Stealing HUD House from Lawful Residents

As I said, Pam does not work or participate in any of the Cornerstone Rehab programs, she just tries to prevent my working by her nasty comments and snares and the commotion of essentially having a 3rd roommate, 4 people in a house certified for 3.

Pam has asked Janet and I to shut the door when we go out to smoke because it bothers her, but when her friend Kris goes out to smoke Pam often goes with her and stands very close to Kris, Kris’ smoke obviously does not bother Pam. In the early morning Kris goes out to smoke alone before Pam wakes up. Hard for me to find privacy.

When she first moved in Pam offered again and again to make any food Janet or I wanted but when I offered to purchase the food for meals with food stamps apparently Pam just wanted cash and I declined again and again. There is more to this story but Janet asked me not to tell anyone when she used to complain to me about the things Pam was doing to her.

Either at the meeting with Keith and Nicole or an early meeting with Cameron, Pam said emphatically, “I am not trying to push you out.” that surprised me because I had not said or implied that and seemed incongruous to what was being talked about.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.” Proverbs

I think from the above abbreviated report of Pam’s harrassment that it seems very likely that she is/has been trying to push me out to make room for her friend Kris. If Pam is allowed to “push me out” she will go after Janet next or ANY other person living here so that PAM AND KRIS can take possession of this HUD house.

At the expense of people who really need the program and at the expense of taxpayers and other funders who believe their money is going to help people who really need it and who try to contribute something. Pam has tried to turn me against Janet when she was very ill and falling due to a urinary infection saying again and again that Janet “didn’t belong here.”

Some people go into homeless shelters briefly to get housing when they don’t REALLY need it with Pam’s constant displays of her wealth, I believe that there needs to be a financial investigation as well. I would estimate that Pam Gureon, housemate, spends $1,000 to $1,500 on luxury items EACH MONTH about 3 times a week, week after week, month after month for about the 6 months she has been here.

Cameron, Bel Pre house person, only shows up to have us sign off on the weekly paperwork and in a way I don’t blame him, in the first 3 real house meetings Pam would scream and accuse me of all sorts of ridiculous petty things and get hysterical and blaming me for petty things that she made sound like I caused the end of the world which would continue after Cameron left and I would usually just walk away or tell her that I would be making a complaint to the Compliance Officer, hard to know what to say when someone is so irrationally accusing you of nonsensical or petty things esp. when she has an audience.

Hard to get a handle on describing these things because they are so irrational, I believe now that it is and has been part of her agenda, she will not stop and is very forceful and like a bulldog. From the first I refused to argue with her and would tell her she could speak to the Compliance Officer after I filed a complaint and I wish so much that I had not waited so long, I tried very hard to get along with Pam and regret the time I wasted in suffering so much. I was not AWARE from the beginning what Pam’s game plan was and neither did Cameron or Nicole and probably Keith, but they left me utterly alone to deal with this wild abuse.

If there is any way to give my other housemate Janet Listou protection from Pam Gureon’s wrath, Janet has to live here 24/7 and Pam is extremely vindictive so that Janet can testify honestly to Pam and Kris cohabiting more than half of each month and the bullying the Janet has received from Pam, I would ask that it be done.

When I told Nicole Briscoe some of this, esp. about Kris living here illegally, on May 19th Nicole kept saying she didn’t keep up with house issues and that it was Cameron’s responsibility, as with my job coach, Keith does not work as a team but plays the blame game which allows for terrible problems and suffering for real client/patients. Most especially when a RAVENOUS WOLF in sheep’s clothing like Pam Gueron has been allowed into the Cornerstone Residential Program.

Jesus said to His disciples, “I send you out as lambs among RAVENING wolves. Be ye therefore as Wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.”

Some people think kindness is weakness.

I am still working on the WISE as serpents part.


I ask for your help in ending this harrassment so that I can have peace of mind to work on my art and to work with my job coach and to reduce the crowding in this house.

