.

I kept reaching into the refrigerator and finding MY food missing, since Pam was using my shelf at that time hard to see. Once again Pam has begun storing so much food it the freezer I cannot store my food and her food keeps falling over on the ice trays, then to the floor but this time, so far, not on my head as it was doing. The food she is stuffing in the refrigerator is about to start falling on my feet again when I open the door. She used to scream and scream at me to open the refrigerator door gently so her food on the door with a broken rod did not fall out but until the rod was fixed it did not matter how gently I opened the door, Pam’s food would still fall out along with the broken rod on the refrigerator door.

I don’t know if Pam was in a war without sufficient food but I have never seen so much food even living with my mother, father and brother.

As I said, Pam does not work or participate in any of the Cornerstone Rehab programs, she just tries to prevent my working by her nasty comments and snares and the commotion of essentially having a 3rd roommate, 4 people in a house certified for 3.

Pam has asked Janet and I to shut the door when we go out to smoke because it bothers her, but when her friend Kris goes out to smoke Pam often goes with her and stands very close to Kris, Kris’ smoke obviously does not bother Pam. In the early morning Kris goes out to smoke alone before Pam wakes up. Hard for me to find privacy.

When she first moved in Pam offered again and again to make any food Janet or I wanted but when I offered to purchase the food for meals with food stamps apparently Pam just wanted cash and I declined again and again. There is more to this story but Janet asked me not to tell anyone when she used to complain to me about the things Pam was doing to her.

Either at the meeting with Keith and Nicole or an early meeting with Cameron, Pam said emphatically, “I am not trying to push you out.” that surprised me because I had not said or implied that and seemed incongruous to what was being talked about.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.” Proverbs

I think from the above abbreviated report of Pam’s harrassment that it seems very likely that she is/has been trying to push me out to make room for her friend Kris. If Pam is allowed to “push me out” she will go after Janet next or ANY other person living here so that PAM AND KRIS can take possession of this HUD house.

At the expense of people who really need the program and at the expense of taxpayers and other funders who believe their money is going to help people who really need it and who try to contribute something. Pam has tried to turn me against Janet when she was very ill and falling due to a urinary infection saying again and again that Janet “didn’t belong here.”

Some people go into homeless shelters briefly to get housing when they don’t REALLY need it with Pam’s constant displays of her wealth, I believe that there needs to be a financial investigation as well. I would estimate that Pam Gureon, housemate, spends $1,000 to $1,500 on luxury items EACH MONTH about 3 times a week, week after week, month after month for about the 6 months she has been here.

Cameron, Bel Pre house person, only shows up to have us sign off on the weekly paperwork and in a way I don’t blame him, in the first 3 real house meetings Pam would scream and accuse me of all sorts of ridiculous petty things and get hysterical and blaming me for petty things that she made sound like I caused the end of the world which would continue after Cameron left and I would usually just walk away or tell her that I would be making a complaint to the Compliance Officer, hard to know what to say when someone is so irrationally accusing you of nonsensical or petty things esp. when she has an audience.

Hard to get a handle on describing these things because they are so irrational, I believe now that it is and has been part of her agenda, she will not stop and is very forceful and like a bulldog. From the first I refused to argue with her and would tell her she could speak to the Compliance Officer after I filed a complaint and I wish so much that I had not waited so long, I tried very hard to get along with Pam and regret the time I wasted in suffering so much. I was not AWARE from the beginning what Pam’s game plan was and neither did Cameron or Nicole and probably Keith, but they left me utterly alone to deal with this wild abuse.

If there is any way to give my other housemate Janet Listou protection from Pam Gureon’s wrath, Janet has to live here 24/7 and Pam is extremely vindictive so that Janet can testify honestly to Pam and Kris cohabiting more than half of each month and the bullying the Janet has received from Pam, I would ask that it be done.

When I told Nicole Briscoe some of this, esp. about Kris living here illegally, on May 19th Nicole kept saying she didn’t keep up with house issues and that it was Cameron’s responsibility, as with my job coach, Keith does not work as a team but plays the blame game which allows for terrible problems and suffering for real client/patients. Most especially when a RAVENOUS WOLF in sheep’s clothing like Pam Gueron has been allowed into the Cornerstone Residential Program.

