Medicaid Fraud-Medicaid Integrity Office Complaint Against Cornerstone

Ms. Cho-Guthrie, CEO for Cornerstone Montgomery Mental Health, wrote in her open letter to clients about 2 months ago

I have written to then Congressman and now Senator Van Hollen for about 8 years about some of the severe problems at what is now called Cornerstone Montgomery Mental Health Agency about their incredibly mismanaged residential program at Bel Pre Cluster esp regarding Keith Ellis. Senator Van Hollen assigned a case worker Suzanne Loftjelm to help me but he is under pressure and has helped with individual problems but I made a mistake in not contacting DHS but I don’t have a printer and was intimidated to contact them. I have suffered severe retribution for attempting to make complaints. I have only been hositalized once since I started the residential program I was hospitalized last September after almost a year of a housemate who constantly attacked me and even illegally had her friend Chris Taylor live in her room for several months.

Her name is Pam Gueron and she obviously wanted complete possession of the ranch house that belongs to HUD and when I got sick after being forced to clean for inspection by the Joint Commission who turned down Cornerstone for approval, I have an email from them when I tried to complain because there was a framed notice at Cornerstone Taft Clinic to contact Joint Commission with problems. I was forced to scrub rust in the bathroom all night with Tilex despite respiratory problem and my housemate did everything she could to block my using the kitchen and even started hitting me with her elbow when I came home from the hospital on oxygen. My psychiatrist said I almost died in the hospital, I had not been able to eat and my blood pressure was very low.

My purported Rehab Counselor Nicole Briscoe would not help me to obtain the one page financial information so that I could be recertified for Call N Ride FROM MAY TO OCTOBER 2017 and though I had money in SNAP and had been trying to take a bus in the heat and lugging groceries home. The Bel Pre supervisor Keith Ellis who I have made numerous complaints to Cornerstone Administration mocks clients and does nothing even during inspections the money for cleaning supplies for inspections is spent elsewhere, my name has been used for years for Rehab Counselor that rarely if ever show up.

I am sure that DHS must be aware of the many complaints by clients who are capable of complaining. One man died during the Joint Commission cleaning and there were 3 inspections for the house at Valleywood, CSA, Joint Commission and HUD. Many clients are senior citizens and no one cares to investigate the deaths at this Mental Health Clinic.

I have uploaded many of my complaints to Lydia Gorbik blogspot and Cornerstone Mont

Have tried hard to be an artist but bullying housemates in group home block kitchen, steal art supplies while I am working and get up to make food and much worse. There is no effectual oversight of group homes as outline in NYTimes and other articles in 2015, nothing has changed. This is a kind of #me too site.

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