Notes for Board of Licensure

I was moved illegally to a group home from a HUD house
managed or mismanaged by Cornerstone Montgomery because I was hospitalized one time and almost died from Pam Gueron, housemate’s unchecked abuse
for almost a year so that I was briefly on oxygen. This was used as an excuse and I was told I had no choice. I am no
longer on oxygen and still in one half of a small room with another person who screams at imaginary people and I will have a heart attack soon if I am not helped to move to
a safe and decent environment.

Was not given access or knowledge of Carmen Conners
who is trained in housemate disputes, employee of Cornerstone
according to HUI one of the many things that were charged in my name
and yet services not rendered. Horror of a housemate Pam Gueron
who from the beginning wanted the whole house to herself.

Norbeck House is also known as Adrienne house, there are 6 room
but 8 people living here. the room they put me in is divided by a partian
and is very tiny. Has the Board of Licensure any rules about the dimensions of the
living spaces provided for clients? Or is a house with 6 bedrooms allowed to house
8 people when the subdivided rooms are so small?

fire at Chadwick fire alarms did not go off according to Georgio and he said
that if Alicia Castro, client, had not noticed fire…, Chadwick house was bought air beds
to stay here at Norbeck house until the fire dept said it was safe to go back,
then apparently it wasn’t because the clients at Chadwick were sent to a hotel.
It is impossible to get any information about this and so many other things including
caretakers names.

Ms. Cho-Guthrie the CEO wrote for 2 years about trying to get
Joint Commission approval but did nothing to earn it except in the case
of Bel Pre at the last minute supervisor Keith Ellis killing off elderly
patients by forcing them at the last minute to do deep cleaning.

They did not get approval, I spoke with the Joint Commission investigator in August 2017 just
before I got so ill and almost died in Holy Cross Hospital, she could see how ill
I looked and was kind. strangely Taft location of Cornerstone has a framed notice
from Joint Commission to call or email them if clients see something amiss I did
and have an email from Joint Commission saying that since Cornerstone was not approved
they have not jurisdiction. I took a photo with my camera of this framed notice.

Julianne seems to be an absentee landlord except for the weekly so called meetings with many
employees not at Norbeck house and expensive ordered food, last week Julianne was wrapping up]
huge strawberries dipped in chocolate after the Tuesday weekly meeting. If clients benefit from these
meetings I have not seen evidence, Julianne said twice she would get me the shower chair that
the Holy Cross nurse insisted I have but nothing.

Richard is so thin, never eats and the attitude is as Chabara, staff, stated,
it is Richards choice not to eat and that is his choice. Richard is senior citizen age
has nothing to do but open the regular refrigerator and stare into it or claw at me when
I try to put a cigarette in the tall ashtray asking if he can have it with his long long very dirty fingernails, Julianne
finally used Richard’s moneyto have his hair and long white beard cut when I complained that he cannot get food
to his mouth without spilling it on his clothes, beard he used to have or on the table and the floor, that is canned spagetti
or sometimes yoghurt, I have given Richard yoghurt bananas and Ensure since he likes those
and briefly the RCs were buying him this type of food but now it is just
canned spagetti rarely yoghurt or bananas or Ensure and I cannot afford to continue giving him this.

Diet Manual for Long

Term Care Residents
2014 Revision
The Office of Health Care Quality is pleased to release the latest revision of the Diet Manual for

Term Care Residents. This manual is a premier publication

serving as a resource for
providers, health care facilities, caregivers and families across th
e nation.
In long

term care facilities, meeting nutritional requirements is not as easy as it sounds. It is
important to provide a wide variety of food choices that satisfy each resident’s

instead of spending so much time on youtube and shopping sites maybe Julianne’s staff could
look up things to help organize and help insure adequate nutrition.
Richard kneels outside and coughs up mucas and spits by the welcome mat and they have told richard, apparently
not to go outside but I doubt if theywill get richard an appointment with a pulmonologist or PCP because they
alwayssay Richard doesn’t want to go out anywhere. But he did to cut his hair and he can’t concentrate on TV never see
him watching it he should be getting some kind of attention and help maybe occupational therapy or at
least staff that has not been trained not to fraternize with the enemy which is the clients that make the bottled water and
weekly pizza and chocolate covered strawberries possible.

