You Barn-Burner!: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

more stars than in the heavens

A happy story!  A real happy story!  See, they do exist.  Today’s screen couple is the legendarily happy Paul Newman and Woodward – the rare Hollywood marriage that began here:


…and ended here:


Still beaming, still beautiful, and still quite obviously delighted with each other.  I’m lucky enough to have grandparents who were uncommonly attractive when they were young, and very much in love all throughout their 60+ years together.  Newman and Woodward have always reminded me of them, in the very best way possible: for their sense of humor, for their still-glamorous air even when they were well into their 80s, for their abiding friendship.  Monogamy at its greatest and most successful, for real.

All right, so that’s a little bit of a rose-colored depiction of their relationship.  They fell in love while filming The Long Hot Summer (1958) – which you should see immediately, because it’s GREAT –…

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