Pam’s Astonishing Wealth-Housing for Poor?

Pam seems to have a great deal of money despite her protestations of poverty. Very expensive and extensive groceries each week. After making me move my clothes from the coat closet, Pam took over the linen closet, threw away all the linens without asking anyone and has her catering quality cooking items and extensive food stored there in what is supposed to be shared space as linen closet, as well as taking up large space in the freezer and large storage box I gave her, filled with more food with many food items on top of box.

I have photos of the food and culinary equipment in the linen closet and after my therapist Paula Weiss helped me to get a cellphone took photos of the SUPPOSED SHARED SPACE LINEN closet which I showed to Nicole in one of the few meetings that I have had with Nicole Briscoe since last fall.

This meeting was about two weeks after the meeting with Keith and Nicole over Pam throwing away MY FOOD, I asked to meet with Nicole privately and she drove her car a half a block away and asked if it was really important to me that Pam had thrown away ALL of the Valleywood household linens and Pam was using the linen closet to store her food and culinary equipment. Thereafter, Nicole did her best to avoid me, and in the one meeting I insisted on about 2 ½ months ago Nicole stayed for less than 5 minutes brushed off my requests to help with a replacement phone that I lost in a cab after spending hours in the library uploading my paintings and computer graphics.

When I spoke of it, Janet told me that ALL the linens in the LINEN CLOSET “were rags.” Apparently she was quoting Pam. The household linens were NOT rags, they were not brand new but were like the linens in the LINEN closets in the townhouses but apparently Nicole and Keith and the house person Cameron who I also told before the linens were thrown out but still in the garbage bag along with other garbage bags of items left behind by previous clients in the coat closet accepted that every stitch of the HOUSEHOLD LINENS were okay for Pam to throw out to make room for her stuff in the LINEN closet just because Pam claimed they were rags. Pam should have to go to thrift stores to replace the Cornerstone PROPERTY she threw away and to vacate the LINEN closet she took over. Pam seems to have way too much money to be living in subsidized housing and a rich person’s outlook to live in housing meant for those trying to struggle out of poverty.

For a while Pam was repeatedly putting sacks of flour and other things on the box I use to store food, I need to go into box several times a day due to a field mouse sometimes coming inside, my bread and cereal is in there which I told Pam, I would place the eggs, boxes of butter and cream cheese, bags of flour and sugar et al belonging to Pam that she repeatedly put on my food box, on the dining room table one foot away from my food box–though I asked her repeatedly to stop.

When she put her large expensive new-looking laptop on my food box, it was charging and the outlet was by the dining table leg and CLOSER that Pam irrationally charging her new laptop on my foodbox, I didn’t want to touch the laptop and possibly be accused of breaking it so I took a photo, Janet saw me and later said, “Pam feels just terrible that she forgot about not putting things on your box.” this after several weeks of requesting that she stop piling things on top of my food box. No previous apology.

Just why would Pam need to put her laptop on my food box when there is a dining room table WITH chairs about a foot away????? even closer to the outlet for charging???

Constant, constant HARASSMENT – more “petty” incidents than I can possibly mention, always testing me to see my response and how much she can get away with.

By allowing Pam not to replace my food which she had thrown away and even more by letting her get away with throwing away ALL the linens that belonged to Valleywood/CORNERSTONE PROPERTY and TAKING OVER THE SHARED SPACE OF THE LINEN CLOSET to store her food and culinary items in what is supposed to be shared space for linens, Nicole gave Pam carte blanc to continue to harass me and do anything that came into her head and Pam is still ratcheting up her harassment to prove she can get away with anything she wants.

Pam is a very intimidating person, very intelligent, very savvy and goes between charming and giving away elaborate cookies and deserts and extreme aggression. Apparently Keith and Nicole have not wanted to deal with her but I am supposed to have sit down meetings with my RC on a regular basis, that is why there is so much backed up stuff, and if Pam was arrogant at first in throwing things away that did not belong to her she is unbearable now that she thinks she can do anything, anything she wants.

Nicole has taken me to the surgeon but has me sit in the back seat and is obviously not interested in discussing anything, even medical and I have been too anxious about the hernia surgery I need to force talk about Pam’s harassment and apparently live-in friend on those occasions plus I am tired of being snubbed or sloughed off and I think my job coach Shane Senior is as well as Vanessa was before him. I have a camera now for my work but my PC is broken and my laptop is struggling.

