Was on Oxygen Holy Cross Said it was for short time but Mr. Ellis Used It to Move me into Inappropriate Setting

No matter how loud Pam screams and bellows she cannot turn the Truth into lie or a lie into the TRUTH.

Woe unto those who put evil for good and good for evil.”

1:45pm June 7, 2017 Kris’ canes propped against dining room table, Pam’s bedroom store partly shut

6:23pm June 7, 2017 Kris still here, Pam ordered several pizzas, on couch eating.

I would estimate that Pam Gureon, housemate, spends $1,000 to $1,500 on luxury items EACH MONTH about 3 times a week, week after week, month after month for about 6 months. There is no way she could qualify for food stamps or subsidized housing. An investigation needs to be made about Pam’s significant financial assets, it is way beyond spend-down. There are so many people who are really in need of housing.

12:02am June 4, 2017 Kris, Pam’s friend who has been illegally living at 12902 Valleywood Drive, 20906, HUD HOUSE managed by Cornerstone for much of each month for about 6 months including overnight, is here again, her canes are propped against dining table.

7:30 pm June 4, 2017 Kris walked across the living room into Pam’s bedroom as I was pulling in 2 bags of groceries after I spent all day at Panera with a very slow wifi connection sending the following complaint to Marissa Gillum, Compliance Officer, and expanded complaint of the one I sent 2 weeks ago with nothing having been done.

Janet Listou, other housemate in her late 50s, looked very frail and ill, usually even when she gets home from many hospital stays bounces back, I think from the commotion of having Kris and Pam partying on couch in small house, Janet likes to sit in easy chair in living room and Pam’s heavy duty sales pitches of hate against me. Janet sides with Pam but is basically an honest person and is not a mean person. So in addition to her ongoing severe medical problems she has to put up with Pam working on her alternately bullying and offer food and friendship to get her to say that Kris is not here that often and many other untrue things. Pam is the hardest of hard salespersons.

6:30pm June 5, 2017 Janet called the ambulance again to go back to the hospital. God bless her and heal Janet.

June 2, 2017

Dear Ms. Gillum,

I would like to request a meeting with you as soon as possible. I have suffered retribution from the complaint that I made and I am stuck here without a phone. LEGALLY all the Cornerstone houses are supposed to have WORKING phones. My purported RC Nicole Briscoe whom I spoke with today refused again to take me to the office to make phone calls. Our house phone has been going in and out mostly not working at all for more than a year. A Verizon repairman came a year ago and my then housemate Jeanne said he refused to come into the house because it was handled by another company and he was only allowed to work outside, about two months ago the same thing happened and I heard the repairman standing outside the screen door said he was not allowed to come in to Janet about 6 weeks ago. On both occasions the phone did not improve. About a month ago Keith Ellis, Bel Pre Supervisor, gave us a “temporary” cellphone which used to belong to Nicole Briscoe. Day before yesterday, the cellphone said it had been discontinued and airtime was needed. I told this to both Keith and Nicole today, Nicole said it must need airtime but did not say if or when anything would be done. I am too tired to continually push for the services that I have a right to expect from Cornerstone and Bel Pre.

June 3, 2017

I felt too sick after 10:30pm to continue writing about the terrible events of yesterday and before.

Although Nicole stated on the phone last week that we meet every other Friday, it is not true. Nicole refused to meet with me last Friday because she had met with me the previous Friday when I told her in the house about Kris living here, Janet and Pam were in their rooms and obviously heard, Nicole Briscoe said she was hurt by the things I said to Shane about her and that she had a very good relationship with Shane, also said she was “flabbergasted” at the news that Kris had been living here from early morning to 10pm and beyond for about one half to 2/34rds of the month for several months and said it wasn’t really her business that the house problems were Cameron’s responsibility but that this sounded like a job for Keith.

I knew nothing would come of it due to their previous refusals to get involved in Pam’s harrassment, ie, throwing away my food, and throwing away the household linens so she could use the shared space linen closet for her food so that weekend I finished the report on Pam’s breaking of the rules and the law and emailed it to you, hoping the Compliance Officer could do an honest investigation and give me relief from verbal abuse, harrassment from Pam and being forced to share this very small house which is licensed for 3 with a 4th stowaway friend of Pam’s.

When Jeanne was still here I asked Keith several times to put up the information on HUD esp complaints on the wall but he refused multiple times despite the law it is still not there.