Thank you.

Linda Leonard


The Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ has washed over us,

And our gracious and holy God beckons and blesses us.

Drink deeply of these living waters


There will be a reckoning.


Vision of the Valley
Don Francisco, 1991

the vision came unbidden
at an unexpected pass
where the winds of change blew colder
whipping snow that cut like glass

but like an old man in regret
for foolish sins and wasted youth
the scene that lay before me
had no beauty save its truth

for the wind came down the mountain
never slowing never still
and the sheep were scattered shepherdless
alone across the hills

they were prey to ever beast that roamed
and entrapped by every curse
and they stumbled in their sickness
in their weakness and their thirst

below them in the valley
the polluted waters flowed
where the shepherds that were hirelings
and argued what was owed

the ambitious and abusive bragged
and they boasted on their might
and the profits from the slaughter
of the ones who could not fight

and the wind just kept on howling
as i cried oh Lord how long
will your people be the victims
of the ruthless proud and strong?

and at once there came an answer
in the quiet of my soul
the time has come for judgment
and to make the wounded whole

for my heart is still a shepherd’s heart
i know each one by name
the ragged and the beautiful
the healthy and the lame

and i myself will lead them out
and I’ll feed them on the best
in pastures by still waters
in a place of peace and rest

oh but woe unto the shepherds
who abuse my sheep and kill
with harshness and severity
you’ve bent them to your will

and today i am against you
as i take them from your hand
when the fire of judgment comes
the stubble will not stand

and darkness filled the valley
and i saw it take up form
screaming winds and fire and lightning
more than any earthly storm

where it passed were no survivors
for the land was cleansed and bare
but the streams flowed clear and purified
and the grass grew green and fair

i saw a man come walking
and his heart glowed like a flame
all the sheep began to run to him
he called each one by name

he spoke to them in gentle words
and soothed their fearful minds
and he healed the brokenhearted
and the crippled sick and blind

and many others like him
all with hearts that glowed the same
that before i hadn’t noticed
from the farms and fields they came

they weren’t famous wise or noble
but they spoke a common word
a word the flock could recognize
and follow when they heard

he led them in green pastures
by still waters in the light
standing guard against the wolves
and other creatures of the night

going out into the mountains
in the darkness and the cold
bringing back the lost and wounded
to the safety of the fold

and the news went out around the world
in every street and town
that something wonderful was here
that heaven had come down

and billions gave their hearts in trust
that long had been betrayed
and the bride at last was ready
and the trumpet call was made


Instead of fighting Pam from the beginning when she threw away my food and admitted it to Nicole and Keith in the meeting screaming that it was black and she had a right to throw it away. She never replaced my cauliflower wh ich was the only thing I mentioned though there had been more missing food, as they told her to though Janet replaced my lettuce. I did not want to get in the mess described above but was so happy to finally have a camera and to be learning about it the various settings and lighting and photographing my scrolls of sequences of gymnasts of which I have quite a few and selecting and preparing the hundreds of computer graphics paintings to upload in sequence, and trying to write about me work and make comments with my website url on gymnastics sites and my job coach Shane and I were going great guns on uploading my paintings to various sites and working on my business plan to sell my work online. I did not want to get involved in the mess I’ve described above, I pretty much knew I could not expect any help from Bel Pre, Pam does nothing worthwhile but eat and eat and shopaholic and try to turn my other housemate and the RCs against me, and bring her own (illegal) roommate to join her girl gang, to help her in her trouble-making, tormenting me trying to prevent me from doing something worthwhile.


We have all met people who waste others time and resources that can’t be replaced. There must be compliance with laws and rules to keep ALL clients safe and productive. It has taken an enormous amount of time from my artwork to write this not to mention the months of trying to work with Pam constantly tearing me down and living with a 4th person in a small house.

