Pam G. Uses My Bedroom to store boxes of expensive ite s

Even thought I was with Alex my primary at Adrienne House, Pam would not leave so that I could try to find my lamp, oil paints and other art supplies for my DORS Vocational Rehab program Pam said she wanted to make sure I didn’t steal anything.  I have never stolen anything from Pam or anyone else but she stole and threw away my food most of Pam Gueron’s thefts has to do with making me too ill to work for almost a year with her screaming at me constantly over nonsensical things.

My bedroom at Valleywood should have been occupied by another client from Core Services after 4 months but it is stacked high with more of Pam’s boxes she is a shopaholic and a hoarder.  The room I used as an artroom was also piled high with her boxes.  Pam said she was in a shelter and she is at the end of Rainbow House

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