Jesus said to His disciples, “I send you out as lambs among RAVENING wolves. Be ye therefore as Wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.”

Some people think kindness is weakness.

I am still working on the WISE as serpents part.


I ask for your help in ending this harrassment so that I can have peace of mind to work on my art and to work with my job coach and to reduce the crowding in this house.

Thank you.

Linda Leonard


The Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ has washed over us,

And our gracious and holy God beckons and blesses us.

Drink deeply of these living waters


There will be a reckoning.


Vision of the Valley
Don Francisco, 1991

the vision came unbidden
at an unexpected pass
where the winds of change blew colder
whipping snow that cut like glass

but like an old man in regret
for foolish sins and wasted youth
the scene that lay before me
had no beauty save its truth

for the wind came down the mountain
never slowing never still
and the sheep were scattered shepherdless
alone across the hills

they were prey to ever beast that roamed
and entrapped by every curse
and they stumbled in their sickness
in their weakness and their thirst

below them in the valley
the polluted waters flowed
where the shepherds that were hirelings
and argued what was owed

the ambitious and abusive bragged
and they boasted on their might
and the profits from the slaughter
of the ones who could not fight

and the wind just kept on howling
as i cried oh Lord how long
will your people be the victims
of the ruthless proud and strong?

and at once there came an answer
in the quiet of my soul
the time has come for judgment
and to make the wounded whole

for my heart is still a shepherd’s heart
i know each one by name
the ragged and the beautiful
the healthy and the lame

and i myself will lead them out
and I’ll feed them on the best
in pastures by still waters
in a place of peace and rest

oh but woe unto the shepherds
who abuse my sheep and kill
with harshness and severity
you’ve bent them to your will

and today i am against you
as i take them from your hand
when the fire of judgment comes
the stubble will not stand

and darkness filled the valley
and i saw it take up form
screaming winds and fire and lightning
more than any earthly storm

where it passed were no survivors
for the land was cleansed and bare
but the streams flowed clear and purified
and the grass grew green and fair

i saw a man come walking
and his heart glowed like a flame
all the sheep began to run to him
he called each one by name

he spoke to them in gentle words
and soothed their fearful minds
and he healed the brokenhearted
and the crippled sick and blind

and many others like him
all with hearts that glowed the same
that before i hadn’t noticed
from the farms and fields they came

they weren’t famous wise or noble
but they spoke a common word
a word the flock could recognize
and follow when they heard

he led them in green pastures
by still waters in the light
standing guard against the wolves
and other creatures of the night

going out into the mountains
in the darkness and the cold
bringing back the lost and wounded
to the safety of the fold

and the news went out around the world
in every street and town
that something wonderful was here
that heaven had come down

and billions gave their hearts in trust
that long had been betrayed
and the bride at last was ready
and the trumpet call was made


Instead of fighting Pam from the beginning when she threw away my food and admitted it to Nicole and Keith in the meeting screaming that it was black and she had a right to throw it away. She never replaced my cauliflower wh ich was the only thing I mentioned though there had been more missing food, as they told her to though Janet replaced my lettuce. I did not want to get in the mess described above but was so happy to finally have a camera and to be learning about it the various settings and lighting and photographing my scrolls of sequences of gymnasts of which I have quite a few and selecting and preparing the hundreds of computer graphics paintings to upload in sequence, and trying to write about me work and make comments with my website url on gymnastics sites and my job coach Shane and I were going great guns on uploading my paintings to various sites and working on my business plan to sell my work online. I did not want to get involved in the mess I’ve described above, I pretty much knew I could not expect any help from Bel Pre, Pam does nothing worthwhile but eat and eat and shopaholic and try to turn my other housemate and the RCs against me, and bring her own (illegal) roommate to join her girl gang, to help her in her trouble-making, tormenting me trying to prevent me from doing something worthwhile.


We have all met people who waste others time and resources that can’t be replaced. There must be compliance with laws and rules to keep ALL clients safe and productive. It has taken an enormous amount of time from my artwork to write this not to mention the months of trying to work with Pam constantly tearing me down and living with a 4th person in a small house.