I could save the money to get another laptop at Phoenix but as with Vanessa, my new job coach is very unhappy about being told that everything is his responsibility not Nicole’s and I am tired of doing without and my job coaches telling me every week it is my RCs responsibility and I am batted back and forth like a ping pong ball and nothing ever gets done. I need only 3 or so things for selling my art, I need paperwork from an RC to do the things needed for my art business and this has gone on far too long.

Marissa, when you came for the pre-inspection I told you that I needed to talk with you about some problems and you gave me your card, I knew that it would be wasted effort to continue to try to meet with Nicole or to get Keith to do anything but I have felt too sick and exhausted to try to write up the constant jibs and other things especially with Pam and Kris constantly here and Pam testing to see how much she can get away with and no phone except for one month and trying to get Nicole to meet with me, I am intimidated by Pam as well and thought I had to get used to having a fourth person living here, did not feel up to writing or fighting for things that should be the responsibility of Bel Pre staff and supervisor TO KEEP UP WITH these problems that were obviously just going to get worse and to help me handle.


Much, much more money and shopping trips and expensive meats and meals for two and large boxes and boxes of canned cola stacked up and boxes always falling over, so hard to pull out chair for meds.

Did Pam give Kris a key to our house?

Fairly often see Kris early in the morning, recently when Janet was in the hospital about two weeks ago, Kris was again playing with her cellphone on our small couch it was very early in the morning, just after light and Pam’s door was half open, and Kris said she guessed she was going to have to wake Pam up, it didn’t look like she was going to get up on her own.

Kris using Valleywood property as her rightful home has become so engrained she forgot to try to be discreet and stay hidden as much as possible during off hours.

I had thought before that Kris was staying overnight because often esp. in evening when thought Kris had left, she would rush out of Pam’s room and often is here very, very early in the morning, having a cigarette in the back yard or sitting on couch and I didn’t let her in so how did Kris get in the house? Kris often stays til 9 or 10 pm at night and sometimes it seems overnight. The bathroom I use is next to Pam’s bedroom door and am shocked that Kris is still there and almost run into her when I leave the bathroom.

When Janet came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago, I asked if she thought that Kris stayed overnight and Janet said no, she just comes very early in the morning but Kris also stays often until dinnertime and beyond.

Kris and Pam again ordered pizza tonight, three large boxes and several boxes of other items from pizza place though Janet was eating some of the pizza, Kris and Pam ordered pizza last week when Janet was in hospital, the money Pam has is incredible.

Several times a week, around dinnertime, a party atmosphere, sometimes earlier, other times on the same day, they retreat to Pam’s room and stay hours and hours, sometimes Kris takes her crutches and bag in Pam’s room, other times leaves them by couch because they realize the med people won’t notice them. Kris apparently needs the very tall canes to get from the car to the house but doesn’t use them in the house, seems to walk comfortably without them, Kris is very tall with a deep voice so it is a shock when I come out of bathroom to almost run into her rushing out of Pam’s bedroom at all hours when I thought Kris had left for the day.

For a long time I have thought that Kris is an unofficial 3rd housemate. Adds to confusion and this house is too small for 4 people and I never know what to expect from the two of them. The house at 12902 Valleywood Drive is certified/licensed for 3 people to be living here, not four.

I will start keeping a record of how many days per week Kris is here and how long she stays.

2 days ago I noticed that Kris went in Pam’s room just before meds I usually notice Kris coming out of Pam’s room after the meds person leaves, don’t see her going in, Kris hiding out in Pam’s room at med time shows they both know what they are doing is wrong.

The medication monitoring staff should be alert to Kris’ presence so very often. They are so comfortably with Kris practically or essentially living here that Kris often forgets to take her canes, jacket and bag into Pam’s bedroom while meds people are here. Medication people need to be alert and aware of the signs of another person living her or staying from morning meds until evening meds day after day.

Rules regarding “guests” need to be upheld.


2pm Kris and Pam watching TV laughing on couch

5:30pm Kris’ canes and bag by couch, Pam’s door is shut.

7:45PM After meds person leaves, Pam and Kris making large dinner in small kitchen.