My current job coach, Shane Senior, has expressed great frustration and anger at the way Keith treats him in the Tuesday staff meetings because he and Nicole say everything is his job. My previous job coach Vanessa expressed similar anger and she finally stopped going to the meetings partly because Keith did all the talking. Before I switched to Shane, Vanessa would pressure me to have Nicole do things like take me to get a bank account so that I could sell my prints and paintings online and I refused any longer to be bounced back and for the like a ping pong ball since it has happened often about things like getting a laptop and opening a bank account. If Shane had not been with me 2 weeks ago and I introduced him to the bank manager as my Job Coach I would not have been able to open an account.

We could not do our usual work of uploading paintings and checking out stores, Ebay, etc. I have been told previously by PNC Bank that I could not open an account unless I did automatic deposit of my check, in this case the manager pressed for the same thing and almost refused to open an account because the only ID I have is a picture ID from DMV and the bank requires a second ID, she asked if I did not have a debit card and Shane told her that I did not have another bank account. She almost refused but finally accepted my Medicare card as a second ID though initially refusing it. And was gracious enough to say that once my online art business got underway to come back and discuss a business account, she was very interested once she heard I was an artist and expressed interest in portraiture.

I met with Shane and Paula Weiss, my therapist in April 2017 and Shane expressed great frustration saying he had been told that I have and RC to help with things like that, I guess Voc Rehab has not wanted to make an official complaint, and I told Paula that I have essentially been without an RC since early fall of 2016 though Nicole Briscoe is being paid to be my RC. But Keith has ignored my therapist’s requests in the past which is why I finally had to go outside the agency to have my needs addressed.

This horrible situation with Pam and Kris would never have proceeded to this point if I had an RC who met with me on a regular basis as required and who did not blow me off and refuse to listen when she takes me to medical appointments or when I happen rarely to see her at morning meds or when she delivered Nourish Now. I soon will not have Call and Ride and will be completely stuck her with a phone that rarely works because I need to have my Primary Care doctor sign the new forms by May 31, I told her almost a month ago, Nicole promised to make an appointment with Dr. Polam so that I could also have the results of my colonoscopy and endoscopy read but she made an appt on the same day as my appt with Dr. Parveen, Nicole forgot to cancel as she had promised and Dr. Polam’s office called to ask why I did not show up for appt., $25 fee for missed appts. Nicole said it was my fault really because I should have been the one to call but I pointed out AGAIN that we do not have a working phone. Nicole said June 2 that she had sent a copy of the colonoscopy report to Dr. Polam not to Dr. Parveen as I had requested.

My housemate Janet Listou recently got back from her second stay in the hospital within a very short time, I don’t know how many times she has been in the hospital for the last few months for scar tissue from her major abdominal surgery more than 6 months ago, she is often in pain, and I notice Kris here in the very early morning most often when Janet is in the hospital.

On June 1, 2017 Janet was prepping for a colonscopsy on June 2nd I asked her if they were taking good care of her and she said “The doctors, yes. Cornerstone, no.” Janet was up all night with diarrhea and in the early morning hours there was a very large trail of defecation from her bathroom to the easy chair in the living room. I tried to help her. Later she took a cab and when I said Janet needed someone with her Keith said someone would take her home. Later Janet said they were not able to do it because she was not cleaned out. When I had my recent one done, the modified fast and medication was done slowly over a three day period so there was no problem. Janet is mostly self-sufficient but does need help with some things.

I made 2 very large written complaints almost 2 years ago to then Congressman Van Hollen about Keith Ellis’ mismanagement, VERY unprofessional treatment of me and its effect on me and other clients. Cornerstone should have copies and I believe I have a copy on flash-drive. Two previous housemates of mine Debbie and Jeanne who did not know each other, said their therapists were “frustrated” by Keith and Jeanne’s psychiatrist said they were aware of the situation with Linda but could do nothing. I guess because Keith’s supervisor a different Nicole, always states to Paula and me that it is the province of the Residential staff not the psychiatrists and therapists.

Rep. Van Hollen at least got Cornerstone to move an elderly woman, Linda, with Alzheimer who Jeanne used to room with and was very concerned about her lack of eating and wandering with the police sometimes bringing her back, Keith told Jeanne that there was a grey hair alert about Linda but she was clearly in danger and after I made the complaint, Linda was moved to the house by Southport. I believe Senator Van Hollen would still have the report and if Cornerstone is trying to be approved by the Joint Commission I hope that as much attention will be paid to severe ongoing management issues as to maintenance.