Although clients are supposed to get 24/7 care, staff is trained only to ignore severe problems and hole sup
in the staff room in the middle of the 6 bedrooms with 8 people. Men’s bedrooms on one side women on the other.
I cannot buy refrigerated food because though there is a regular refrigerator and a locked refrigerator, staff does not
like to be bothered and when I tell them food has beens stolen they tell me it is my
tough luck unless they see someone take it, I cannot afford to keep replacing food and I think that
it is shameful to have a locked refrigerator and cameras trained on the hallways and kitchen/dining room and food keeps getting stolen because
the staff does not like to interrupt their movies a nd concerts on youtube to help clients we have to ask for laundry detergent and to lock and unlock the
refrigerator and Chabara even plays booming thumping music during meds. It is disgraceful.

There are many senior citizen age people hear some have trouble moving food to mouth partly
because of tardive dyskenisia and have trouble cleaning heday kitchen and every
day the sink is stacked to the ceiling with very dirty dishes, I have been asking
for steel wool to be able to clean pots so that I can eat somthing more than peanut butter sandwiches and ensure
in my very small locked cupboard even wrote a suggestion in the box which is filled with suggestions and after two
months being promised Georgio would buy steel wool has not happened. There are no towel racks in bathroom, no mounted soap in br or kithen though
there are screws where the kitchen used to have mounted soap. The only drinking water in kitchen small sink is milk
y and smoky and Georgio is always bringing in huge things of bottled water for staff only the male nurse
david bridges and others have told me to buy my own water and I said it is hard enough to get my groceries inside with
very rare help from staff even when I was on oxygen.

One of the 2 younger clients Keith has lost a tremendous amount of weight even
in the 4 months I have been here and shaved his head a few weeks ago and a few days ago had 4 or 5 long bloody places on his head where
he is trying to upkeep the stubble. Keith and the other young clients who I room with and who also always is screaming at imaginary people
and I have to share a room with Esther, she has picked fights with keith who is usually silent in response.

My mother started screaming at imaginary people when I was 11 years old so I have great sympathy for the suffering but
I deserve some time in a private room where I can do my artwork without my things being stolen when I get up and to finally
have a quiet peaceful environment, I do not get weekends off or vacations so it is year after year of having to deal with screaming roommates
with staff being trained to say that it is the clients responsibility to get along with other clients!
What is the relevance of #me too?

Sexual harassment is something that seldom gets to be in the limelight
unless there is a violent sexual crime. Disgusting
infringements of personal rights happen day in
and day out, at home, on the way to work and school,
at school and work, everywhere. Most women are left
dazed in an explosion of helplessness and
an unexplainable guilt. It often happens so quickly
that retaliation becomes impossible. Now that more
people talk about it, one does not have to wait for
it to be a personal experience to be prepared for it.
This collective voice would also serve as a warning
to perpetrators and as a signal to the lawmakers.
The problem is huge! Take notice!

Cornerstone does not care to deal with clients who abuse other clients, the bully is too hard to
deal with so they join the bully in attacking the victim or ignore it and say it is the client’s responsiblity
to deal with grossly abusive housemates. No training to help staff who might want to do the right thing.

This sounds like Pam Gueron

Wise as Serpents: What Does Evil Look Like? (Part 7 of a sermon series by Jeff Crippen)

What is Abuse?

The definition of abuse: A pattern of coercive control (ongoing actions or inactions) that proceeds from a mentality of entitlement to power, whereby, through intimidation, manipulation and isolation, the abuser keeps his* target subordinated and under his control. This pattern can be emotional, verbal, psychological, spiritual, sexual, financial, social and physical. Not all these elements need be present, e.g., physical abuse may not be part of it.

The definition of domestic abuser: a family member or dating partner (current or ex) who has a profound mentality of entitlement to the possession of power and control over the one s/he* chooses to mistreat. This mentality of entitlement defines the very essence of the abuser. The abuser believes he is justified in using evil tactics to obtain and maintain that power and control.

* Sometimes the genders are reversed—see our tag for ‘male survivors’ (tags tab in the top menu).

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