Pam has been doing laundry all day, though she usually has expensive very large laundry bags in pretty colors and fabric which is why I noticed them and doesn’t throw her laundry on the floor, there have been several huge piles of clothes on the floor in front of the washer, one very big pile at a time but the all day the clothes are constantly changing, does she do Kris’ laundry here as well?

Is Kris living here unofficially?

Been noticing for more than a week when I turn corner to go into the bathroom, many, many clothes hanging on Pam’s closet door and knobs and draped over dresser in Pam’s bedroom, now piles of clothes on the floor by the washer.

8:43pm Pam and Kris laughing and talking on couch which faces the tiny kitchen, I feel uncomfortable trying to make my dinner and hard to concentrate in the constant party-type atmosphere. And not knowing what “unpleasant, critical” remark Pam will come up to me to make to show off to her friend while I am trying to concentrate on cooking MY dinner.

When Kris finally left after 10 pm while waiting for her cab or ride, there was a huge black square shaped cloth suitcase, and another large bag that made Kris’s knapsack look very small, Pam ran the washer/dryer all day with varying huge piles of clothes. I had only noticed Kris leaving once before, a few months ago, and I believe the same suitcase was there while Kris was calling for her taxi.

Pam had been complaining about my using the washer too much in a very insulting overbearing fashion.

Is it because Pam has reached the point of arrogancy that she denies a legal resident adequate use of the washer/dryer on free days that is LEGALLY mine to use for MY clothes????

I don’t think the Compliance Officer can be bribed by Pam giving her homemade elaborate cookies or other deserts.

I got very upset when Pam was passing a HUGE cookie sheet with desert to Ellen, medication monitoring person, over my head, there is enough room at the dining table for Pam to have placed the tray on Ellen’s right instead of passing it over MY HEAD, when I was sitting at the table and after Ellen spending a quite a bit of time talking to Pam, she continued talking to Ellen about the recipe and exotic items she puts in the cookies, it was my turn for Ellen’s undivided attention while I was supposed to be doing medication monitoring. Not the only time that Pam would continue to try to charm and talk to med person when they should have been concentrating on MY medication.

The Compliance Officer answers to the County Council and other funders who have specified this house if for THREE residents not FOUR.

And Kris should not be bagging Nourish Now food when Nicole Briscoe is telling me not to take so much food. I had only put two items in my bag and Kris and Pam, together again, were filling their bags to the top. It seems when Kris finally went home 2 or 3 days later, Pam packed up the two huge boxes of strawberries and other items for Kris to take home. If Kris is in the program at Cornerstone she still does not live in this house officially or legally.

My other housemate Janet is alternately intimidated, influenced (arm-twisted) and bribed with food and attention when Pam wants something otherwise Kris and Pam ignore her and have seen Janet sitting woebegone at her living room chair staring into space instead of watching the TV as she always does as Kris and Pam party on the couch and eat and eat and eat.

Janet has mentioned being very angry at Pam over some of the things she has done to her but Janet always asks me not to mention it to anyone, obviously because she doesn’t want the full force of the “TREATMENT” that Pam directs at me.

If Janet is interviewed to verify what I have written, it should not be with Pam in the house, even then I don’t know if Janet will feel free to speak but she has some bitter feelings to Pam. However, since both Janet and Pam heard what I said to Nicole about these things when I met with her on 5-19, just afterward Pam has been cozening up to Janet, watching TV with her and acting like her best friend which I haven’t seen in a while.

I REALLY think someone should look into Pam Gueron’s hidden sources of finances. Her very conspicuous consumption is really over the top. I estimate Pam spends well over $1,000 a month on luxury items. Each week in addition to very expensive large amounts of groceries, large packages of meat, all kinds of baking goods, and more and more she makes huge meals and the garbage bags are much heavier than used to be, I think she wastes a tremendous amount of this food, this is in addition to the Nourish Now which Pam has just started receiving, the meat from Food Pantries are packaged much differently from Giant Foods and the large packages of supermarket meats Pam cooks almost every day, more than even 2 people could eat.

I can barely afford to eat without buying meat, or buy batteries for camera, NO ONE I have seen at Cornerstone has anywhere near this kind of money, they might buy some luxury items like make up from an Avon-type lady, Gerda or Melissa Willard worked and would buy expensive clothes but not extremely luxurious items several times a week, every single week, week after week and MONTH AFTER MONTH.

