Esther is hungry and so am I

Cornerstone/St. Lukes/Threshold has had a continuing problem with claiming they  cannot change the repayee for a month or more.

Clients like Jeanne and Debbie Davis often go hungry because Keith Ellis does not like his staff even to go to Nourish Now though he has relented last year but it is NOT TIMELY.

My primary Alex at Adrienne House is nicer though there is little concern about hunger, though repayee was not my problem transportation was since Nicole Burke, my purported Rehab Counselor who never showed up and wouldn’t take calls refused to help me get the financial information, one page of SSDI tax form which accounting will NOT send to client from May 2017 until October 2017 even after I got out of the hospital had to call Compliance officer Marissa Gillum several times to get food from Nourish Now and I had $100 in food stamps but I was too ill to try to take the bus again and Joint Commission and Maryland DHHS Quality Health Care should take a look at my paperwork from Holy Cross, I almost died which will be confirmed by my PCP Uma Polam and my psychiatrists, exacerbated by severe malnutrician.

At the beginning of January 2018, I told my psychiatrist Dr. Marium Parveen who cares about patients but despite a fiesty personality cannot deal with Keith Ellis bullying herself, wrote that Adrienne staff should make sure that I went to Nourish Now AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH.  I told Alex and other staff and also requested that my roommate Esther might scream at imaginary people less if she had fresh food but Alex who is inexperienced and only started last April only called Nourish Now a few days ago and I will not be able to get food until this Friday February 1, 2018 because that was the soonest appointment she could get and had never worked with Nourish Now though Richard is very underweight doesn’t always come to dinner and has very, very long dirty fingernails and though I tried to give him some clothes because he seems to have only one or two shirts and pants and asked about taking him to Interfaith Thrift they say he doesn’t like to go out and choses not to eat but he will drink my fruit juice out of the carton if I turn my back or take bananas out of my small cabinet if I leave it open, I give him bananas since they are so inexpensive and suggested since that is one thing he will eat they buy him bananas and more yoghurt and Ensure.


Esther moved in my half room at Adrienne House about two weeks after I did, and the staff here told her that it would take some time to change the repayee from her parents to Cornerstone Montgomery.  Eventually they have some ramon noodles and other pasta in the closet but Esther who is very tall and very heavy was always asking for my yoghurt and fruit juice which I need because of digestive problems.  I would give to her but also the refrigerator and freezer which are supposed to be locked is often left unlocked and when I tell staff about stolen food they say unless they see it they can do nothing.  There are cameras trained on the kitchen and hallways but they say they did not see anyone take my food so it is too bad for me.

Because staff is here 24/7 they docked my check $30.00 and though Terry Reed, the benefits specialist who has been nice in the past told me it would be made up in my food stanps but my SNAP was docked $7.00 in a letter from the officials they said it was because of my new living situation.  I guess they are referring to the fact that clients are supposed to take rotations of dinner USING  THEIR OWN LIMITED MONEY, to have a carb, a protein, a vegetable and a drink,  it is very hard to make dinner for 8 people if you are not feeling well and because no one has much money it would really be less expiensive to buy your own food and cook it and it is sometimes uneatable or burned.

Although I am glad to be away from Keith Ellis and Pam Gueron’s non-stop bullying and abuse, and my primary Alex has taken me to my PCP, a Cardiologist, and Pulmonologist in Greenbelt since it is hard to find a specialist who accepts Medicaid closer to Silver Spring, my PCP was originally much closer and I have been seeing her for 6 years and the other doctors I saw did not tell me about my thyroid problems though it was visible to my psychiatrist and the nurse at cornerstone after I told them about the ultrasound and benign lumps.  If a doctor will accept medicaid they just walk in and out of the room to receive what they think is an insulting amount of money and their nurse will tell you to go home when you object that you had scheduled a physical.

I used to be able to go to my PCP via Medicaid Transportation but though Cornerstone moved me against my will to the same zipcode now MediTrans says I am too far away to see  my excellent care physician.

Keith Ellis and Nicole Burke told me I had no choice in the move Keith lied to my psychiatrist about the type of place they moved me too, Alex my primary at Adrienne House said she was only told that they were moving me because of my being on oxygen but the young staff here has no medical training and I was made to do chores even though it took them three weeks to get my Symbicort subscribed by the Holy Cross Hospital Dr. Singh and my nebulizer and albuterol were lost in the move though this at least was recovered after 3 weeks.  I was too sick to do the packing and I went from having an art room and a large bedroom with large closet to store my artwork and work as a freelance artist.  Have been in Voc Rehab with weekly job coach for 3 years to having 1/2 of a small room with missing art supplies though they want me to go to the weekly art group with Tessa I have 2 large paintings of sequences of gymnasts done in oils, Tessa only has acylics and someone Tessa was working with a few years ago painted acrylic over oil and the whole painting cracked.

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