My Response to CCHR-I Pray They Will Give Me Legal Help

what_actions_are_you_interested: Having CCHR further investigate this case.;Having complaints filed on your/another’s (with their permission) behalf with the proper authorities.;Speak out in media/social media.;Assisting in obtaining legislation in your state on issues that address the type of abuses in this case.;Starting or getting involved in a support group for people who have suffered similar abuses.;

I am interested in all of the above but MOST OF ALL having CCHR investigate thoroughly Cornerstone Montgomery Mental Health Residences in particular the person in charge of residences Nicole Burke-Tumi and Keith Ellis, supervisor of Bel Pre.

I have never been on drugs and am the main person complaining about treatment. The caseworker or Rehab Counselor Nicole Biscoe spent months without visiting me weekly as I am sure she charged Medicaid for – Ms. Cho Guthrie the CEO sent an open letter that two RCs had been fired for charging for visits that did not occur and that Cornerstone had to give money back to the State, presumably Medicaid.  I have contacted Medicaid Integrity about services charged for using my name but not received.  The glass door site has 5 pages of mostly former employees stating that they were asked to do unethical things and some mentioned the Medicaid fraud which apparently is much more extensive than Ms. Cho indicated.

I had a housemate Pam Gueron who was incredible abusive to me and instead of contacting Carmen Conners who specializes in housemate disputes, Keith Ellis and Nicole Burke acted like Pam Gueron was their best friend and constantly accepted her gourmet deserts that she cooked including when I came home from my only hospital stay where I almost died with no visits from staff.  Ms. Briscoe would not get the tax award letter of my SSDI from accounting which accounting would not give to me saying don’t you have an RC.  I spent 9 years using Call n Ride coupons to do my own grocery shopping but needed to recertify and Ms. Briscoe on the rare occassions I saw her chatting with Pam who was not her client or calling lied and strung me along from May until October saying she would get this information.  Without it I had to take the bus in the heat several blocks away lugging groceries.  Ms. Cho had stated in open letters that they were trying for Joint Commission approval and Mr. Ellis nearly killed me by making me despite respiratory problems spend all night scrubbing rust from bathroom with Tilex very heavy cleaner, in August 2017 another client in another house died about this time.  The person from Joint Commission saw how ill I looked and kept gazing at me with compassion while Pam complained about me and how stressful it was for her though the lies and the campaign against me and the provacations and refusing to let me use kitchen contributed to my almost dying at Holy Cross Hospital in September 2017.

I was temporarily on oxygen and the first day home from the hospital Keith Ellis asked me to start cleaning for the October CSA house inspection.  Pam Gueron would straddle the cord to my oxygen so I could not go back to my room the first day home I tried to wash the clothes that I had vomited for several days and Pam started screaming at me to get my clothes out of washer.  Keith Ellis supervisors’ supervisor came  briefly and said “But you live here.” but did not follow up.  I am no longer on oxygen and Ken Westin of CSA approved my being sent to this group home without talking to me and I believe due to retribution of several years of complaints to then Congressman Van Hollen about Keith’s abuse and Rep. Van Hollen assigned me a case worker Suzanne Loftjelm who is no longer there and he is too busy fighting Donald to offer any help but I have uploaded my years of complaints about Cornerstone and CSA esp Ken Westin at
More of 9 years of Cornerstone Montgomery mismanagement at

I have never been on antipsychotics and many of the people here scream at imaginary people and I share a room with someone who screams, many of my art supplies were stolen but they expect me to continue in Voc Rehab without them.  This facility Norbeck House was built for 6 people but they subdivided my room and I have exactly 5 feet of space across and will have a heart attack from Esther’s screaming.

Norbeck/Adrienne House is a group home, the other group home managed by Julianne Totellino Chadwick house burned down around Christmas time and clients are still in a motel.  About a week ago my caseworker Alex Smith said she was attending a memorial service for one of the Chadwick House clients.  Even though it burned down and the Fire Dept still will not let them reopen and they are in a hotel they are still called Chadwick House residents.

There is a locked freezer but not even ice cube trays for the heat since there is no central air conditioning and our bedroom and many others don’t have screens.

Even people living in HOMELESS SHELTERS and the elderly who are in need can go to SAFE facilities with air conditioning during the day.  I am 65 get very ill from the heat and many of the elderly living here also have somatic problems.  Cornerstone has had possession of Norbeck House and moved in a year ago, what happened to the people last year in the worst days of heat in the summertime.  What will happen to us?
Even in the winter the long room that divides the mens and women’s area at Norbeck with staff and cameras is unbearably hot.  It is worse now and what will it be like in the summer.  Senior Citizens will die if community activists do not get involved.  BHA, the Board of Licensure allowed this last summer, Cornerstone moved into Norbeck House a year ago April 2017.  They have had plenty of time to get central air conditioning for the safety of all client/patients esp the elderly and those with somatic illnesses.

About 2 years ago Cornerstone fired the entire EXPERIENCED maintenance staff, since then it has been almost impossible to get the few new maintence people to come out to the houses,  a few months ago, on Cornerstone Montgomery site, there was a large ad for a job fair for maintance personal.  Why was Cornerstone allowed to fire the entire maintenance staff.  The Board Members cannot be contacted and when I looked on their site a few years ago, most of the Board also seemed to work at places like Bechtal known for their scandals and no-bid contracts, why have these businessmen been allowed to take over.  Why isn’t the Board consisting of people who volunteer to help the Mentally Ill and the Elderly?

ANY LEGAL HELP ON MY BEHALF and also if possible others being abuse, neglected would be greatly appreciated since it only got this bad because the oversight agencies have failed in their mission or not even tried.

Privacy is not a concern because they know of complaints i have made in the past and am filing a useless grievance but in order for anything to be done against this inhumanity, legal help is a must..

Thank you again for responding.

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