Notes on Moving to a Truly Safe Environment


My PCP said a few weeks ago that my bone density test showed that my bones are very delicate and to be careful not to fall because I would likely break a bone. Dr. Polem said this in front of my
Rehab Counselor Alex Smith. I have been afraid of being knocked down in the narrow hall or dining room/kitchen by some of the clients who are not mean but careless.
I am 65 years old, Zarmine is close to my age and heavy and is on so much medication she keeps walking into me though I try to stay alert and jump out of her way.
Keith is in his 20s tall, and slender and is very restless and strides around the house and around corners and like Esther often seems angry though he talks to imaginary people
much of the time does try to avoid knocking me down. Esther is very, very tall and very heavy and walks forward very aggressively and I try to hug the walls when she
is aggresively walking and seems not to see me or anyone or anything because she seems so angry. I need a more appropriate environment since retirement homes have
waiting lists to get on waiting lists and another RC Anna Bukakis 3 years ago started to help me but then stopped. I did sign up more than 3 years ago
with HOC with an RC before Anna, Christina Taylor and someone from Cornerstone who was experienced in signing people up for HOC but it will probably
be another 2 years before I hear anything. Since I was moved to Norbeck House against my will Keith Ellis said I had no choice and my psychiatrist who
used to be good does not listen to me and said I had no right to have my art supplies and should not complain about my food and other things beings
stolen because there are few beds in Montgomery County. I do not agree with this. Dr. Parveen said I was moved because I was weak
physically but was strong mentally. Alex Smith said she was told I was moved due to being on oxygen and now I have been off oxygen 2 months I need a room to myself that is
not run by Keith Ellis who is supervisor of Bel Pre cluster

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