I had to stop taking pictures of my work a few weeks ago when Pam came in the room where I was working and started screaming about the washer making too much noise and I rearranged the clothes around in the washer but she was out of control screaming, like a parent, didn’t I hear it so why didn’t I move the clothes before, on and on and I felt too sick to continue and went to lie down to recover from this out of control over the top aggressive woman. I knew I would have to start writing about her abuse because Keith would do nothing and essentially I have been without an RC since last autumn. Clients should have a form to sign off on RC meetings so they are not without any REAL help or meetings.

I am going to try to work with Tessa’s group one or two times a month, if she will allow me to try it out before making a commitment but I do need money for expenses with selling my prints and paintings online and sold one painting at the Radner show with Tessa’s group. Vanessa told me that Tessa has artists in the community giving lectures and teaching her group and when we went online to this partnership group, one of my pastel paintings was the first art shown. Though Tessa did not ask my permission, I was still very glad to have my work showing anywhere. Tessa also selected the same pastel painting in the previous years calendar.

I am half finished with a painting that I HAD been working on of a very famous 80’s gymnast, Aurelia Dobre, who has a gymnastic studio in Gaithersburg and I was hoping to ask her to hang it in her studio as I did at Specs Gymnastics in Reston where I would get offers of commission of the children who were training there.

At State-Run Homes, Abuse and Impunity – The New York Times

Mar 11, 2011 · Decades after New York emptied its warehouses for the disabled, the current network of small group homes operates with scant oversight and few consequences

June 8 when I finished evening meds with Nila, I tried to get something out of my food box but someone had placed a half full coffee cup on it, a strange choice when the dining room table is less than 2 feet away. My food box is about 1 ½ feet off the floor and Janet has a hard time bending down.

When I meet with Marissa Gillum and my therapist Paula Weiss and possibly the head of the Residential Program Nicole Burke will be there, the most important thing to mention will be how the allowing of massive bullying in the residences with the Rehab Counselors being given no training in handling bullying situations or a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullies leads to a string of problems and failures by peaceful clients who are so anguished and messed up by bullies acting out their issues on them and then some.

The Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Coach Program is affected, as are clients abilities to function and cook healthy meals and bathe much less clean with 24/7 harrassment from UNCONTRAINED BULLIES. In a meeting a year ago with one of the top officials at Cornerstone who had been there less than a year and Dr. Parveen and Nicole Burke, the official said she was trying to change the agency culture but mentioned not specifics. The bullying problem continues and the bully continues to get worse and worse which creates situations of intimidation and potential for violence.

The root problem must be addressed not just picking at the branches.

The Bully Problem in the Residences must be addressed, it is equally or more important than the physical maintenance of the houses. Nothing will change until the Residential Head and other Administration Officials institute a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR BULLIES and training for managers and rehabilitation workers on how to handle these situations especially at Medication Monitoring and weekly House Meetings where bullies use staff as an audience for their bullying one or more of their scapegoats and the RCs and managers CLEARLY are not trained in how to handle it.

It should not be a pass the buck situation any longer of blaming house meeting persons or RCs or even managers, UPPER MANAGEMENT is responsible for setting this policy and giving adequate training and support and the sure and immediate suspension of bullies to try to dial back THIS TERRIBLE ONGOING PROBLEM which has not to my knowledge ever been addressed and wastes the time, effort and money of Rehab programs including Vocational Rehabilitation. There is a TREMENDOUS WASTE of the human potential of peaceful clients and the money of the ones who fund the programs at Cornerstone, Montgomery.

Bullies are very easy to identify, the problem is in policy and training.

As long as Cornerstone, Montgomery does not have any protocols in place for dealing with bullies, many quiet, diligent but low personality clients who could succeed and be a good advertisement will continue to fail and some die, from depression, not eating. And clinicians have a much harder road than they would have. My life and the artwork I could have produced and prepared for sale would have been much, much different if I had not had to contend with outrageous bullying and no help whatever from staff or administration.

Notice at least three women accused the FEMALE attorney of going out of their way to mistreat them? That is EXACTLY why I was afraid of trial. 168 women guaranteed ONE of them had a dark secret to expose & if NOT just make up a dark secret

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