Keith Ellis basically, finally left me alone after my second complaint to Rep. Van Hollen but yesterday, June 2, 2017again began his goofy, junior high school game-playing, sarcastic behavior towards me while acting very buddy-buddy with Pam Gueron.

He woke me up at 9 am and looked around my room and closet, I asked him what he was doing and he said in an off sort of goofy “off” way that he was looking to make sure that I wasn’t hiding any visitors. Keith knows that I never have visitors. He had said in our meeting two weeks ago he would start making more house checks to make sure that Kris was not staying overnight or from early morning to late evening, I guess. A few minutes later I went to the bathroom which is right next to Pam’s bedroom, her door was shut and it did not seem that he had checked her room. There was a maintenance man coming in and out yesterday for more than an hour.

About 20 minutes later, Pam came out of her room. I tried to use the house phone to double-check if Nicole was coming to the only third scheduled sit-down meeting we have had since last autumn. After several tries, Yen answered and I thought he said that Nicole was coming to the phone but got a dial tone. I tried repeatedly to call back, Keith listened and said “It is working, there is a dial tone.” I said that doesn’t mean anything and continued to dial but the call would not go through. After several requests Keith in which he ignored me, he emailed the office and said Yen told him that Nicole was on her way. When I tried to speak with Keith he either ignored me or made a smart-alec answer. He spent sometime in friendly social conversation with Pam. When I asked Keith to repeat something he went into a nasty routine that talking to me was like talking to his grandmother didn’t repeat what he had said and went back to his chummy conversation with Pam Gureon. This is so unprofessional esp. under these circumstances.

When Nicole showed up, I requested to go to the Bel Pre office and she said we would drive somewhere. She didn’t even drive down the street but said we would meet where she had parked in front of the house. When I got in I requested that we go to the office so that I could make some phone calls, esp. to Dr. Polam, she asked if I had brought the cellphone out “temporary” phone and that we could call with that, I said that when I tried to call, I got the message that service had been discontinued and airtime was needed. Nicole said it sounds like we need to add airtime, but did not say when or if that would EVER be done. She did not offer to use her current phone but said she would call Dr. Polam when she got back to the office and would call me with the date and time, I pointed out that we did not have a working phone or one that for over a year only works very sporadically, she said she forgot and would send a message with one of the medication RCs, she did not make our next appointment to meet together. I was tired of Who’s On First, ring around the rosy routines to get Nicole to minimally do her job, so did not press anything at all. No energy left.

She said that Pam had made a complaint that I was looking at some paperwork that Kris and Pam were doing on the dining room table. I had seen a logo on one of the sheets that looked like a HUD logo, so went over and spent about 10 seconds or less looking at it, Pam began screaming and screaming, and to scatter the pages all over the table that it was none of my business. I had not been speaking to her for a few weeks but this time said that if Kris was filling out HUD papers to take over my room…Pam would not let me finish and Kris as I was walking away pointed to the logo and said this says HUI does that sound like HUD. Pam shushed her, continued screaming at me, I tried to speak and Pam said she didn’t want to talk to me ever again which was a great relief but not to last since I have just started walking away from her nonsensical beratings and ridiculous accusations when I try to use the kitchen or washing machine. I never initiate a “conversation” with Pam and have always stayed far away as I could from Kris and Pam except when they are cooking almost every night, I often turn back but sometimes, squeeze through the open door to the kitchen to make tea or go to the bathroom where it is unavoidable.


I tried to tell Nicole Briscoe some of the other things that Pam had been doing to me, Nicole knew of Pam’s throwing away my food and throwing away the linens and taking over the shared space of the linen closet for months but did nothing and blew me off whenever I would press for a meeting with her. In the meeting on May 19th I told Nicole that if she had done something about the thrown away linens and taking over of that space it would not have encourage Pam that she could do whatever she wanted regardless of rules or laws, esp having a friend move in.

I had called Nicole a day or so after sending my complaint to the Compliance Officer when the cellphone was working to meeting with me and she said we always meet twice a month on Friday, which is NOT true and that since we had met on May 19 she could not meet with me on the 26th. I was going through hell and deserved SOME support finally after all these months without the mandated weekly or biweekly sit down meetings with a Rehabilitation Counselor. Nicole said that she didn’t know anything about the house problems that it was Cameron’s responsibility not hers though she is my REHAB COUNSELOR which she had also said on the 19th, Keith definitely does believe in working as a team but ignoring needs of staff and clients and playing the blame game with those assigned to a task, what are the weekly staff meetings for if no one knows nothing about anything?

