Sick and Sadistic things done to me when got home from hospital by Pam and Keith

The things done to me when got home from hospital by Pam and Keith – Keith and Cameron were eating Pam’s cookies fresh out of the oven and ignoring me while we waited for oxygen truck.  Keith would not have been there at all although the caseworker at Holy Cross said I at least had to have someone meet me at the cab, Keith bullied her and HE said on phone did not have to so called Marisa Gillum Compliance to say had no food because Nicole Briscoe my purpored RC could not get me the financial information and accounting won’t send it to a client “Don’t you have an RC?” from May to October I could not recertify for Call n Ride which has made me independent to get my groceries myself and not take one minute of time from Keith Ellis supervisor.

Though I had $100 in foodstamps could not use them either before or after hospital had gotten very ill trying to take bus in the heat with much walking.

I had been vomiting because all I had was pasta which is usually okay but was so sick with chills and fever for several days.  Nicole Briscoe and other of Keith’s henchmen get you off the phone withing 2  seconds.  Mr. Ellis takes it as a personal affront if he or any of the staff he controls helps or spends time with clients instead of amusing him.

Pam started blocking the counter so that I could not get anything to eat.  When I washed the linens I had thrown up on a week before Pam started screaming at me to get my cloths out of the washing machine.

Nicole Briscoe had not even shut my window or turned out the lights much less helped with washing linens.  Janet Listou’s RC straightens up her room in her many hospitalizations.

Pam would even straddle my oxygen tube so I couldn’t get back to my room from the bathroom.  The things she did to me are so sick and sadistic I still cannot write about it though called Marisa Compliance officer and though Nicole Briscoe had again been missing in action did not visit in hospital or call, only came charging through bedroom door second day I was home saying to call her at the office not Marissa but calling Ms. Briscoe is a total waste of time.








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