Pam G. Stole the HUD House at Valleywood

things missing
found a few oil paints what colors missing
seemed like a miracle when I found a white board when went
with Vanessa to Goodwill looking for frames which are now in leaky shed
but instead of using up newsprint which is now relatively expensive
could do drawing exercises to help with intuitively drawing with a sense of
movement with gymnastic sequences, could not look in the room pam gueron stole
from me she refused to leave while I was with my new RC Alex said I might steal something
I have never stolen anything from her or anyone else she stole a year with her hysterical
screaming at me about nothing and gossip and dirty tricks when the Bel Pre RCS came for meds nearly stole my life, stole my home now I am in an institution like setting was so ill from her constant attacks for nearly a year and refusal to let me use the kitchen or laundry machines without screaming attacks. Dr. Parveen and pcp Dr. Uma Polam said I nearly died and Pam Gueron got worse with the screaming attacks even when I came home on oxygen screaming the first afternoon to get my clothes out of the washer when I was too weak and told her but she continued screaming straddling my oxygen tube so I could not leave the bathroom without an encounter with her which she loves because she is bored and a shopaholic and has nothing useful to do with her life and is allowed not to attend Life Skills outpatient because of her phycical pain in back. she says.

One of my favorite verses in the Psalms is the promise: Destructions have come to a perpetual end.

Have extra oil in your vessels for the light of your lamps. This little light of mine. Let is shine, let it shine. to see the Lord Jesus when he comes. when he comes, Andre Crouch beautiful gospel music


No response from the Compliance officer.  Housing Unlimited says it works with

Cornerstone and Cornerstone Montgomery has a person I had never heard of Carmen Connors who helps HUI with housemate issues.  Why was this person not called to help me with Pam Gueron’s HARRASSMENT AND ABUSE?


No Effectual Help from Keith Ellis-Request Meeting with You As Soon As Possible

Linda <>

to Marisa.Gillum
Situation with Pam Gureon and Chris is becoming more volatile.  No
help from Keith Ellis.  Chris continues to have No limitations on
amount of time she may live at 12902 Valleywood Drive.  Called
Chadwick after hours June 2.Need to meet with you As Soon As Possible.

I have tried to attach copy of my updated complaint about Pam Gueron.

rstone specialist in helping resolve issues between clients, I think her name/email was Carmen Connors, I had never heard of her and keith was allowed to mishandle this as he has done for 5 or 6 years picking up his salary for not doing any of his job.

Pam Gureon illegally letting a friend live at 12902 Valleywood Drive

Linda <>

to Marisa.Gillum




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