I am very ill from no air conditioning, hope I wrote to the the right Md. Health Dept person



No Air Conditioning in Group Psychiatric Home of Mostly Elderly Patients

6:43 PM (0 minutes ago)

to rhonda.callum
I have many complaints about Cornerstone Montgomery Mental Health Residential Program.

The main office is 6040 Southport Drive Bethesda Maryland

I currently live at (Street Address), Silver Spring, MD 20906

(my cellphone)

There have been visits from the Board of Licensure, the local Health Board, and Core Service Agency in the past few weeks. There have been many sanitary improvements but we are still without air conditioning.

I am 65 years old and was forced to move here because I was briefly on oxygen after the only hospital stay at that time that I have had in 9 years last September because my purported Rehab Counselor Nicole Briscoe met with me less than 9 times in a year and a half period of being paid by Medicaid to be my RC, Nicole Briscoe promised me from May 2017 until October 2017 and then only after multiple complaints to the Compliance Officer, Marissa Gillum,  and others to obtain a simple document, proof of my SSDI so that my Call n Ride could be continued. Cornerstone Accounting would not give it to me and said don’t you have an RC have her obtain it.

I have been using Call n Ride for more than 9 years doing my own grocery shopping and almost died because though I went several times by bus, the stop was 2 blocks away, walking in the heat made me very ill.

I have complained to Medicaid about Ms. Briscoe and her supervisor Keith Ellis and his supervisor Nicole Burke-Tumi. I have more to write but just want to say that the supervisor here Julianne Totalano who is also in charge of Chadwick house whose residents are in a hotel because of a fire around Christmas time 2017. One of those patients died recently, my RC here Alexandra Smith said she was going to a memorial service about 2 weeks ago.

Does anyone ever investigate the deaths of clients at Cornerstone Montgomery and is it much higher than at other Mental Health Resident programs?

I spoke to HUD survey representatives a few days ago and they asked about the heat in the room we were in and air conditioning was of the HUD survey questions and one said that since you have COPD it must be esp difficult without air conditioning and the older representative from Abt that did the survey said that HUD’s number is on the gift card of $40 for taking part in the survey. I had completed an online complaint form to HUD the day before.

The NYT did a series of articles 3 years ago and one was about the deaths in another MISMANAGED pyschiatric group home of elderly clients some naked trying to get relief from the heat.

Please help. They have been working on the air conditioning for two weeks since I started complaining to agencies and social media and was told today that the first exam said the air conditioning was fixable and the second was less confident but no hard information.  As usual, Cornerstone Montgomery will string it along all summer, saying they are “working on it.”

Please help soon.


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