Some former Employee Evaluation Working for Cornerstone Montgomery

5 pages of reviews at glassdoors  these are from

I can concur from what I have seen no training given for violent employees and staffers and other clients living in psychiatric rehab townhouse survive the bullying and violence as best they can.  No follow up to complaints, only threats, maybe you don’t belong here.  Many months of Rehab Counselors getting paid to help me who did not show up and were not responsive to phone calls, phone was broken for one year and no help in getting cell phone against the law but CSA never prosecutes.
Cornerstone Montgomery Employee Review
Counslor (Current Employee) – Rockville, MD – February 19, 2018
Very poor management.

We were forced to lie on our paperwork to report that we were making visits to get paid by Medicare and Medicaid. When the CEO got wind of this, myself and 30 some other people were fired while the director whom mandated this is still very much employed.
Resume booster
Being made to lie to medicare and medicade
cut throat and poor pay

Rehabilitation Counselor (Former Employee) – Silver Spring, MD – May 10, 2017
Over worked and underpaid per usual. Supervisors are not helpful. Compensation is poor. Caseloads are demanding. Paperwork is extensive. Dangerous population of criminally insane. safety not taken seriously.
gas compensation
cut throat
Other Cornerstone Montgomery Employee Reviews
Flexible work environment
Supported Employment Specialist (Current Employee) – Bethesda, MD, Rockville MD, Silver Spring MD – August 21, 2017
This company is one of the most challenging places I’ve ever encountered as an employee. The favoritism is blatant. Nothing is learned or obtained with clarity in terms of trainings, supervisions, and overall company polices. Management is horrible unless an employee is generating money, for a nonprofit community based organization. The salary is for one who has no bills and responsibilities.
everything except the above

need to pay more
Support Employment Specialist (Former Employee) – Rockville, MD – April 24, 2018
just needs more money and a set way of doing things. hardest part is working to find jobs and getting the client to maintain them. Parents also are enabling the teens you are trying to help.
Flex Schedule
urrent Employee) – Montgomery County, MD – March 31, 2018
It’s better to be on the administrative side of this company for the pay you get. A bit unfair. They haven’t been able to give raises for about 2.5 years, none in the future either. They have now done salary caps.

Counselors are underpaid, and pay is no longer competitive.
Site Admins have double the work, only about 1k increase with a cap of 35000.
Most site admins currently don’t want to become Supervisors since their pay is low compared to hours worked. 40k a year for about 55 hours a week, 24/7 on call.

The management is great! Very nice place to work, I hope they get more funding, but they are losing people to their state programs where case workers get more pay for less work.
Great PTO and Benefits
Low pay, and high turnover

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