Board of Licensure partial complaint

Today, April 20, 2018 Friday around 1pm, Wanda Ramirez from Licensure came and I pointed out some serious problems in the kitchen and other problems but Ms. Ramirez stated she was only here for cleaning problems and I could not find an email for Licensure so Ms. Ramirez would not give me an email for her supervisor and said I should call 311. I have a long complaint and trouble hearing on the phone. I am waiting for my phone to charge.
I had emergency hernia surgery at Holy Cross Hospital last Thursday and it is hard to write and call about so many ignored complaints by Julianno and the Compliance Officer Marissa Gillum. CSA does very little oversight which is why things are so bad at Cornerstone Montgomery. The Joint Commission said they did not approve Cornerstone and suggested I contact CAFR.

Mr. Cho-Guthrie the CEO of Cornerstone had said in her letters for about 2 years that they were trying to get Joint Commission approval. Last August I was forced by Keith Ellis bullying supervisor of Bel Pre who has received many complaints by myself and others nearly killed me by making me scrub the bathroom with Tilex for the rust, the Joint Commission woman saw how sick I was and in September I was hospitalized at Holy Cross and nearly died. One of the clients did die in the bathroom at the time of the August 2017 inspection and Nicole Briscoe said by the time the roommate called it was hours too late and I thought that it was months and years too late. The lives of clients at Cornerstone is worth less than the dust. I hope the board of licensure, Medicaid, Medicare and Dept of Health will do a real and thorough investigation of the many violations and false billing for services not rendered.

After I got out of the hospital and was on oxygen in Sept 2017 for a short time the first thing Keith Ellis said was that I would have to start cleaning for the October CSA inspection

Wanda Ramirez refused to listen to anything other than cleanliness and would not give me her supervisor’s email Wanda said to call 311 with any other complaints 311 not on weekends never seems to be open
Dept of Health and Human Services
Licensure and Regulatory Services
255 Rockville Pike Suite100
240-777-1133 office
3986 main

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