Maryland Disability Law still have not heard back from them

Possibly they thought the Board of Licensure or MC Core Service Agency would have handled it but stringing along about air conditioning while this group home is like a hot box.  Cornerstone moved in over a year ago they have had plenty of time to get the air conditioning working.

Twitter inquiry

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Hal Malone <>

May 1 (11 days ago)

Ms. name, We received a message that you are trying to reach out to DRM, via twitter. How can I help you?  Sincerely, Hal MaloneIntake SpecialistDisability Rights Maryland, formerly Maryland Disability Law Center1500 Union Ave., Suite 2000Baltimore, MD  Visit our new website at  or Subscribe to our E-Newsletter! *Confidentiality Notice:

to me


May 4 (8 days ago)

Dear Mr. Malone,

Thank you for responding.

The most immediate need I just found out Norbeck House does not have central air conditioning or many screens we are forbidden to open the screens because of hornets.  Cornerstone moved into this location at 2710 Norbeck Road Silver Spring Md a year ago April 2017.  There are many elderly with somatic issues did clients die last summer.  They have had a year to at least get screens.  Even homeless shelters have places where the all esp the elderly without air conditioning can stay during the day.  The Board of Licensure came out but apparently will only investigate cleanliness issue – Wanda Ramirez told me this when she came out and LBHA focused only on cleanliness issues in his email though on the phone I told Ms. Brown BHA that there were many more issues.

It is hard to winnow down the years of abuse and the retribution in putting me into a group home last October instead of the psychiatric residences I had been staying in.  My former psychiatrist, Dr. Parveen, has always defended me and they are pushing her out, she only works 2 days a week now and they treat her without respect, shocked by how the receptionist responded to her.  Although Dr. Parveen is a strong personality, I believe she was worn down by Keith Ellis who only knows how to lie and is more like an obnoxious saleperson about all issues to get me in to this hell at Norbeck House.

Montgomery County Dept of Aging has refused in the past when I was left alone in psychiatric residences with very ill housemate.  I wrote extensively about Betty Levy who was dying, see lydia gorbik blogspot for months long details of this inhumanity, until I called the health editor at Washington Post and other places because Dept of Aging does not want to take on Cornerstone Montgomery Mental Health Agency.

Norbeck/Adrienne House is a group home, the other group home managed by Julianne Totellino Chadwick house burned down around Christmas time and clients are still in a motel.  About a week ago my caseworker Alex Smith said she was attending a memorial service for one of the Chadwick House clients.  Even though it burned down and the Fire Dept still will not let them reopen and they are in a hotel they are still called Chadwick House residents. /2018/05/03/cornerstone-clients-unmet-needs-norbeck-adrienne-house-24-hour-facility/

More of 9 years of Cornerstone Montgomery, St. Lukes, Threshold mismanagement at

In the past Dept of Aging has not wanted to take on Cornerstone by whatever name they are using recently and the current information on their site leads nowhere
State justice institute

Access to Justice stopped in middle of reporting crimes possibly due to my old laptop not doing well with Adobe Flashplayer and there does not seem to be an email  contact.  Another agency on Dept of Aging I clicked on to send email, wrote it and gmail said this email was configured wrong.

2 days ago client/patient Beth V was vomiting and vomiting, on Easter I had the worst case of diareah ever.  Is it because client/patients put food that should be refigerated in the small individual cupboards that client can lock so that it will not be stolen.  Maintenance finally fixed the locked refrigerator a few days ago but was left open all night and part of the next day and for several hours yesterday May 2nd.  There is a locked freezer but not even ice cube trays for the heat since there is no central air conditioning and our bedroom and many others don’t have screens.
Even people living in HOMELESS SHELTERS and the elderly who are in need can go to SAFE facilities with air conditioning during the day.  I am 65 get very ill from the heat and many of the elderly living here also have somatic problems.  Cornerstone has had possession of Norbeck House and moved in a year ago, what happened to the people last year in the worst days of heat in the summertime.  What will happen to us?
Even in the winter the long room that divides the mens and women’s area at Norbeck with staff and cameras is unbearably hot.  It is worse now and what will it be like in the summer.  Senior Citizens will die if community activists do not get involved.  BHA, the Board of Licensure allowed this last summer, Cornerstone moved into Norbeck House a year ago April 2017.  They have had plenty of time to get central air conditioning for the safety of all client/patients esp the elderly and those with somatic illnesses.

About 2 years ago Cornerstone fired the entire EXPERIENCED maintenance staff, since then it has been almost impossible to get the few new maintence people to come out to the houses,  a few months ago, on Cornerstone Montgomery site, there was a large ad for a job fair for maintenance personal.  Why was Cornerstone allowed to fire the entire maintenance staff.  The Board Members cannot be contacted and when I looked on their site a few years ago, most of the Board also seemed to work at places like Bechtal known for their scandals and no-bid contracts, why have these businessmen been allowed to take over.  Why isn’t the Board consisting of people who volunteer to help the Mentally Ill and the Elderly?

Please look up glasshouses for 5 pages of former Cornerstone employees talking about unethical and illegal practices by Cornerstone Montgomery.

