Water from only source in kitchen is milky and cloudy

Water from spigot in kitchen is always milky and smoky and the staff drinks bottled water that Georgio brings cases in.  The male nurse David Bridges told me to buy my own water.

Terry Reed <terry.reed@cornerstonemontgomery.org>

to me

Hi Linda,

Keith and or Julianne should have explained to you the change in your Level of Care.  Unfortunately you were coming from General housing to Intensive housing and the Level of Care amount is less than what you received in General housing.  The Level of Care associated in Intensive housing is $20 and you receive $20 as required from your SSA check for personal needs.  You also receive the difference of $92 from what you receive in food stamps and your $82 PAA check.  Therefore your current allowance check should be $132.  Your $82 check is separate.  Total cash should be $214 unless you have a medication deduction coming out of your allowance check.

Thank you for quick response – I will turn 65 on Feb 4 and have questions


Linda <mvmnt.works@gmail.com>

to Terry

One of the sites when I googled benefits at 65 years said you should notify ? Medicare 3 months before you turn 65 something about taxes.

I am very upset at being forced into Norbeck House, I have only been hospitalized for one week since I have been at SLH etc while Melissa Willard was often hosptialized almost half the year and Janet Listou called an ambulance and was a number of times hospitalized in 2017.  I was on oxygen but was told that I would only need a short time.  I was in Holy Cross ER about a week ago for cold sweats and heart palpitations, I was on a monitor for 16 hours and they did not put me on oxygen in all that time tho it was Hoyl Cross that placed me on home oxygen in Sept 2017,  It made me very ill to try to pack with Keith Ellis badgering me while I was still recovering.


Debbie Davis was at Banquo Terrace for 3 months and I had been told that there were some mental health clients in Hagerstown, don’t know who told me but Debbie said her sister was there and she loved it.

Can you meet with me or telll me about alternative housing or assisted living  possibly outside of Montgomery  since Maryland Medicaid does not pay for assisted living do you know if Virginia Medicaid does?

Have many housing questions, would it be possible for us to meet?


Whatever happened to the permanent housing, Keith said it no longer existed but would say no more.  When I was pressured to go into permanent housing but was concerned about losing my Medicaid the person runnning the program said in response to my asking what they called it permanent housing when the lease was for one year said, “I don’t know, I didn’t name it.”


The staff at Norbeck House drinks the cases of bottled water they bring in but the kitchen water is very, very smoky, cloudy and there are many unsanitary things like no wall mounted soap or any hand soap in kitchen or bathrooms and no hand sanitizer and the heavy window above my bed, fell off when a staff member tried to close it.  I took pictures.

The space I have is less than in a nursing home and I am constantly told different things from Julianne about storage of my paintings and art supplies, Keith still has much of my furniture if he did not throw it away and would not answer me when I tried to find out if I should try to buy storage which was a legitimate questions but he kept saying “Linda, no one is against you.”

I have lost everything in this unnecessary move and hope to find  a pro bono attorney I have years of complaints against Keith Ellis uploaded at lydiagorbik.blogspot.com – Senator Van Hollen did help with these complaints but since I did not contact DHS or Bd of Licensing Keith continued with his unethical and unprofessional behavior including mocking clients which has been reported to therapists and psychiatrists other than Dr. Parveen and Paula Weiss so must conclude the Board of Directors wants clients to be treated like garbage and some have died doing chores that their age and health made impossible.

I hope to finally try to find some place where consumers are treated adequately and somewhat respectfully, not like less than the dirt where bullying by clients to other clients is encouraged and Keith is the biggest junior high school bully of all and on Judgment Day I would like like to be Keith Ellis or any of the ones who have allowed this for years like Nicole Burke and her supervisors.  About 2 years ago after one of my complaints to then Congressman Van Hollen the COO met with me and Nicole Burke and Dr. Parveen and said she had been there less than a year and was trying to change the Agency culture.

Don’t know if that COO is still here but she did not succeed.

