My room has been subdivided exactly 5 feet across

This group home was built for 6 people 3 rooms for men 3 for women, Cornerstone Montgomery put a partition 1/3  of a decent size room so that there is barely enough room for my bed and is exactly 5 feet from the wall to the partition.  It is longer but this is not enough space cannot find rules on square footage per client/patient/inmate but I am sure this is illegal Wanda Ramirez who came from Maryland Board of Licensure said that she was only interested in cleanliness gave me her card but when I asked if I should email her about other complaints or if she would give me the email of her supervisor she refused and told me to call 311 Dept of Health does not have an email address to contact and the violations are far beyond what I could talk about on the phone plus I would like a papertrail of my complaints.  I am risking my housing by complaining I complained to Dept of Health and they contacted Hearts and Homes that owns this site but there was no follow up with me from DHS, why not I left my contact information.

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