I have tried calling my therapist and the Compliance Officer on the cellphone, when it was working, but when I hit 1 to get the operator for the extension, it does not go through, I told Nicole this after I sent the complaint but she point blank refused to take me to the office for a working phone where I could call the Compliance officer and said she would talk to Keith ????? but could definitely not take me to the office to make a phone call to Marissa either that day or any other.

Continuing with the 20 minute meeting on June 2nd, my RC Nicole said that although problems with the house were Cameron’s and Keith’s responsibility, SHE REALLY DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEM, she would try to offer me support and took a little more interest in what I had to say but seemed to be laughing inappropriately at my anger and relating of SOME of the things I had been going through which she would have known about as they were happening instead of the constant blaming of me for not reporting these things earlier.

I have reported them now and in a week and a half things have gotten worse and Kris continues to stay here.

Unlike my first reporting of Kris living here on May 19th Nicole seemed utterly unconcerned, I asked her to take me to Bel Pre so that I could call the Compliance Officer to set up a meeting since Keith’s behavior earlier showed he was not going to do anything to handle the situation appropriately. Nicole gave me a run-around answer to refusing to let me use the office phone or her cellphone and I said, “I guess I am on my own then, and will send another email to the Compliance Officer.” Nicole agreed with this and when I said it was unlikely that Ms. Gillum would be able to get through on our broken house phone if Nicole could relay any message from Ms. Gillum setting up a time to meet, Nicole graciously agreed to do this much.

Yesterday, at 5:14pm I first noticed Kris and Pam sitting on the couch which faces the kitchen, the living room, dining room and kitchen form one rectangular room with the exception of a small L shape where Janet usually sits. They went out for a while and came back with a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken for Janet and piles of wrapped sandwiches on the table, and 3 huge shopping bags, one from Marshall, again the disposable income that Pam has to spend week after week several times a week is impossible to overstate and I have never seen anything close to it in the subsidized housing at Cornerstone. I have never mentioned this to Janet, Pam or Kris, but I think Nicole or Keith has given Pam some information not related to a real investigation of this and other matters.

Pam and Kris were laughing on the couch from about 7:30pm to 10pm. Keith had stated to me in our meeting a few days after my first complaint to Compliance that no way should a guest be here after 10pm, when I asked what to do, Keith asked if I would be comfortable using the house phone to call Chadwick House after hours. In the first friendlier meeting Keith kept going back and forth on when Pam should be allowed to have guests, he said at one point that Kris should be able to stay there from 8am to 9pm which is longer than an 8 hour work day, when I objected and said what if Kris is here at 6am and Keith said that if Kris is there that early people might think she had stayed the night so Kris should not arrive before 10:30am then said it still might seem as if Kris spent the night so he amended it to between 12 noon and 8pm. At first he spoke of it being tentative, when I asked to set up a meeting with the Compliance Officer, he seemed to say it was definite.

Cameron came a few days ago with a typed up RULES FOR GUESTS and told me before I signed it that guests would only be allowed 3 days a week from 12noon to 8pm, I told him that it was a relief to me. He affixed the RULES in a professional looking clear plastic jacket with the signatures of all three of us residents.

Now comes the hard part of trying to describe one of Pam’s worst hysterical fits with physical blocking and intimidation though she has often come close especially when she first moved in when I finally told her repeatedly that I was going to complaint to Compliance.

At 10pm with no sign of Kris leaving I decided to take a photo of Kris’ two canes which she often leaves propped against the couch or dining table AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY OR NIGHT even when she is in Pam’s room. Since Janet is alternately bullied or bribed with food by Pam when she needs Janet to testify against me and the truth of Kris essentially or actually living here. Pam saw the camera and rushed up to me as she was folding the large Marshall Shopping bag to throw away that she WAS NOT GOING TO LET ME TAKE PICTURES OF HER PURCHASES and kept blocking my way standing very, very close to me pushing her face into mine, as I tried to move sideways to get away from her, it was like Pam was a football player and continued blocking my free movement, and continuing to SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM literally in my face that she was not going to allow me to take pictures of her purchases that it was none of my business. When I said I wanted only to take a photo of Kris canes, she finally moved away hiding the other two department store shopping bags with her body.