These things could not happen if there was posted in Cornerstone lobbies as it is at Family Services, the 800 number for The Lighthouse and for Marissa Gillum, who at least has the title of COMPLIANCE officer.  Going to the day program with Dwayne puportedly teaching internest class where I got to listen to him talk to his wife for 40 minutes with no help or teaching in internet.  Dwayne in several other so called classes instead of lettinsg clients talk and learn to communicate we got to listen to Dwayne Johnson now promoted to one of the directors talk and talk and talk about his own interests, like Keith Ellis seeing client/patients as a free audience for his egotistical performances.
As of May 3rd have not seen a new therapist.  Finally a temporary therapist in a week.

May 2 went to local eyeglass place to have 6 year old wire glasses tightened.  He said your eyes are very very dry.  Told Alex who is trying to find out from Terri Reid benefits specialist about the free eye exam upon turning 65 years old which I did last February.  My eyes have been extremely blurry the past few weeks.  Also have had bad subconj. hemm. in left eye, it began to heal, rested, then got worse again, Dr. Polem said the area near nose also looked scratched and swollen and showed Alex Smith my caseworker.  Dr. Polem was kind enough to ask Dr. Solomen eye doctor a few doors down to look at it.  His office does not accept Medicaid at all and usually Medicare won’t pay for it (?) any eye exams? but his receptionist faxed to Medicare andDr. Soloman agreed to see me he said it was just a subconj hemm and to come back in 6 weeks if not better. The bleeding stopped thank God but eyes still very very blurry.  Less than poverty level with the amount of money Cornerstone Montgomery gives back and even less since the unneeded move to 24 hour care but will buy artificial tears.

My food continues to be stolen ask if we will go to Nourish Now this month.

The young client at Norbeck Keith is back from the hospital the gouges in his skull and face are healed but still worried about the straight razor or whatever he used to do that to himself, Alex said “He has to shave.” I said why doesn’t someone help him to buy an electric razor later thought and said to a very unconcerned Julianne that Keith does not do that to himself with one of those plastic safety razors.

Keith still very restless paces endlessly around the small house and asks me endlessly for cigarettes or to use my blue cup or to have some of my frozen water which always agree to but obvious he is lonely and should be given attention by the staffers who do not really interact with clients here and seems but still follows me wherever I go.  Cannot cook meals because he will pace hundreds of times in the very small kitcheen while I spend 20 minutes trying to make a rice or pasta dish and then sits or stands and stares at me while I eat.  So I mostly subsist on bread, crackers, peanut butter sandwiches and Ensure when I can afford it but though it puts on weight is not nourishing.  Cooking the veggies Nourish Now gives is impossible to think  to cook with someone endlessly pacing in the few feet of space behind you.  The kitchen is long but very short the dining room is large and as part of Keith’s endless pacing aroung the house which takes him less than 30 seconds and is back in kitchen behind me while cooking.  Would make a cell phone vid to show he literally paces hundreds of times when I try to cook a very simple meal but don’t want to set him off.

Core Service Agency should do the work of The Lighthouse instead of blowing people off after the first sentence “Maybe you don’t belong in this program” which is the mantra of the Agency St. Luke’s House under various names but is shameful for an oversight agency to do that.  I was placed here in retribution for complaining repeatedly over 7 years about wrongdoing by St. Luke’s, Susan Wilcox who got paid for but who did not do grievances, Keith Ellis a man getting paid to be supervisor at Bel Pre but who only makes fun of clients and misuses them to do heavy heavy cleaning for inspections otherwise ignores any needs of clients or properties and Ken Westin for not even listening to complaints.

I would like to make a complaint against CSA but do not know who is directly over them and Ken Westin and Rebecca Garcia have shown contempt for Congresspersons and the Blue Ribbon panel commissioned by Montgomery County Council which was incredibly critical of MC CSA performance to say the least but nothing changed.

Placing me in this 24 hour facility without Ken Westin, CSA making any attempt to talk to me on the phone or in person was retribution for my complaint against him and also because Ken Westin does not do any oversight of Mental Health Agencies which is what he is paid to do.  Norbeck/Adrienne house is very unsanitary and clients are just warehoused and Chadwick House which Julianne Tortellino gets paid to supervise burnt down around Christmastime and the clients are still in hotels because the Fire Department still refuses to say it is inhabitable.

There are no screens in window in the small room I share with Esther.  I was told by Natavia that none of the windows in this house have screens, tho can see a few do from outside, and that it takes a long time to measure the windows and maintenance etc etc. Natavia said they killed a wasp last night, May 2, 2018 and Esther complianed about the wasps and moths when I opened the window.  Natavia said there is no central air condition but they have portable airconditioners.  I have only seen two.  I get very sick in the heat, I am 65 years old and most of the patients in Norbeck House are senior citizen age.

Georgio told me a while back that they, Cornerstone moved into Norbeck House in April 2017, what did they do last summer.  Did any of the elderly clients die from the heat?  They have had a year to get screens and/or central air conditioning.   what do they talk about in their weekly meetings with many people not just the staffers here every Tuesday with luxury food, chocolate covered strawberries, pizza, huge many deckered sandwiches and other carry out food while clients doen’t even have a can opener that works.

My eyes are very blurry, I have been notifying staff and Terri Reid about the free eye exam when you turn 65 years old several months before my birthday in February and asked about any other benefits this was the only one I could find and it is needed.  My eyeglasses are 6 years old and scratched and I cannot do art without some help in obtaining vision care.

to Hal

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