Compliants against Core Service Agency Montgomery County

Office of Consumer Protection

Filing Consumer Complaints

To file a complaint with the Office of Consumer Protection, please use the links below to submit a complaint.  To view a representative list of the types of complaints that OCP accepts, please  click here.

SUBMIT A COMPLAINT  (English)  ** NEW **

FORMULARIO DE QUEJA DE CONSUMIDOR (Spanish Language Complaint Form)

ENVIE UNA QUEJA  (Spanish)   En proceso, pronto estará disponible./Coming soon. 


To submit supporting documents to our office:

  • Scan documents and e-mail them to: Submit Supporting Documents (Envíe Los Comprobantes), or email them to  Please be sure to include, “DOCUMENTS – Case No. ADD YOUR CASE NUMBER” in the subject line of any email.
  • Fax documents to 240.777.3768, or
  • Mail a copy of your documents to:

Office of Consumer Protection
100 Maryland Avenue, Ste. 330
Rockville, MD 20850.

Please include your case number with all submissions. Do not send original documents. We will not be responsible for originals.

ProcessUpon receiving a written complaint and necessary documentation, an OCP investigators will be assigned to your case.  If the case is of the type the OCP is authorized to handle, the investigator will contact the merchant and attempt a resolution. The consumer will be kept informed of the progress of the case and participate in negotiating a settlement, if applicable. Cases are also reviewed for a pattern of deceptive business practices and OCP may take legal action to correct these practices (if appropriate).

Privacy Statement:  Complaints submitted to our office are considered to be public documents and are available for inspection by the public and the media.  You can view the County’s privacy policy for further information.  Please do not submit documents that contain your date of birth, social security number, bank account numbers, health information, Driver’s License number, or other personal identifying information or personal health information, without first redacting such sensitive information.  By filing your complaint, you acknowledge that you have reviewed this privacy statement and that you have redacted any sensitive data.

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