I wish that I had been taking date/time stamped pictures of Kris’ canes all along when she stows away in Pam’s room to prove the amount of time she stays her. I managed to snap one photo of Kris’ canes, from a distance since Pam would not let me move, I did not take photos of any person or Pam’s extensive purchases. My verbal description below of the amazing amount of money she spends every week, week after week should be more than enough to begin an investigation. Since Pam alternately bullies and bribes Janet with food to lie and say that Kris is not here that much, and since after 2 weeks nothing effectual has been done to set up any rules for Kris’ staying here day after day from early morning to 10pm and I believe beyond since she goes in Pam’s bedroom around 10pm I can’t prove that but even staying in the house 10 to 14 hours a day is not a guest situation.

I told her that the RULES FOR GUESTS that Cameron had posted and told me that the hours for guests were from noon to eight, 3 days a week, Pam again NON-STOP SCREAMING stated that Keith had told her that it wasn’t finalized and that she had also talked to Cameron who said the same thing and despite being signed by all three of us, Cameron, though he definitely told me the 3 days, noon to 8pm was NOT WRITTEN ON THE RULES DESPITE THE NEAT PLASTIC OFFICIAL LOOKING PACKAGING. When I was just about to get into Nicole’s car earlier on June 2nd, she joked with Keith who was getting into his car that she did not want to take the company car because it was too messy. Keith could have told me at that point that he had changed his mind and that Pam could continue to have Kris living here daylight hours into 10pm and beyond until SOMEDAY, the acceptable hours and DAYS for visitors was finalized.

In our earlier and only meeting, I said very little as I am not a loud talker much less screamer and had decided and told Keith I was not going to get in screaming matches with Pam to defend myself but that I was not going to keep silent about what she was doing to me any more, and Keith in the friendlier meeting had told me that I did not have to live this way, that berating me in front of Kris and Janet for putting MY spaghetti strainer in the “wrong place” was ridiculous and that there would be limitations for Pam’s “guest” living in this house, I told Keith that it was VERY unlikely that Pam would honor any rules whatever and that I would have to be calling him twenty times a day since I was no longer going to keep silent about the things Pam was doing to me. Keith repeated 4 or 5 times that I would not be calling him twenty times a day which I took to mean that he would handle the situation effectively.

He said he might meet with Pam privately or with Cameron in house meeting after memorial day, I said that since Pam loves an audience for her screaming tantrums that it would be better to inform her of the Guest Rules privately first, since Keith had seen and heard Pam screaming at the one meeting early on about Pam throwing away my food and Pam’s screaming about my clothes in the coat closet, he knew, I also think Pam calls him incessantly to complain about everything under the sun including me and Pam has bragged that she “didn’t mind getting in Keith’s face.” to get her way.

After I took the picture of Kris’ canes and the GUEST RULES on the wall, meanwhile Pam continuing to scream, I dialed Chadwick House and managed to get through, while I moved the chair to the phone, Pam continued SCREAMING at the top of her lungs that it wouldn’t matter who I called that there were no rules about how long or when Kris could be here, I spoke with a young girl who surely could have heard Pam continue to SCREAM, she said the supervisor would call me back, while I was trying to explain the situation to the Chadwick supervisor it was hard to hear because PAM JUST KEPT ON SCREAMING AT ME. The supervisor asked if I felt if I was in danger and I said I wasn’t sure,Pam is out of control and won’t stop screaming, you can hear her!”

(Pam Gueron has been this wild since she moved in though she can also be charming and calm. Pam has begun to get more physically intimidating, when she was screaming at me not to get ice on the paper towels just BEFORE my complaint, her body was very close to mine and the 3rd or 4th time she screamed/bellowed it, her mouth must have been less than an inch away from my left ear.

I believe that Pam should be removed from this house as soon as possible for safety reasons. I am very vulnerable without a phone that I can depend on to be working. Pam Gueron should be immediately investigated esp. as to whether she has been thrown out of other group homes for doing similar things. She should be banned from EVER doing this to anyone again in subsidized housing of which there is much evidence that she does not qualify for because she obviously has not declared her substantial financial assets to Cornerstone.)

While I was on the phone, Kris apparently called for a cab and opened the door to watch.

After I got off the phone Pam continued screaming and I said God sees the Truth but waits, since she continued OUT OF CONTROL SCREAMING that I was a liar, I said it again and that with what is happening on the news it didn’t seem that God would wait much longer (to establish His Kingdom of Justice when the Lord Jesus returns as the signs of the time are pointing to and for the Last Judgment of the workers of iniquity). I couldn’t complete a sentence because Pam kept screaming at me that I was a liar. I attempted several times to tell it to the Maryland Board of Licensure investigator and that an unauthorized person living here WAS MY BUSINESS.