I had to stop taking pictures of my work a few weeks ago when Pam came in the room where I was working and started screaming about the washer making too much noise and I rearranged the clothes around in the washer but she was out of control screaming, like a parent, didn’t I hear it so why didn’t I move the clothes before, on and on and I felt too sick to continue and went to lie down to recover from this out of control over the top aggressive woman. I knew I would have to start writing about her abuse because Keith would do nothing and essentially I have been without an RC since last autumn. Clients should have a form to sign off on RC meetings so they are not without any REAL help or meetings.

I am going to try to work with Tessa’s group one or two times a month, if she will allow me to try it out before making a commitment but I do need money for expenses with selling my prints and paintings online and sold one painting at the Radner show with Tessa’s group. Vanessa told me that Tessa has artists in the community giving lectures and teaching her group and when we went online to this partnership group, one of my pastel paintings was the first art shown. Though Tessa did not ask my permission, I was still very glad to have my work showing anywhere. Tessa also selected the same pastel painting in the previous years calendar.

I am half finished with a painting that I HAD been working on of a very famous 80’s gymnast, Aurelia Dobre, who has a gymnastic studio in Gaithersburg and I was hoping to ask her to hang it in her studio as I did at Specs Gymnastics in Reston where I would get offers of commission of the children who were training there.

At State-Run Homes, Abuse and Impunity – The New York Times

Mar 11, 2011 · Decades after New York emptied its warehouses for the disabled, the current network of small group homes operates with scant oversight and few consequences

June 8 when I finished evening meds with Nila, I tried to get something out of my food box but someone had placed a half full coffee cup on it, a strange choice when the dining room table is less than 2 feet away. My food box is about 1 ½ feet off the floor and Janet has a hard time bending down.

When I meet with Marissa Gillum and my therapist Paula Weiss and possibly the head of the Residential Program Nicole Burke will be there, the most important thing to mention will be how the allowing of massive bullying in the residences with the Rehab Counselors being given no training in handling bullying situations or a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullies leads to a string of problems and failures by peaceful clients who are so anguished and messed up by bullies acting out their issues on them and then some.

The Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Coach Program is affected, as are clients abilities to function and cook healthy meals and bathe much less clean with 24/7 harrassment from UNCONTRAINED BULLIES. In a meeting a year ago with one of the top officials at Cornerstone who had been there less than a year and Dr. Parveen and Nicole Burke, the official said she was trying to change the agency culture but mentioned not specifics. The bullying problem continues and the bully continues to get worse and worse which creates situations of intimidation and potential for violence.

The root problem must be addressed not just picking at the branches.

The Bully Problem in the Residences must be addressed, it is equally or more important than the physical maintenance of the houses. Nothing will change until the Residential Head and other Administration Officials institute a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR BULLIES and training for managers and rehabilitation workers on how to handle these situations especially at Medication Monitoring and weekly House Meetings where bullies use staff as an audience for their bullying one or more of their scapegoats and the RCs and managers CLEARLY are not trained in how to handle it.

It should not be a pass the buck situation any longer of blaming house meeting persons or RCs or even managers, UPPER MANAGEMENT is responsible for setting this policy and giving adequate training and support and the sure and immediate suspension of bullies to try to dial back THIS TERRIBLE ONGOING PROBLEM which has not to my knowledge ever been addressed and wastes the time, effort and money of Rehab programs including Vocational Rehabilitation. There is a TREMENDOUS WASTE of the human potential of peaceful clients and the money of the ones who fund the programs at Cornerstone, Montgomery.

Bullies are very easy to identify, the problem is in policy and training.

As long as Cornerstone, Montgomery does not have any protocols in place for dealing with bullies, many quiet, diligent but low personality clients who could succeed and be a good advertisement will continue to fail and some die, from depression, not eating. And clinicians have a much harder road than they would have. My life and the artwork I could have produced and prepared for sale would have been much, much different if I had not had to contend with outrageous bullying and no help whatever from staff or administration.

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