Pam and Kris go shopping for clothes and more clothes, household items, pillows etc, quilting frames other crafts in new bags and several times a week they sit on couch and it seems to be Pam showing Kris her purchases and sometimes Pam shows the RCs. I used to think Pam was getting all this money from Kris but it is so much it seems that Pam has an extremely large source of money.

In addition to their continual shopping sprees for luxury items at least twice a week, often three times a week bringing home prepared food from restaurants and so on as well as expensive groceries that I have never seen another client buy anything like it, just talking about the food costs.

Pam receives mail order packages of expensive clothes about once a week, week after week month after month. With the Patriot Act and other banking information Acts it should be easy to find out Pam’s hidden financial sources which seem to be substantial and to see if she is paying enough for rent and other services. There are so many people who really NEED subsidized housing.

Or if she qualifies for subsidized housing, I thought Cornerstone was for low income, Pam does not work, it seems some of the money that she spends every week on luxury items could go to rent an apartment for Pam and Kris so they could live together legally and privately BOTH paying rent instead of trying to push out current residents who really need the Cornerstone Residential Program so Pam and Kris can live together in privacy at the taxpayers’ expense. Pam just got a 2nd batch of her expensive items she owned previous to her stay at the homeless shelter from storage. Some people enter homeless shelters briefly to get social workers to obtain housing when they have more than enough money to pay rent.

I have often wondered why Pam never stays overnight or has dinner at or comes back from shopping to Kris’ house but I think that other people living with Kris might object to another person not paying rent staying from early light to 10pm and beyond even occasionally much less the constant, constant presence of Kris in this Cornerstone property.

Possibly Kris lives in a homeless shelter, Pam said she herself moved here from a shelter. When she first told me that after she had been here a few weeks I thought it was amazing that Pam would be so arrogant just after receiving the gift of housing –throwing away the Valleywood property of 2 mops and a broom on HER FIRST DAY HERE and going on to throw away my food a short time later with the lame and lying excuse that it was black, not showing it to the RCs and I couldn’t because my food was gone and suborning Janet to throw away my week old lettuce and to back Pam up by saying the thrown away food was black, lettuce goes brown not black and the cauliflower was not black or that old nor could I prove it because it was GONE.

I kept reaching into the refrigerator and finding MY food missing, since Pam was using my shelf at that time hard to see. Once again Pam has begun storing so much food it the freezer I cannot store my food and her food keeps falling over on the ice trays, then to the floor but this time, so far, not on my head as it was doing. The food she is stuffing in the refrigerator is about to start falling on my feet again when I open the door. She used to scream and scream at me to open the refrigerator door gently so her food on the door with a broken rod did not fall out but until the rod was fixed it did not matter how gently I opened the door, Pam’s food would still fall out along with the broken rod on the refrigerator door.

I don’t know if Pam was in a war without sufficient food but I have never seen so much food even living with my mother, father and brother.

As I said, Pam does not work or participate in any of the Cornerstone Rehab programs, she just tries to prevent my working by her nasty comments and snares and the commotion of essentially having a 3rd roommate, 4 people in a house certified for 3.

Pam has asked Janet and I to shut the door when we go out to smoke because it bothers her, but when her friend Kris goes out to smoke Pam often goes with her and stands very close to Kris, Kris’ smoke obviously does not bother Pam. In the early morning Kris goes out to smoke alone before Pam wakes up. Hard for me to find privacy.

When she first moved in Pam offered again and again to make any food Janet or I wanted but when I offered to purchase the food for meals with food stamps apparently Pam just wanted cash and I declined again and again. There is more to this story but Janet asked me not to tell anyone when she used to complain to me about the things Pam was doing to her.

Either at the meeting with Keith and Nicole or an early meeting with Cameron, Pam said emphatically, “I am not trying to push you out.” that surprised me because I had not said or implied that and seemed incongruous to what was being talked about.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.” Proverbs

I think from the above abbreviated report of Pam’s harrassment that it seems very likely that she is/has been trying to push me out to make room for her friend Kris. If Pam is allowed to “push me out” she will go after Janet next or ANY other person living here so that PAM AND KRIS can take possession of this HUD house.

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