Pam again called me a liar and was screaming that it didn’t matter who I complained to that there were no rules about Kris being in this house, in between her SCREAMING I told her that I had also charged her with verbal abuse and harrassment and amazingly Pam shut up.

At the same time, Janet was angry and started screaming at me why was I telling lies, I tried to speak but was shouted down and Pam violently gestured with her open hand to Janet as if congratulating her puppet and that the truth would not have a chance with the two of them lying, I walked away with Janet screaming at me not to walk away from her, Janet followed me to my room and continued berating me calling me a liar saying Kris was not here that much, I told her that she was afraid of Pam, Janet said she was not afraid of Pam but calmed down, I told Janet that she would have a chance to give her on-the-record testimony to the investigator and she said I will and walked away.

I had a bad bout of diarrhea last night tho I rarely suffer from it presumably due to Pam’s ratcheting up her war against me before and after I made my complaint, feeling too upset to cook meals for a long time and especially since before and after I made my complaint, and the lack of any support from Bel Pre or Cornerstone which became all too clear yesterday.

Keith had also said in our earlier meeting that Pam could have guests only on Monday, Wed, Friday. When Kris came on Saturday, I called RC Ellen who was very unfriendly and said that she had not received an email from Keith about it. I said I was going to try to get through to the compliance officer, Ellen said I could do whatever I wanted. I tried to reach Ms. Gillum to leave a message but did not know the extension. Though Keith wasn’t working on Saturday he called back told me not to be upset not to notice how late Kris stayed that Pam had a right to have guests and that she might chose a weekend and that Cameron would be having a house meeting after Memorial Day, I said that Cameron did not have the strength of personality to stand up to Pam and set limits and Pam would spend the whole time screaming and I would not have a chance to speak and I asked if Compliance had sent Keith a copy of my complaint, he said no, and that there were several other things that I needed to talk with him about and had a copy of the Complaint on my flash drive. Keith said he would meet with me the Tuesday following Memorial Day at Bel Pre since I couldn’t talk in the house but Keith did not call and there was no meeting.

Keith did meet with Pam alone a few days after our first and only meeting, I came home from buying a few items at the store, they were sitting at the dining table, his conversation with Pam seemed to be very serious. After he left, Pam seemed very sober and upset. I don’t know what later happened to turn Keith into an insulting jokster to me on June 2nd.

May 31st 8:10pm Kris is alone at the dining room table still working on paperwork.

May 31st 9:20pm Kris and Pam sitting on couch watching TV constant laughing by Pam as usual

I feel too sick to try to cook dinner and for the second day and as I often do, only eat dry cereal or cooked cereal or toast or yoghurt when I have it because of discomfort using the kitchen to make a real meal not knowing what Pam will pull next to show off to her friend Kris.

Someone who stays here all day long and well into the evening day after day, week after week, month after month is not a “guest” but is illegally living here.

Last weekend, in response to Pam and Kris here again, I called and left a message for Keith to call, he did so said nothing had been decided about how often Kris could live here, that Pam had a right to have a “guest” “visitor” to try to ignore it and that he would meet with me on Tuesday, Keith said that he had not received a copy of my complaint and I told him that we had not discussed everything in our meeting. Keith did not meet with me on Tuesday and I believe after having given Keith a chance to handle it that nothing will be done. I again request a meeting with you to find some relief from this situation which has been going on for months. And which has gotten MUCH worse since my written/emailed complaint two weeks ago.

HUD entrusted Cornerstone with the management of this house, letting one person like Pam come in and begin outrageously abusing one or more clients so they cannot function with NO RESTRAINT or follow-up is not living up to your contract with HUD or the other funders including those citizens in the community who believe that basic management of protecting clients from bullys who are inadvertently allowed housing.

Dear Ms. Gillum,

I would like to request a meeting with you. Kris is apparently still living here illegally despite my meeting with Keith and his meeting ALONE with Pam. There are STILL no rules whatever for the amount of time that Kris may be here and I would like again to request relief from verbal harrassment by Pam and relief from a 4th person not accepted into Cornerstone Residential Program still living here. Keith asked if I still wanted to meet with you and at that time, I said if it would stop, if Keith would handle it, no, however it continues and I would also like to ask if there are any plans to investigate if Pam Gueron declared all her financial assets, no one who spends the astonishing amount of money she does week after week should have food stamps or other benefits and I question if she is eligible for subsidized housing or if so, if Pam is paying her fair amount. An investigation using the broad privileges of the Patriot Act should be used to investigate at least the financial portion of my complaint.

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