If the Board was Joint Commission approval for more funding they should make some effort to actually serve clients, there is an old man here who is very thin, can’t eat much, red rimmed eyes can’t communicate stained clothes looks like he just has one set of clothes one staff member said He choses not to eat and doesn’t want to go out to get clothes said another.  Keith brought a bag of nice clothes that did not belong to me mostly trousares which wouldn’t fit me and keep trying to get them to give them to Richard and told them when you are older it is hard to digest food, they did buy Ensure for him last time and some yoghurt but he needs a CBC and I don’t think he sees any kind of doctor and have not yet seen David Bridges though promised repeatedly by Keith that he would talk to me about Assisted Living

which it appears Medicaid does not pay for Julianne said he often comes to Norbeck house but I have only seen him once at Valleywood and he would not return my calls when I asked why he advised that I move here afte I moved Dr. Parveen thought I was in a house or Apt so keith lied to her too to me he played up the idea of 24/7 care “because I was on oxygen and apparently lied to the contractor nurse from Holy Cross so I need a pro bono attorney and to find some way into beter living circumstances.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jan 16
to Terry

I would like to set up a meeting with you to discuss getting my SSDI check back to rent a room in the community or to transfer to another agency.  Dr. Parveen said about a week ago that she had agreed with Keith Ellis to send me here because of physical problems that mentally I was strong and she has in the past recommended me for permanent housing and HUI.  I am feeling stronger physically but my cane went missing on 1-12,  my primary Alex Smith said she saw me with the cane after I came back from having bloodwork.  Alex was in the room when my PCP Dr. Polam said that my bone density test was terrible and repeated 3 times that my bones were very delicate and if I fell I would probably break a bone but neither Alex nor Julianne are very concerned with helping me obtain a replacement cane.


Beth Vonieff is across the hall a few feet away and so far has knocked on my door started talking very fast and when I told her that I was hard of hearing she said “F— YOU” and slammed her door.  I immediately told and RC and beth came out of her room and said that we used to be roommates.  Beth tormented me in everyway she could for 2 years and was transferred closer to Bel Pre office due to fire hazards and other things.  Beth would steal my art supplies while I was working and got up to go to the bathroom or get a cup of tea and would lock me out in freezing weather when I went out to smoke a cigarette.  She threw her clothes in with mine a week ago while the washer was on and then after I told her and she put both our clothes in the dryer she stole my white blanket and said she didn’t have it til her RC made her give it back.  On 1-12 when my cane went missing I saw her coming out of a room that has a long staircase to the basement, I can walk downstairs but have trouble with my knees walking up I asked Alex to look and see if Beth had hid my cane down there but she refused.  I cannot keep my laptop locked up everytime I go to the bathroom and wrote four documents at the time about Beth’s CONSTANT stealing from me and dirty tricks we had a meeting with Dr. Parveen and beth showed up with a piece of masking tape over her mouth.  When Beth continued to steal, she was moved.


I am looking for rooms to rent and contacting some agencies and churches to see about renting a room but would appreciate your help in applying to other agencies and gaining as much information as possible about my housing options because 2 years with Beth Vonieff nearly drove me over the edge and while my laptop remains unstolen I would like to find an agency with some sense of right and wrong.  HUI has a pdf about the integrity standards they keep.

Thank you for all you can do.


Linda <mvmnt.works@gmail.com>

Jan 16
to Marium

Linda <mvmnt.works@gmail.com>

Jan 16
to Paula.Weiss

Terry Reed

Jan 22 (8 days ago)
to me

Hi Linda,

I received both of your lengthy e-mails in regards to your situation with other clients.  I am sorry all of these things have happened, however I have no control and influence on the residential situation.  I am strictly here in the capacity of providing Social Security/County benefits and assist in obtaining what you may need.
I primarily know about benefits in Maryland and not Virginia.  In regards to alternate housing and assisted living I do not have any information on them other than doing research on each alternative housing/assisted living facilities which is based on your medical needs.  Provided that I am unaware of specific details of your medical needs, it would be best for staff to assist you in looking into all the particular of what best suites your needs.  I will be going to Social Security later this week and will inquire about the Medicare and you turning 65 for you and give you the information.
I know you have mentioned to me when we met last year your contacting Congressman Chris Van Hollen on some issues you were upset about.  I do not think reaching out to Congressman Chris Van Hollen right now would be the thing to do.  I can not provide any solutions to your situation for there is always another prospective on certain situations.  Since you feel so strongly about this you should discuss these things with Dr. Parveen at your next session.  Please speak with residential staff and Dr. Parveen when you are having a problem related to your living situation.
I am sorry it took so long to respond due to the Holidays and the catching up with paperwork but I just had a moment to respond.  I know this is not an answer for you but I hope this helps in some small way.


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